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Posted on Jun 28, 2010

Hexyz Force PSP guide Cecilia Dragon abyss to Inside tower 5-6

You arrived in Dragon Abyss, go south and grab Fur Bandana from chest then go down to B1f from right stairs.

Go to Point (1) in map then talk with Regnum and don’t forget to pick Stamina recipe (2) in southwest house. After finished talking with Regnum go down again. In here (3) you can move the bridge to grab item (the bridge depends on fire color so change them as you need it). Go down when you are finished taking all items.

Keep going south on this floor and grab strength orb from chest (careful there is mimic). If you are going to west you will see treasure chest in Point (4). To grab this chest you need to cross the invisible path (just follow the blue line in my map). In point (4) you can trigger switch to open area in Endless sands (the area that I marked with Fish, remember?). After do this go to Point (5) and enter the door.

Back To B1f and go to Point 6 in Map (equip Ignus with forcefact), you will see an event and

Event Battle : Virtus

You face him 1 by 1 using Ignus, just attack him and the battle will end after some turn.

BOSS battle : Virtus

He is very easy. His most dangerous attack is Rock crusher which cause earth element area damage (about 300 damages) other than that his attack is very weak; only do about 100 damage. Make sure Rafael to use haste to end this battle quicker.

Watch cutscene after defeat Virtus then go out to the world map whenyou gain control again. Your destionation for now is Pearl Chamber of guidance.

You can return to Endless sands to grab the item on new area (it is fish mark on endless sands; open endless sands section if you forgot:)). This can be done if you trigger the switch before on point (4) Dragon Abyss.

You also can do continuation Peddler guy quest.

On Pearl chamber of guidance check the south east portal then enter it.

Go north to activate Mysterious orba nd grab soul bangle. Proceed to next area by enter southeast portal.

You can’t grab chest on west because it is sealed by sword. Go to west and enter annex area. Grab all item here then back to area 6. From here go up to Point (1).

BOSS battle:

Patella (HP=603;weakness holy -60), Varuna (HP 579), Sphene (HP=2800; weakness water&electric -20)

Defeat Patella and Varuna first. Be careful with Sphene’s phantom blade, it can cause 300 damage to multiple target.

Grab Meteor Necklace then check staff emblem. Enter the portal to end this Phase.

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3 Responses to “Hexyz Force PSP guide Cecilia Dragon abyss to Inside tower 5-6”

  1. hero says:

    how can i get the weapon that does’t has durability like grantein.. and in this level, what weapon should ignus use??

  2. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Dragon’s Abyss:
    Do a force scan just to the west of the north end of the bridge on 1F to find 4 Red Lapis.

    On B1, just to the west of the westmost stairs leading back to the first screen, face the camera west and do a force scan to find 2 Rotten Cloth.

    On B2, right after going down the first set of stairs, turn the camera east and do a force scan to find 3 Sharp Fangs.

    Before going back to B1 to fight Virtus, re-enter the monolith room to find an Elegant Wing and a Speed Trinket.

    Inside the Tower 5 & 6:
    At the portal that leads to Tower 6, do a force scan before entering it to find 2 Gravity Stones.

    After defeating the boss, force scan immediately to find 2 Black Lapis.

  3. DarkRPGMaster says:

    The guy near the Decoy Doll Beta is Cool Drake. If you give him the worn rag you got from the previous trading, he’ll give you the torn document. From this point on, the trading quest proceeds exactly like Levant’s, though the Spirit Clothes are called the Spirit Beacon this time. You give them to the same person though.

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