Posted on Jul 11, 2014

Hello Hero Pintaurus Boss Raid Guide

Hello Hero Pintaurus Boss Raid Guide

Make sure you turn off 2x/4x speed boss raid, this way you will get more attacks (very important especially if you have many high dexterity heroes).

Mister, please help me, this Pintaurus is too strong

Calm down, I know he’s strong if not then he won’t become a boss.

But, he kill my heroes with one hit, it’s not fair

His shining palm attack can only be blocked by a hero who has an “immune spell” skill (visit THIS PAGE to know which heroes those have the skill). Make sure you place it on the frontline and CAST THE SPELL MANUALLY at the very beginning of the game. Pintaurus seems very smart to target the hero who has  an “immune spell” skill with his slam attack (cause stun), after that you know the continuation.

Ah, ok. I get my immune spell hero, but he keep lowering my attack power…

Nothing you can do about this thing, bringing many status healers won’t help you getting higher points because your attack power is lowered drastically. The best way to get most points is to bring good dealers and spam their most powerful attack while your “immune spell” block the finger attack. This is also another reason that you need to use an “immune spell” hero, its attack power won’t be reduced by Pintaurus Roar.

Thanks, Mister. What’s about “beginning of death” spell?

Beginning of death will remove all your buff (immune spell too!!). So, make sure you cast an “immune spell” again immediately after it.

Ok, I get it. Any other tips for me ?

Hmm, IMO. Pintaurus is the easiest boss. It doesn’t have multi target attack or anything funny (except his shining finger). My suggestion is

4 dealers and 1 immune to spell hero (if you have nice healer like Miya or Chichi you can replace one dealer with it).

Remember that your goal is to get as many points as possible, not to kill him. A good burst of damage on short time is better than prolonged battle because  as the battle goes on the boss will be getting stronger (Indicated by the “raving mad” status). if you have followed my other guide (such as how to build good arena heroes line up) then I believe your dealers are equipped with +critical equipment. They will really help you to deal a good burst of damage and compensate reduced attack.

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6 Responses to “Hello Hero Pintaurus Boss Raid Guide”

  1. justint27 says:

    I find that using Scarecrow Thomas or any other healer that has aoe cleanse is very helpful to get rid of damage debuff. Also using two immune to spells heroes in the front can help avoid the beginning of death spell, since you can alternate immunity while the other immunity cools down. As mentioned, armor debuff people are very helpful in any boss fight. My Pintarus team: (Front)Fluxion Schaken, Lloyd (Back) Scarecrow Thomas, Veteran Bo, Dylan.

  2. Sprongky says:

    Reduced attack damage? compensate with reducing the boss’s armor. IMO Rocket King Toad, Veteran Ryan, and Veteran Bo are very useful heroes (deals damage and reduces defense)

      • Sprongky says:

        May I ask if whats the difference when doing boss raids with 2x speed on or off? can’t seem to tell any difference. The guide said it gives you more chance of dealing normal attacks but dont see any difference when I have the 2x speed on.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Like I said the effect can be noticeable only if the dexterity of your heroes is quite high (above 20), and the battle last for a long time. Normal attack is an attack without skill that done automatically .

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