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Hexyz Force PSP Guide Cecilia Fort faulken to Inside the tower 11-12

check list of side quest section

  • You can finish trading quest for cecilia right now so do it.
  • you can also do bunny tribe and shadows quest

Go up to next area and talk with guard on the door, they will not let you enter so get out from this city. Choose Fort Faulken outskirts on the map.

At the entrance grab treasure chest contain 2 energy mist. You can also get 3 moonlight grass and 4 healing herbs by using force scan on the left and right side this area. Now enter the door and continue until you arrive at Luffina’s prison, go to south (the only way available for now). Just go straight until you reach Generator Room then

BOSS battle: Faust (HP:8600)

His attack patern:

Astral liquid => dispel your positive status

Vandalize => quite damaging spell (700-800) to single target careful

Other elemental spell do about 500-800 damage depends on your resistance (it deals 0 damage to my ignus cause he equipped prism glasses).

After defeat him, return to Luffi’s prison and fight 5 Garmr, continue to north and go up

When you playing Cecilia scenario you can’t get all items on fort faulken. Important item you can’t get: key reactor C and necrozauwar spell. t happens because you can’t go to Generator’s room. The map beside is already simplified so you are not confused, but if you want to see full map, you can see it here

You arrive on b1f left wing, grab treasure chest over here and continue to the east way. Go up a little then

Event Battle: Axel

You can’t win this battle, the battle will simply end after few turns.

In Cecilia scenario you can’t go around this dungeon (generator’s room, so no key reactor C; yeah, no Incaross for Cecilia) I simplified the map in case you to make it easier for you to go, but if you want to collect the item see my Levant’s map (the item  location and its content is same). Now go to west doors and arrive in 2f (your goal is Monolith; see the map for exact location). On 2f Go to east to enter another stairs, then follow  the map until you reach the monolith. Save in front of monolith and

Boss battle Virtus (HP:9600; weakness; holy-neutral, resistant 10 to all element, except dark 20)

Rock crush : earth damage 400

Physical attack:total 200

Dragon smite: total 700 damage

You can back to monolith again to grab an item (3 pointy horns). Now back to where you fought with Axel and go out using south door

Now go to world map and go to pearl chamber of guidance. Check the door and enter last portal

Inside Tower 11-12

There is no annex area on this place only 2 straight area. There is mysterious orb here (10000FP), this orb can generate orb of hope so go here if you need orb of hope. Just follow the map until you reach usual place and

Event Battle: Yamaraj and Other weakling

This battle quite hard, Yamaraj is even stronger than faust, he can cast Darkness Bomb which inflict 800-900 area damage so be careful. His physical attacks are quite deadly so avoid attack him physically because you will get counter attacked.

After that check staff symbol and go to portal. End of phase 6

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  1. DarkRPGMaster says:

    After beating the boss of the Inner Tower 12, do a force scan to find 2 Dragon Horns.

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