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Hello Hero Red Mushroom Forest Level Guide

Red Mushroom Forest

Hello Hero Red Mushroom Forest Level

This is the 1st stage of Armon Planet. This stage is meant for tutorial purpose, you should be able to clear this level easily.

Hero Drop Rate Bonus Day : Sunday

Possible Item Drops on this level
Rock Hammer and Training Shield

Possible Hero Drop

Thanks to Hello Hero Thailand Fan page for the list

3 stars and higher tier heroes are very rare!!!

Stg Possible Hero Drop Star
1 Baby Mushroom 1
2 Baby Mushroom 1
Mrs. Mushroom 2
3 Baby Mushroom 1
Mr. Mushroom 1
Uncle Mushroom 1
4 Blue Seedling 1
Green Seedling 1
5 Green Seedling 1
Gold Seedling 2
6 Green Seedling 1
Purple Seedling 1
7 Pink Seedling 1
Green Artie 1
8 Green Artie 1
Turquiose Artie 2
9 Green Artie 1
Red Artie 1
10 Red Artie 1
Maudry 3
Hell Maudry 3
Queen Sead 3
Enraged Maudry 4

Stage Guide

Stg Type Enemy lvl
1 wave 1 Baby Mushroom (x1) 1
wave 2 Baby Mushroom (x1), Uncle Mushroom (x1) 1
2 Keronic Underboss Baby Mushroom (x1), Mrs. Mushroom (x1) 2
3 wave 1 Baby Mushroom (x3) 1
wave 2 Uncle Mushroom (x2) 1
wave 3 Mr. Mushroom (x3) 1
4 wave 1 Blue Seedling (x2) 2
wave 2 Blue Seedling (x2) 2
wave 3 Green Seedling (x3) 2
5 Keronic Underboss Green Seedling (x2), Gold Seedling (x1) 3
6 wave 1 Green Seedling (x2) 3
wave 2 Purple Seedling (x2) 3
wave 3 Purple Seedling (x3) 3
7 wave 1 Pink Seedling (x2) 3
wave 2 Pink Seedling (x2) 3
wave 3 Pink Seedling (x2), Green Artie (x2) 3
8 Keronic Underboss Green Artie (x2), Turquoise Artie (x1) 4
9 wave 1 Green Artie (x3) 4
wave 2 Green Artie (x3) 4
wave 3 Red Artie (x3) 4
10 Boss Red Artie (x2), Maudry (x1) 4

Hell Stage will be unlocked after you have defeated the BOSS at the Keronic Base.

Wave 1

Blue, Pink, Green, and Purple Seedling (lvl 30) and Queen Seed (Lvl. 30)

Wave 2

Artie x3 (Lvl.31) and Enraged Maudry (lvl 31)

Enraged Maudry can summon Artie every 120 s, so it’s best to defeat it quickly. You wouldn’t encounter any problem on this level (Stage 10 on Keronic Boss is much harder than this hell level).

Hell Level has a chance to drop Specific 2 star heroes(doesn’t depend on heroes which appear on the hell stage). Please leave comments if you get something (items or hero) that not written on this page.

Possible Item Drop (See Armor or Weapon List to know status of these weapons):
[0] T-X energy bow (3*)
[0] Galaxy Knight’s Helmet (4*) [30% focus and 90 damage]
[0] Bloody Hole (5*) [130 health and 100 attack]
[0] Pls leave comment if you get something that’s not written in here

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14 Responses to “Hello Hero Red Mushroom Forest Level Guide”

  1. MaximumFury says:

    Where can you get ghost sead?

  2. frosty says:

    Dylan’s Belt 4* from hell

  3. frosty says:

    T-X Knuckle att dmg:65 Counterattack:8% from hell

  4. frosty says:

    Got a Ghost mushroom, but i do n’t remember from which stage

  5. Aradhon says:

    Since red mushroom hell stage quite easy, i like leveling in this stage, but compare to keronic base 9, which one has better xp?

  6. SAFron says:

    on Hell mode i got 5* Bloody Magic Bow atk=100 evade:12%

  7. OcT says:

    *HELL stage
    Weapon :Bloody hole atk 100, health 130

  8. Aru Akise says:

    Got a Queen seed from hell mode

  9. Jorel says:

    For hell:

    Heroes: 1* Red Artie
    2* Turquoise Artie

    Items: 4* Galaxy Knights Helmet(90 def 30% focus)

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