Posted on Jun 28, 2010

Hexyz Force PSP guide Cecilia Inside tower 3-4

From entrance Go north to grab Battle bracer. Continue go to west (you can’t grab the chest because sealed by sword). Continue to east and grab blue lapis, there is an orb here; you can get item by fusing 100FP. Continue to inside tower 4 if you are finished in this area.

Go to east to grab Purity bracelet then continue to north in order to reach 4 annex. Grab all item here but be careful because there is Mimic on steel shard chest. There is another 300 FP orb in this area.

When you walk on every inside Tower area, there is chance you will meet Force eater. It will steal 10% of your FP. But Don’t try to fight back for now because it will simply run if you don’t damage it. You can damage it using force attack (it has high evade rate) but it will not run and will attack you with powerful spell attack. If your party is underleveled (below 25) It can kill you easily. If you can kill it you will get 2323 EXP and 9999FP

Return to previous area and go south, exterminate monster in Purify point and save. Continue to point (1) on the map

BOSS battle:

Quail (HP=1966;Weakness: wind -40), Laplace (HP=192; Weakness: Holy -40), Tibia (HP=285; Weakness: holy-60)

Kill Laplace first since he is easiest to defeat then Tibia. Quail can cause you some damaged but it is still easy. Quail’s weakness is wind so make sure you use Air Render To defeat him.

After Defeat it check the staff emblem and grab Vitality from the other side of portal. Go to portal and watch cut scene.

End of Phase 2

Main Menu


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