Posted on Jun 20, 2014

Hello Hero Superstar Robin Event Leveling Guide

Hello Hero Midfielder David Event

June 19th to June 26th (23:59 EST)

The event has expired

On this event you will get 5★ heroes (Midfielder David) if you manage to level up your Superstar Robin to level 33 and upgrade it to +5.

For level 1-30 you can read my leveling guide (if you have other heroes which you also want to train). But if you only want to train this hero with your other 4 main heroes, then you can train on strongest mission available for you (Train on green mission because it gives most exp).

Few tips that may able to help you

[0] At this time you really need a lot of golds (and hero material) to upgrade Robin, so please stop upgrading your other heroes at this moment.
[0] You can buy XP boost on the shop, but I believe it’s not necessary if  you spend stamina religiously :).
[0] At  20th June, 00:00 (EST) ~ 22nd June, 23:59 (EST), Hello Hero Will get 1.5 XP boost, make sure you train religiously on weekend :).

My time estimation

[0] If you can only train on Keronic Base or other normal mission then it will take about 4-5 days to level it up to 33
[0] If you can train on “easy Onyx” then it will take 3-4 days to level it up to 33
[0] If you can train on “hard Onyx” (Hero City) then it will take 2-3 days to level it up to 33 (I train on Hero City and manage to get it on level 31 after half of day training).

Superstar Robin

He’s very awesome, because he can block damage (like Asmodeus and Belphegor). Other skill can silence the enemy but only deals 100% damage. His only weakness is only low dex (It’s also his plus though, since the immune damage spell will last longer). His HP is also too low for arena usage (reduced by 50%), one critical hit and he will be finished….

Midfielder David

The hero’s type changed into hybrids, which mean that he has more HP and have a better chance to survive on AI battle (the AI seems too dumb to cast immune damage spell on the very beginning of the battle). It losts its silence ability (but get damage buff from 100% to 180%). Nothing changed on its immune damage spells.

Hope this guide helps, and if you get any tips fro training Superstar Robin, please leave it on the comment section.

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30 Responses to “Hello Hero Superstar Robin Event Leveling Guide”

  1. dzzyupthgirl says:

    What equipment do you recommend for Midfielder David? I’m struggling between critical, counterattack, and evade if I put him in front.

  2. BoCiuuu says:

    i upgraded superstar robin to 33 and +5 but i didn’t get my midfielder david?

  3. balaram says:

    Why is my superstar robin staying ang lvl 30 and has a master sign?

  4. chocopie says:

    Help! So what exactly I did was I leveled up robin up to 29 then upgraded to +3 then leveled him up to 30 then +5. When I do missions with him, I dont see any exp being added. Could you help me with this? I dont know how to get him to 33

  5. pratt says:

    my robin is level 33 and upgraded 5 and he still didn’t transform to midfeilder david

  6. justin says:

    It took me a day too get robin to lvl 33 +5 my only problem i got is my party r all 4* but im struggling with gold n upgrades ne tips on farming heros

  7. neosonic says:

    I should read this before upgrading my robin.
    He is at 33 + 5 now…. and he will be replaced with David.
    I did not expect that the silent ability will be gone… David is not worth 🙁 Can I cancel the event by any chance?

  8. yufen says:

    what is onyx mode? 😮

  9. Shogun says:

    Is it worth it to make robin into david? The silence skill + immune is impeccable. It is a must to counter against enermy robins/davids in Arena. These football players are gods of Arena.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Worth or not it’s for you to decide. David is hybrids which mean he has higher HP (and also being 5 stars), so IMO it’s worth (like I said AI too dumb to make sure cast immmune at the beginning of the battle), robin probably died within one hit from dealer’s attack (halved HP on the arena).

  10. Khidaubac says:

    Hey guys if i can’t lvl up robin to 33 in time then will it disappear when the even close ?

  11. chris says:

    my superstar robin is already lvl 33 and upgraded to +5. do i have to wait until the event ends to get midfielder david?

  12. minhanh1964 says:

    How can I have midfielder David enhance to get lv 33?

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