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Posted on Jan 24, 2014

Hello Hero Warrior Kabalus

Warrior Kabalus

Hello Hero Warrior Kabalus

In game description:
Once a proud nomadic tribe, the Kabalus were enslaved by the Keronics in order to work on the hardinium mines. They are desperately fighting for their freedom.

Lvl 30 Status

Dmg Def Health Dex
111 126 626 12

Each upgrade boost 10% hero’s base status (+50% at “+5”)


Pic Skill name Effect (lvl 30)
 Hello Hero Moby's Hoeing Moby’s Hoeing Deals 60% attack damage for 3 turns
 Hello Hero Warrior Kobold Goblin's cry Goblin’s cry Increase hero evasion rate by 70%

Role: Tanker

Leader Effect : Increases Parties defense by 5%

Star Level : 2

Continent: Desert of Sandstorms

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