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Posted on Jun 28, 2010

Hexyz Force PSP guide Cecilia Endless sand to Mother worm

This dungeon only has 4 area but you can get lost if you don’t understand what you are supposed to do here. Before entering any transition exit (when you want change area) you will see there is a white flower, do force scan here if your chosen path is right the flower will spin otherwise don’t go to that way because you will return to first area of this dungeon if you entered wrong exit.

In my map I write the number you need to get through this dungeon. The numbers indicate which way you need to enter in order to get through this dungeon quickly. There is invigorating orb in first area (go to  small ruin). Fish icon lead to another treasure after you do certain thing (just ignore it now).

Explanation: think this number as karma, when you enter way number 1 you will come out in number 2 then you need to enter number 3 and will come out in number 4. Continue this until you reach the boss in this area.

When you enter from number 6 save your game because when you go into number 7 (equip water element weapon like aqua orb if you have one) there will be

BOSS: Mother Worm (HP= 3820; weakness=> water -40; strong=> earth 40)

Careful, it can cast Suna arashi which cause about 350 damage to all your character and also swallow your party for 270 physical damage. Make sure you heal using Angel tear, if you don’t have it use Bandage orb. Don’t forget to use your burst attack. If you have water based element attack use it here.

After successfully defeat it you will see an event. You will arrive at

Inside mother worm

Do force scan where you started to get 2 Burlap cloth. Just keep going to area 2 in map while grabbing all the items. You can talk with starving man to start a quest (but you can’t do very much because you can’t cook the recipe now). Enter area (2) and there will be an event. When Philia ask you to leave, answer you are not ready. Force scan her room and grab the item (Queenova, 2 ambers sweet recipe teddie doll 2 black lapis). Talk to her again and choose to leave.

You will return on Endless sands. force scan and check the dinosaur’s bone to get tiger claw then enter the big Portal that Ignus showed earlier. You will arrive at dragon abyss

Main Menu


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  1. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Endless sands:
    In the moving sands on the way to the Mysterious Bone, do a force scan to find 5 Star sands in the middle of the moving sand part.

    In the second tunnel on the way to the cactus lady, do a force scan to find 2 White Lapis.

    In the area with all the sandpits, do a force scan just to the bottom right of the save point in the first sandpit to find a Capy Doll. In the sandpit at the bottom left corner of the area, force scan to find a Banero. Force scan at the sandpit in the lower right most part of the map to find 2 Star Sand. In a hidden sandpit just up from the bones where the force site is you can find a Glowing Metal.

    You can also find Sand Worms in this area. Kill them all to lower the overall power of Mother Worm (they count her as a different monster when you do this, since the sand worms are a part of her). 1 is in the sandpit to the bottom left of the save point, 1 is at the bottom leftmost sandpit, 1 just bottomleft from the force site, and the last one is hidden in a hidden sandpit just up from the bones where the force site is.

    Inside Mother Worm:
    Do a force scan while the camera is looking at the mimic (gaia cane), and you’ll find a Devil Nectar.

    Endless Sands:
    After exiting the Mother Worm, go north and do a force scan near the dragon head before going to the next screen to get a Stitch Orb.

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