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Hexyz force PSP guide Achievement list

You can get important item by talking to Bigabu beaze on gutchfort but you must get some kind of achievement. You can know if you get new achievement from hearing sudden screaming sound. The achievements area carried to next play through. Thank you to DarkRpgmaster for achiement that i haven’t got (it is in comment)

1. Ragnafact Blacksmith (reward: miracle ring)

Requirement: Maxed out Ragnafact’s atribute

item function: to prevent all bad status

2. Force collector (reward: Orb of wisdom)

Collect 10000FP

item function: healing item

3. Raging demon (reward: Surge gem)

Activated 50 burst attack

item function: one of the best accessory in the game, your burst gauge will charge faster.

4. Able combatant (reward: Exp gem)

Reach Level 25

item function: get half experience even not participating in battle

5. True warrior (reward: orb of hope)

Deals 200.000 damage to enemies

Item function: healing item

6. Legendary hero (reward: Decoy Doll Theta)

Defeat 1000 enemies

Item function: revive your character when died in battle

7. treasure hunter (reward: Lucky lenses)

open 100 chest in Berge

item function: increase rate drop from enemy

8. Victim of harsh world (reward : eladah tear)

Let force eater drain more than 5000 at once FP from you

item function: ingredients for fusion

9. Traveler of berge (reward: spirit earring)

played for 15 hours

item function: Increase RP by 30%

10. Force fanatic (reward: Prism glasses)

gather 99.999FP

Item function: best accessory in game (CMIIW) boost all your resistance by 100.

11. Furious fighter (reward: encyclopedia)

Reach level 50

item function: unlock extra content

12. keen eye adventure (reward: Narcissus)

harvested item more than 50 times

item function: ingredients for fusion

13. Creation Crusader (reward: Knowledge fruit)

purified all force sites

item function: ingredients for fusion

14. In your face, me! (reward: slygale gem)

Defeat Doppleagnger in secret dungeon (the character’s level who defeat doppleganger must be lower than doppleganger)i.e: defeat level 100 levant clone by using level 95 ignus. The clone’s level seems same with cloned character.

Item function: Bring it to arena to unlock new S battle rank (evil shackles)

15. renowned hero (reward: Cestite key)

do 50 oeverkills

item function: unlock room in b1f gutchfort (west stairs) which leads to Devasti

16. Force eater Beater (reward: Cerelcris gem)

beat 10 force eater (they can be found on inside/outside the tower area)

item function: bring this to arena to unlock new S rank battle

17. Inheritor of force (reward: illusion cloak)

Beat the game once

item function: Make enemies harder to see you (useless because you can get peace mantle in black precipice area if you already beat the game once)

18. technique master

beat 100 enemies

item function: forgot the reward ( please help if you can)

Those are achievement that i got. They are incomplete, so if you have know more than this, you can help me by reply. thank you very much.

19. Ultimate champion (reward: Peace mantle)

Reach level 99

item function: Avoid enemy encounter

20. Hyper ultra thanks (reward: ragphobia gem)

play the game 100 hours

item function: Bring the item to the arena to open another S rank battle. You will get zankberg tea for winning the battle

21. Whiteflag (reward: fasteel)

run away from battle 100 times

item function: equipment

22. Sword greedy(reward: master gem)

Obtain all weapons

item function: Let inactive member receive 100% experience from the battle.

23. Master Force scholar (reward: Nightmare gem)

Craft 300 forcefacts

Item function: as item ingredients or RP source

24.Component Hunter (reward: Yaesange)

Harvest over 200 times

Item function: as item ingredients

25. Veteran force scholar (reward: Decoy Doll Alpha)

Make 100 Forcefacts

Item function: accessory

Thanks to maxblade56, L, and DarkRPGmaster

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20 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Achievement list”

  1. seth says:

    In the Mother Worm, inside of the Curious Pit there will not be any items from there because the Dying Man (I dont know who it is pls. tell me) is going to build a house from there (Like Philia and Skolg (Ignus) Stayed there for 10 Years).

  2. seth says:

    how can you gather 99,999 FP in one day??
    pls. tell me 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1 days = 24 hours, so obtaining fp is very easy just keep playing, you can eat, drink with your psp :D. Just kidding lol.
      I already give tips in main page for leveling up and fp gathering, just keep playing and you’ll get fp 😀 you don’t need a lot of FP in this game :D. Thanks for using my guide

  3. maxblade56 says:

    Component Hunter (Harvest over 200 times) -“Yaesange” is the reward

    The only thing your missing is the reward for this accomplishment.
    Veteran Force Scholar (Make over 100 Forcefacts).

    There are only 25 accomplishments so one more to go.

  4. L says:

    The requirement for Renowned Hero (100 enemies) and Technique Master (50 overkill) are flipped. I found some more titles but I haven’t got them myself:

    Component Hunter (Harvest over 200 times)
    Master Force Scholar (Craft over 300 Forcefacts)

    I’ll put up rewards when I get them.

  5. maxblade56 says:

    Sword Greedy – Obtain all Weapons
    Reward is Master Gem

  6. DarkRPGMaster says:

    You take the Ragphobia Gem to the Dragon Arena in order to fight a battle against the 3 Divine Pillar dopplegangers (S Rank battle). After defeating them, you get the Zankberg Tea (I have found no use for this other than item list completion and 10000FP for FP conversion).

  7. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Titles you’re missing:
    Ultimate Champion (reach level 99)
    Veteran Force Scholar (Make over 100 Forcefacts)
    Master Force Scholar (make over 300 forcefacts)
    Component Hunter (use harvest points over 200 times)
    Sword Greedy (get all weapons in the extras menu)
    White Flag (run away from 100 battles)
    Hyper Ultra Thanks! (play game over 100 hours)

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