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Hexyz force PSP guide Cecilia Gutchfort and Granad Cavern


When you first enter the area do force scan near turtillian to get 2 night drops, proceed to next area. Look at your map and grab all item in this area (2 oak lumber, Storm shoes, Tiger skin;force scan in Argent statue). After you finished go to General’s room (right stair).

Grab all item here (Admonised and edenova). There is also item in kitchen; 2 Bellel wheat (Force scan), Premium silk, and Crunchy recipe (force scan). Go to left to Bedroom and take sharp fang. Now you are finished here just go up a little further to Gulde’s room.

After Cutscene you need to talk with all hexyz:

  • talk with Levant and Irene (Bedroom)
  • Ignus and Griek (long hall way)
  • Rafael (near Lycan on long hallway)
  • Ciel (Argent Statue; near Bigabu beaze)

Back to Bedroom and talk with Philia and choose rest. Next morning talk again with Gulden and Ciel will join your party.

Before You leave Gutchfort make sure you talk with Lycan on Gutchfort B1f; This will unlock “What comes” quest and Granad cavern area on your world map.

You can talk with Bigabu Beaze to get achievement item. This is very important because Ignus hasn’t got his ragnafact. Bigabu Beaze will give you Cestite key (Techniques master reward IIRC;do 50 overkills). Use the key to open the door on B1f (left stairs). It will leads to single room with Devasti inside the chest.

Below is completely optional but if you go to Granad you can get some useful items and autoatically get stronger because you fight eney in this cavern so I really recommend it to you. If you Don’t want to do this just choose Spirit forest on world map.

Granad cavern

Just take a look at map. From where you enter the cave go to west to enter small room with Frozen monster (because you talk with Lycan on Gutchfort). Defeat it and don’t forget to grab all items. This quest will reward you with Mercurio Gem (IT IS VERY USEFUL, I NEVER UNEQUIP THIS ACCESSORIES FROM MY PARTY).

you can also grab other items in this cave if you want. Be careful when you want to kill monster in Purify Point!!! It is quite strong and can kill you easily if you are not prepared.

Spunky can cast you ice spell based damaged to all your party (about 600 damages); there is 2 of them so imagine if both consecutively cast it (Your party level maybe about 30 and your HP only about 1000).

The plant enemies can cause your party to sleep so equip accesories to prevent that. The key is this battle is to kill spunky quickly.

To open Ice path on Point (2) You need to push stone into the pit on point (1); near the signboard.

Only 1 stone needed to open right path but you must push all the stones in order to open another path.

After grab all items just leave from this dungeon then continue your journey to spirit forest.

You can begin traffic jam and …Training quest on endless sands

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  1. hero says:

    how can i get the weapon that does’t has durability like grantein.. and in this level, what weapon should ignus use?

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