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Hexyz force PSP guide Cecilia Nervel altar

You arrive at Lake Soleil. Open your map, your goal is Gardner’s house (east entrance). You should see there is a crack on wall near the place you arrived. Do force Scan here and check the wall to get Binoculars, you can also get Matsutake  or shiitake from  nearby tree( (remember this harvest point because you probably need it later). Now go to Gardner’s house .

Save and recover in Gardner’s house then go up to see an event. Don’t forget To force scan on Gardner’s house (there are 5 force point). Grab all the item and head for

Nervel altar

When you enter grab treasure chest on the west side of the area (Power orb). There is 2 entrance in this temple, Right entrance can be opened by infused 10000FP into the door (the door leads to discerning specs; more quality item from harvest point).

Enter the temple (the map starting from here)

Tips: in this dungeon if you find many enemy at once use Luffina bolt dance spell (attack all enemies), it will easily kill them in 1 hit (depends your attack level).

You can’t explore the whole area yet. So don’t bother going to right side cause Gardner will cease you from doing that. Go to west to Point (1) in the map, Do force scan here and check the wall. After you use 30 FP the door will be break and you can follow the path in order to get Sheng long chain. Get back into inside and grab Regaledge.

Go to the most upper left door do force scan here to get the item. Now go down and follow the path until you see switch in point (2). Pull the switch so the bridge will appear in point (3). So go up and enter the stair beside upper left door earlier.

Just follow the path and grab treasures along the way. Go down from the stairs and Remember to save before entering Point (4).

Inside you will face event and

BOSS : 3 x Shade

They are not too hard but their agility and physical attack can be dangerous. So use your strongest skill (but not burst attack) on them. Try not to get damaged too much because after this you will face

BOSS battle : Faust

he is strong, his life shaver can cause 170 damage to single character. There is no need to use boosting spell here because he can cast astral liquid that will dispel your status. His psycho crush can cause your characters parameter down. If you follow my advice from before (not use burst attack) use all your burst point here and he will die in no time (don’t use Luffina’s burst, it cost 2 point).

After defeat him you will see an event. Your destination now is Dragon abyss but back to Nervel in order to grab Item you haven’t got before. Go to right side and grab white lapis and go down from north west stair. You should see crack in Point (5) , be careful so you not fall down (you can fall down  once time in order to get item). Go to point 6 in map and trigger the switch in order to destroy cracked panel (you can still fall down but at least you can see clearly). After grab the life orb go out from this dungeon (do not try to purify the purify point now the enemy is too strong for you at this point).

Before go to dragon abyss immediately there is something you can do:

  • go to black precipice entrance (you haven’t purge the purify point before, right?
  • You can begin some quest in Palfina town. (overdue, survivors, peddler quest, love sings, on the road). refer to sidequest list  on my guide (main menu) to know how to solve them.
  • Force scan in Palfina library to find blazing recipe

Go To world map and choose Pearl chamber of Guidance. Check southwest portal to activate the portal and enter.

Main menu


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7 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Cecilia Nervel altar”

  1. lohboonkhai says:

    i cant find Pearl chamber of Guidance in the world map after all these, how to get into inside tower 3 n 4???

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Go to tower in the middle of the world map, you can go inside by going to giant staff door. But I believe you can choose peral chamber from world menu. Hope it helps.

      • lohboonkhai says:

        the middle giant white sword door? i can go inside then saw 2 ring, 1 is white another is red, both i try b4 but still got nothing? how? i keep walking still havent pass phase 2

        • noobbgodlike says:

          err sorry I really don’t know your problem. You should be able to enter pearl chamber by choosing it from world map or go to black precipice tower entrance (where you first meet with Levant) and go to big door where you got teleported on that event (big staff door).

  2. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Lake Soliel:
    From where you start in the chapter, do a force scan to find 2 Silvervine.

    A couple of steps to the south of the Stitch Orb in Lake Soliel, do a force scan to find a Rock Lizard.

    In Gardner’s house, you missed a force point. Go up the stairs and to the west, then force scan to find 2 Oak Lumber.

    At the entrance to the Altar of Nerval, at the circular pattern right before the stairs, do a force scan to find 2 Lihit Grass.

    Altar of Nerval:
    At the save point right before the monolith, do a force scan while the camera is facing east to find 2 Mantis Blades.

    If you return to the monolith room after the fight with Faust, you can get a Nobleray from a chest in the room.

    After pulling the switch to cause all panels to drop, face the camera south and do a force scan to find a Stardust.

  3. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Besides those sidequests you listed, if you give the Sharp Pencil to the guy at the bottom left most part of the first screen of the Palfina Temple, he’ll give you a Worn Rag. That’s all for the trading quest for this phase.

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