Posted on Jun 24, 2010

Hexyz force history log and update

Because the guide is not perfect in the first time, I will improve it from time to time. So if you playing using my guide, Please check frequently this post, so you will know immediately what you miss from my guide. Your help is needed to make my guide as perfect as possible. So thank you for using my guide. I will release this post in every guide, I make in future so if you are using my guide in future remember to check history logs in that game title. Thank you very much.

1 July 2010:

  • updated side quest list (cecilia’ trading quest and fragment quest)

30 june 2010:

  • add phase 5 guide for cecilia

29 june 2010:

  • Finish Cecilia’s guide up to phase 4
  • Update sidequest list

27 June 2010:

  • Add Cecilia black precipice chapter
  • Add peace mantle info on Levant guide.
  • Add Phase 2 nervel altar guide
  • update list of side quest

25 June 2010:

  • add cecilia’s guide (phase 1 prologue)
  • add minor tips on Levant side.
  • fixed boss HP on Holy Lambent (not realize, there is boss hp data in Beastiary T T,(feeling so stupid cause i  counted them manually in paper :)) will update other part as soon as i could.

24 June 2010:

  • minor change on final phase title (thanks to DarkRPgmaster)
  • Update side quest list (cactus in endless sands, Dragon abyss arena quest, and trading quest)
  • add optional dungeon section on phase 7


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