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Hello Hero Upgrading and Fusion Guide

Fusion Guide

Fusion result is RANDOM. So, combining Harold with Yuma won’t give you General Harold 🙂 (they can’t be combined anyway, because of the tier difference). Fusion is a process merging 2 heroes on the lower tier to get a new hero (one star higher). To be used on the fusion process, the hero’s level need to be at 30 at least with “+5” upgrade and must be on same tier level.


Remember that equipment that being equipped by fused heroes will be gone. So, don’t equip high star equipment on the hero you won’t use for a long time.

[0] Amelia lvl 30 (+5) with Destroyer Schaken lvl 30 (+5) => works since they’re both 3 star heroes. The result of this fusion will be a random 4 star hero
[0] Amelia lvl 30 (+5) with Harold Lvl 30 (+5) => won’t work, because Amelia is 3 star hero, but harold is only 2 star.

Hello Hero Fusion and Upgrading feature

Upgrade guide

Upgrading is very important on this game; every successful upgrade (+1) will add the hero with 10% more status (from base status). Upgrading takes effect on each level, so you don’t need to upgrade at level 30 to get the maximum benefit.

Remember that +5 lower tier hero is stronger than higher tier hero without any upgrade (one tier difference). Example (4*Nidhogg +5 and 5* Radon)

At +5 Nidhogg (4*) has this status

Dmg Def Health Dex
420 277 1065 16

As for Radon (5 *) without any upgrade

Dmg Def Health Dex
340 224 804 18

From the status comparison above, you can see that Radon only wins in terms of dexterity, it will have a status about as same as +5 Nidhogg when it gets +3 upgrade, but you may want to know that upgrading higher tier heroes is much harder than lower tier heroes.

What I want to tell is

Don’t fuse your heroes immediately after you get two “+5 hero”, better build a solid team first and use the reserved heroes for fusion.

Star difference Upgrade chance
0 100%
1 50%
2 25%
3 10%
4 1%
5 0%

Example: if you upgrade 3 star using 1 star heroes then you only get 25% chance (2 star difference)

1* heroes

Hello Hero 1 star symbol

Don’t bother to upgrade 1* heroes. They’re simply food (for upgrading higher star heroes).  However, always max your 1* heroes (only for 1st time) to level 30 first before using them as a food (so you get that 5 carats and + 5 max honor points).

Example: if you get Aaron for the 1st time, don’t use it as an upgrade material, level it up to level 30 first so you get 5 carats and 5 max honor points, if you happen to get another Aaron (from honor point shop), you can use it immediately for upgrade material (no need to level it up to 30).

2* Heroes

Hello Hero 2 star symbol

Same as 1* heroes, they’re simply food. However, don’t use this hero to upgrade low tier heroes (below 5 star hereos considered low). You will know why later. At the beginning phase of the game you may want to use lvl 30 2* heroes to make 3* heroes. The upgrade cost:

Upgrade level Golds/upgrade
“+1” 1100
“+2” 1760
“+3” 2420
“+4” 3080
“+5” 3740

3* Heroes

Hello Hero 3 star symbol

This is your starting point; you will get many 3 star heroes from purchasing royal packs (gathering your first 300 jewels is easy ;about 1-2 weeks from my experience), do not to buy premium packs!!!! Because you won’t get one guaranteed 4* from the royal pack. Premium pack doesn’t have a better chance to get 5* or 6* heroes, so please don’t delude yourself by thinking that. Only enhance 3* heroes with 1* heroes, 25% chance is a lot, yes a lot. The upgrade cost:

Upgrade level Golds/upgrade
“+1” 1700
“+2” 2720
“+3” 3740
“+4” 4760
“+5” 5780


[0] Maxed level 30 heroes (1st time only) can be used for fusion to get 4 * heroes.
[0] Keep duplicated 3* heroes (that you have been mastered) or use them to enhance those heroes if you find them useful (such as Amelia, Destroyer Schaken, etc).

4* Heroes

Hello Hero 4 star symbol

You will get these heroes from royal packs and fusing 3* star heroes which you upgrade.  I recommend you to only use 1 star hero when upgrading these heroes. You may think 10% is small but it’s quite high in my opinion. The upgrade cost:

Upgrade level Golds/upgrade
“+1” 2300
“+2” 3680
“+3” 5060
“+4” 6440
“+5” 7820

On this level, you can start equip your favorite hero with good equipment such as 4 star equipment (no need strict saving) . You will have 4* heroes for quite long time.

5* Heroes

Hello Hero 5 star symbol

Your journey to get strongest hero is almost there (still far though, just want to cheer you up). The upgrade cost:

Upgrade level Golds/upgrade
“+1” 2900
“+2” 4640
“+3” 6380
“+4”  8120
“+5”  9860

This is why I told you to save 2 star heroes before. 2 star heroes are quite rare (unlike one star heroes which can be obtained easily via honor points).  Only use 3 star heroes for upgrade when your hero has already reached “+4”upgrade. You should know by now why I don’t recommend you to use 3 star heroes for upgrading 5 star heroes, it’s because….

6* Heroes

Hello Hero 6 star symbol

This is where the hell starts to begin. 3 star heroes only give you 10% chance to success….  However, if you have followed my advice you should have a solid team of 5* heroes (+5). This should be able to make you reach “0-1% rank” on the arena battle and BOSS raid, which make you able to gather about 150 diamonds per week. Use those diamonds to buy royal pack and upgrade your hero until you have 6* heroes (+5 upgrade). The upgrade cost:

Upgrade level Golds/upgrade
“+1”  3500
“+2”  5600
“+3”  7700
“+4”  9800
“+5”  11900

I still don’t have 6* heroes and will update the table cost once I get the data.


[0] You need a lot of heroes slot to keep early 2 star and 3 star heroes (as a food). I suggest you do daily upgrade (one slot per day), this way the cost won’t seem too big. Visit THIS PAGE for the cost of the slot upgrade.


Hello Hero Enhanced Hero Sample

Only enhance hero that you like to use!! Enhanced heroes will gain ability to equip accessory (craft from 6 same tier items) and a cool aura. Strength of lvl 33 is about the same as +6 upgrade (do not exist, only mean to tell you that the hero has about 10% more status from +5 upgrade). Leveling level 30 to 33 heroes take a lot of time, so just be patient 🙂 (train them on hell level for faster result).

4star Heroes Enhance cost: 27.500 Gold

Hope this guide helps you while playing the game. If you have any suggestion, tips, etc please leave a comment. Thanks for reading and good luck.

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119 Responses to “Hello Hero Upgrading and Fusion Guide”

  1. LT says:

    may i ask a special question? This guide is great and useful but i’m just a little confused.

    1. Do i use 1star to upgrade 2star and use 2star to upgrade 4star?
    2. same scenario to use 2star to upgrade 4star?
    3. 10% upgrade chance is good and leverage that?
    4. Don’t upgrade from bottom up (ex 1star all the way up to 6star) but instead follow item 1 and 2?
    5. I have hero slot upgrade to 64, should i keep going up?

    Again thank you and look forward to hear the reply.

  2. Alex says:

    Hi, which order should I upgrade? Upgrade my 4* to all +5 first or 3* then fuse them to 4* or 2* then fuse to 3*

  3. pupuyski says:

    hi, can i ask if do i need to level 30 and +5 the other hero im enhancing? my 1st is lvl30 +5 and the other one is fresh. thanks in advance, sorry for bad english.

  4. ryuuta says:

    Hi, after three weeks of play, most of my hero slot are 3* (0%) & 4* heroes (60%). I dont have many 2* hero, it’s hard to get. Should I use those 3* heroes for updrading my 5* heroes ? And with 10% succesful when using 1* heroes for upgrading to +5 4* heroes, it’s cost many golds & ingredients, any tip for me?

    One more question, does upgrade +5 heroes first, then train them to level 30 will have different status than level up first and upgrade later?

    Sr for my bad English:)

    • ryuuta says:

      Edit: 30% for 3* heroes, thks

    • noobbgodlike says:

      If you have many 3 star heroes, then yes use them to upgrade 5 star heroes.But, you will feel the pain later when upgrading later if you don’t save those 3 stars heroes later. If you say 1 star heroes is painful then wait when you reach 6 stars heroes upgrade T.T. Golds never become my problem in this game, I never buy/convert carats into gold. Last question’s answer can be found by reading the post above.

      • AlexLeonheart says:

        I’m about to ask the same question regarding the difference between upgrading to +5 a level 1 hero and a level 30 hero. I’ve read your post but found the answer kinda vague. You mentioned “Upgrading takes effect on each level, so you don’t need to upgrade at level 30 to get the maximum benefit.”

        Are you saying that even if we get a level 1 hero then we can already upgrade them to +5 and will still have the maximum benefit? Is that your point?

  5. watub says:


    So the 1+1 fusion event is coming up. Can you make a chart of the cost for each hero tier fusion cost. Hehe. I just basically want to know if I have enough gold for the 2*+5 heroes I have stocked up. Thanks!

  6. Jayvee says:

    when 1 hero is mastered then used as an upgrade,will it still be recorded in the race section of the recruit menu?

  7. Asden says:

    Hi, I was wondering what you mean by 1st time only:

    [0] Maxed level 30 heroes (1st time only) can be used for fusion to get 4 * heroes.

    Thank you

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Example: you don’t have mint macaroon, then you get it. Level it up to level 30 and then upgrade it to +5 and use it to create 4* heroes. I fyou get 2nd mint macaroon after that, then don’t bother leveling it up to 30, keep it at level 1 for 6* heroes material upgrade.

  8. Kevin says:

    Hi! one question, i need your opinion 🙂

    One day i got assassin ace from royal pack and today i fused 2 4* (thanks gold event xD) and i got another assassin ace, I checked his stats and enhanced +5 he have 781 atk (pretty high i think O_o)
    Should I enhance it or fuse it to 6*?

    I’m not sure cause i find it really hard to upgrade a 6* hero (10% succes for a 3*!? holy …) and assassin ace have a high 1 target hit (190%) and one stun (70% dmg)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Only fuse heroes those are not useful, in your case assassin ace will be very useful, don’t fuse quickly because 6 stars heroes are very hard to upgrade…. and what if you get bad 6 star heroes (like those Egypt pyramid heroes 🙂 ).

  9. SleepwalkerX says:

    So technically use 1* hero for upgrading 3* and 4* right??

  10. watub says:

    Hi! I havn’t completely read your guide but I can say that it’s really awesome! What chat room do you usually join? What is your IGN and current level? Do you have an FB page for your guide too?

  11. jed says:

    what is good in 95% damage spells for 2 turns? is it better than just attacking the target normally which will give you a 100% damage? 😀

  12. Aradhon says:

    any tips or method u usually use for upgrading *4 heroes and above?
    for *4 I always use *1 heroes and some *2, but it cost so much and I always run out of gold after +5 upgrade 1-2 *4 heroes. my hero deck also often full when I run out of gold. any advise for to solve this? sorry if it is too long

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nope, that’s exactly what I do. I believe you will never run out of money if you spend your stamina religiously (especially on the weekend when there is a gold event; Remember to farm on hell level/ Cucubita if you can manage it, the money difference is really big compared to the normal level).

      • Aradhon says:

        so that means I should separately spent my stamina for leveling and farming? because I always spent it in Keronic 1 or 9 all the time for lveling. I dont even bother to clear cucubita yet. do u have favorite level for farming gold?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I personally did training on keronic base at Saturday and Sunday (when the drop rate boosted, so you also get more hero drop ). I didn’t have many heroes to train so Saturday and Sunday is really enough to level them up. Now I train on cucubita 5 (for leveling and farming). My favorite level on the past, wondrous thornland hell level (the level is easy compared to higher hell level, but the reward is not that different compared to those leve).

        • Aradhon says:

          I see…
          Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it 😀

  13. Ray says:

    Do you know why a lot of the top guys just fuse all their 1 and 2 stars heroes to +5 instead of eating them? I don’t see them having any 3 stars though. I see one guy having 10 2 stars +5 heroes just lying there

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Maybe they want to make 3 star heroes, not sure but I don’t do that.

      • docbondoc says:

        Hi! Its just a preparation for the 1+1 event(which did not happen last month.haha).Im starting to do that also so I can get a lot of 3* on my deck which I believe I can use for upgrading and having a higher grade hero.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yeah :). I suggest you to hold your fusion process until the expansion come out, they said about selective fusion (CMIIW), so we can choose a specific role on the fusion process, not sure though :).

  14. Abanamat says:

    Hi. I’ve got alot 4* heroes and that’s the question: is there any sense to enchant Spearman Lak and Fluxion Schaken? Or it’s better to Fuse them?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Fluxion schaken is useful for big nose boss raid, so you can enhance it :), Spearman lak is not that useful though :).

      • Abanamat says:

        “Spearman lak is not that useful though :)”.
        He stands at the front line. I use him as a tank for now. And he gives +40% armor to all heroes. It seemes, it’s time to get some more 5* ^_^
        It’s hard as hell to upgrade 4* heroes 🙁 Is there a place to farm 3* and 4* heroes? )) Or at least 2* heroes with a good drop rate?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I agree, for 4 star heroes he’s very good ( I used it too, high hp and defense), but when you get 5 star heroes, you better replace him with those heroes (I replace him with Radon). Fluxion schaken useful ONLy for BOSS raid (Bignose) :). However, it’s all up to you :), just keep hero that you like :). No, there is no such place, you can get 2 or star heroes but they’re very rare to drop. Complete dropable hero is still on progress since I still lack cucubita data.

      • Abanamat says:

        Ok. Ty. Then i’ll rush getting 5*heroes.

  15. Frank says:

    hei i wanna ask :
    i have lvl 30 kraken + enhancement and after several day i got more good character from fusion, and i want use my kraken to material fusion for my Captain Ace, but i always got error message “Enhanced heroes cannot be upgraded or enhanced again”. So basicly i cant use my kraken+enhancement for my material fusion

  16. nicshare says:

    I need something to clarify. When enhancing a hero, do you need the two heroes to be +5 or not?

    I currently have an Lv30 Amelia +5 and another Lv30 Amelia +2 which i’m thinking to either fuse or enhance.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, you don’t need +5. You only need exact same heroes :). It works even if your enhance “material” at level 1 :).

      • nicshare says:

        Many thanks for the reply. I’m about to open my first Royal Hero (10+1) carat pack to see if i’ll enhance or continue the upgrade the other one for a 4* fusion.

        Keep it up with those helpful guides. Quite a good source when I started this game.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Only enhance a hero that you will use for a long term (like Amelia, more about this later on the other post; I am still working on it). No need to enhance ASAP, since you just start the game 🙂

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