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Hexyz Force PSP Guide Cecilia Ravena Castle to Inside Tower 9-10

Grab treasure outside then go to leftside of the castle, do FS and enter the door. Do forces scan and grab the item, go back outside and enter the castle. Go to chapel (point 1 in map), sadly you can’t enter so go back to previous area. Force scan in Point (2) so the orb will shine and you can press it. This will open the door nearby. But you can’t do much for now; just go to left in this room.

Go to west and force scan along the way to grab item. Go to B1f to grab 2 items (2 alhest solution and 2 Waste water), go up again and go to point (3). You can grab chest here but some of them are empty. Here are the lists of items you will get from there:

Strength orb, glowing metal, haste orb, Nightmare gem, Granedge, and Orb of Hope. Go up to next stair,pick aqua orb and remember to force scan on point 4 then press the orb like before. You finished here so go up again.

You can go down by using west stair to grab the item on previous floor (refreshing recipe and cashmere). Go back and go to point 5 to activate orb like before. Go up by using northeast stair.

In this floor on point 6 there will be invisible maze; you can make it visible by touching the green orb. If you touch all green orb there will be treasure chest (eladah tears). Your goal now is point 7 in map. Force scan so orange portal will appear, enter it and you will arrive at entrance. Recover and save then go to the door near point 2. If you already activate all shining orb like I told you, all doors will be opened except the door with save point so go to left and light the orb (8). Go up further and

BOSS battle: Ravena Lord

This really don’t need any tactics, he is really easy just use radiant strike and other powerful attacks.

Grab Pod key and use it on right pod you will get Dark Rassfeld (you can force scan here to grab extra item, do the same thing to the pod on the left). Go back to chapel, now it can be opened and check the statue on the table.

Back to Palfina temple and talk with Elda. Go to Palfina B2f (sewer) and enter monolith room here. After event go to Chamber of Guidance and enter northeast portal. You will arrive on Inside tower 9-10.

Just go straight from this area because there is no treasure chest (there is mysterious orb in middle of the area, you can easily Hyper fasteel by infuse 5000FP. I recommend you to do this because the shoes are quite strong).

No need to go to west portal because the room sealed by sword. Enter portal on the west to grab tough scale. You can go west to grab arnon gem from treasure chest (I don’t recommend because it is just waste of time). Save your game and go south to fight

BOSS battle: Zaobin (HP:5570 no weakness), 2 x Goetia (HP: 458; weakness holy-40), and 2x humerus (HP:765;weakness holy-60)

Cast gaia shockwave or other all attack enemies skill. That should kill all enemies beside zaobin. Zaobin has no weakness so attack him with your most powerful attack. Careful not to attack zaobin directly when he use provoke.

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12 Responses to “Hexyz Force PSP Guide Cecilia Ravena Castle to Inside Tower 9-10”

  1. RENZO says:

    I have a problem after entering the front door of the castle gate income average but my screen dims and turns off my console

    • noobbgodlike says:

      UMD??? PSN ?? ISO version??
      Umd version sometimes have bugs like that try to restart your psp.
      ISO change compatibility mode, or upgrade your CFW
      not sure what cause that

  2. L says:

    You can’t go to basement in Cecelia’s story right?

  3. Patrick says:

    In Cecilia’s Tale, I can’t finish the Ravena Castle story. I already opened the Chapel and observed the statue at the back of the table. And in the Log, it says “Cecilia entered the sanctuary to find little, save for a vast, forgotten ruin. Still, they decide to search the area in hopes of finding the clue that Elda spoke of.”

    I went back to Palfina Temple to talk with Elda, but Elda just said about the group’s safety in their journey.

    Please help. Thank you.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      there are some event, right? involving some stone inside the room.(you must answer the question)

      if you see the event you should see the story indicates you to go back to elda. if you don’t see the event , you must check the statue inside the chapel until you see Elda. After that you can go talk with her and go to monolith on sewer.

      hope it helps.
      thank you for using my guide.please tell your friend about my guide if you find it useful.

      • Patrick says:

        I did not notice the stone (that you are referring to)inside the chapel. But I’m sure I did not encounter it because I still cant talk with Elda.

        With regard to the statue, I already checked every side of the statue (by pressing button X and/or using scanning ability). But still, no event had happened.

        What do you think the problem with this situation??


        • noobbgodlike says:

          err i really don’t know. what i do for this scenario is
          1.defeat ravena king (obtain the key
          2. go to chapel
          3. check statu on the table inside the chapel
          4. event you choose 1 from 3 answer (like usual, determine destruction and creation ending)
          5. talk with elda.

          if you already do all of those, go to swer monolith.

  4. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Ravena Castle:
    While on your way to the force scan door at the west part of the entrance to the castle, do a force scan to find a Pelvic Fragment at the grass in the small runway near the bridge and moat.

    On 2F, right before the intersection that goes left to the aqua orb and right to continue, do a force scan while running down the hall to the intersection, and you’ll find 2 Black Ashes in the corner.

    When you first enter the hall containing the Narcissus and 10 Purple Lapis, turn your camera east and do a force scan to find 2 Hard Rock Skins.

    In the invisible maze, after touching the second globe, turn the camera south and do a force scan to find a Glowing Fin. After touching the second globe, touch the wall just north of it and do a force scan to find 2 Frozen Nails.

    After defeating the Ravena Lord, do a force scan to find 2 Lihit Grass.

    In the chapel, do a force scan from where you start out (after the scene when you enter the room) to find 2 Ash Lumbers and a Bellel Wheat.

    Note: Inside the Great Temple of Palfina, since you have the force scan ability, you can find alot of hidden chests. 1 is at a stand near the statue of Palfina on the first screen, 2 are in the Main Hall, and another one is in the Cleric’s Room. I don’t know what’s in them since I forgot to write it down earlier in the game. Also, once the scene in the Monolith Room is done, Cecilia can finally be put back in the battle party.

    Inside Tower 9 & 10:
    At the portal that leads away from the small platform with the sword door in your way, face the camera to the south and do a force scan to find 4 Star Sands.

    In the 10th floor annex, do a force scan at the west end of the hole in the side of the north path to find 5 Yellow Lapis.

    At the portal leading out of the tower and to the next phase, do a force scan with the camera facing south to find 4 Silvervine.

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