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Hexyz force PSP guide Cecilia prologue

After you got the staff go to the west to get out from this room. You will enter another cutscene and you will face your first battle. Save in nearby save point.

If you are playing this game from New game + and have some FP, use the fp to boost your ragnafact attack status so the upcoming party’s ragnafact attack level will be -3 from your MC attack level.

WARNING: use this tips can make this game become very easy, don’t do this if you don’t want to ruin your experience. Only do this if you want finish the game quickly (I done this because i want to get hard mode quickly).

Go to west and you will face,

BOSS battle: Fortified beast (HP: 600, weakness: electric -10)

It is easy to defeat this one, especially if you already my tips above. If your burst gauge reach level 1 simply use Rafael or Cecilia burst and that will end the battle quickly. Just keep attack and heal when needed.

Enter the monolith and check middle part of the monolith (every monolith has harvest point like this) and you will get 5 star sands. Don’t forget to grab Poison ring from the treasure in this room. Go outside and you will face another battle. Look at your map (press select), yellow dot indicates there is treasure chest in area, so go to these location(right=> fire ring, left=> bandage orb). Now equip bandage orb and fire ring to your character (no need to worry about 2 treasure chest in this area you will get them later).

After grab those item go up to B1F. Open your map again and look for treasure chest location. You can’t go to rightside of the area so you can’t grab all treasure chest for now (you only can grab aqua orb, life orb, and cloth bandana). Go up to 1F.

Before going into main hall grab bandage orb near catacombs. Go to Main hall then save, don’t forget to equip fire ring and aqua orb. Enter the room and

BOSS Battle: Blasphemy ( HP: 1000, weakness: holy -60)

It is still easy like before, It can cast curse (will reduce your characters parameter) and igneus orb (fire elemental attack, that’s why i told you to equip fire ring). Use your aqua orb in this battle but if you can cast burst attack better to do it than use aqua orb.

After you beat this monster there will be an event and you now on Catacombs. before go out check southwest grave to get Sunflower.

Go outside from catacombs then go to northwest to grab 3 red lapis from treasure chest. Go to b1f and grab 2 cracked ring (the chest you haven’t get before). After grab all the items go to cleric’s room move forward to see an event. Before go out check blue switch in this room to open the door, that lead to another chest in B1F (northwest; 2 element will). Press the switch in that room, to open other door in Palfina temple. Go to Main Hall and talk with Elda and Rafael. Go outside from the temple.

In Palfina central area you can do “so lost …..” side quest (refer to side quest section to learn about this quest).

If you open the switch before (the one with element will chest), the water in fountain has been drained. Enter the door behind the statue to get 2 items (Red lapis and water ring).

Go outside and choose Midee highway

Just keep move forward to the black precipice while grabbing every treasure you see. Don’t forget to grab item From Harvest item, you can grab from harvest point every 5 battles. (the harvest point item in map maybe different because many harvest point has 2 items so you are not guaranteed to get mistletoe). Save before going up further to Black precipice. Watch cutscene.

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  1. DarkRPGMaster says:

    At the start of the Midee Highway, examine the stump near the wooden bridge at the beginning to find 2 Ash Lumber. You can find two more Ash Lumber at the stump right next to the Force Site.

  2. DarkRPGMaster says:

    If you talk to one of the Cleric’s in the cleric’s room he’ll give you the Cleric’s Hat, which is the first item for Cecilia’s Trading quest. Take this to the girl at the left of right outside of the Temple itself, and she’ll trade you a Sharp Pencil for it.

    Also, if you talk to a guy on B1F of the Temple after Elda gives you the two Forcefacts, you can start a sidequest where he’ll want you to kill the monsters left in the basement. Kill the monster down on B2F, and you’ll be sent back to him and get a reward. That’s all for phase 1 sidequests.

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