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Posted on Jun 27, 2010

Hexyz force PSP guide Cecilia Black precipice to inside tower 1-2

This dungeon works based on hexyz weakness and strong (attribute). If you enter wrong color e.g you enter green portal then blue you will teleported back to the entrance.

(1) from where you enter just go up then check the stone, give it force and read the description.

So here is the correct way to enter them:

EXIT: green, red ,blue ,white ,red ,blue ,white.

Force point : green, red ,blue ,white, yellow (upper one).

Purple Portal : gree, red, blue, yellow, and purple.

(2) the purple portal will be activated in New game +, it contains Peace mantle (you can’t encounter the enemy).

(3) Do force scanning here and obtain vitality orb.

So after finish grabbing the item, go to EXIT and you will see another event.

Chamber of Guidance

Another event, go to west portal to enter

Inside Tower 1-2

from starting point Go up and do force scan in the pillar to obtain 2 glass statue. Continue to go up and pick 3 yellow lapis. Back to the pillar where you got 2 glass statue and go up to obtain blazecane. There is also another chest but you can’t obtain it for now (sealed by spear;you can get this later on the game). After getting all of that back to pillar and go east for now then enter the portal.

Go to north from portal to enter Inside tower 2 annex. You can grab 2 items from this area (tattered doll and Narcissus) also don’t forget to scan the path in order to get 2 bat wings. Go to Inside tower 2 Go west to save Point. Purify the site and Save your game (equip fire ring if you have one). Move forward to Point (1) and You will fight

BOSS Battle : Yugool (HP 1200) and 2 evil wisp (Hp 40, weakness: Holy-60)

Use Cecil to attack 2 evil wisp. I suggest you to defeat 2 evil wisp first because Yugool has quite large amount of HP. If you have burst attack let Rafael use it. Just make sure heal when needed. Fire resistance is nice because Yugool’s attack based from fire and earth element.

After defeat the boss go north and grab 2 silver rings. Go down and enter the portal.

End of Phase 1.

Main Menu


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  1. DarkRPGMaster says:

    When you first go through the green portal in the Black Precipice, go north and do a force scan to find 2 Blue Lapis behind the white portal.

    After going through the portal that leads to the Vitality orb in the Black Precipice, do a force scan to find 2 Yellow Lapis.

    Do a force scan near the force site at in Inside Tower 2 to find a Silver Ring.

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