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Hexyz Force PSP guide Cecilia Sealed Library to Inside tower 7-8

Go to right from where you enter and scan Northeast room to get broken idol. You can get alhest solution by go up using stairs. In area 2 You will notice that there is strange door on point (1).

To open the door you must open 3 seals. I marked the seal with leaf symbol so check the map then go there, Do force scan and choose to pick the book. You will fight with Guardian every time you pick the book. After you defeated all 3 enemies you can grab the treasure chest inside the room.

When you finish got all the items, go to Point (2) on my map. You will face Guardian in order to get inside.

When you go inside the room, grab the chest and get the Necrozauwar. After finished, go back to Gardner’s Lab on Nervel altar. Event then go to Gutchfort.

Go to Gulden’s room there will be another cutscene. Go to Pearl chamber of Guidance and examine west portal to activate it, then go.

Inside Tower 7-8

Go to northwest to grab 2 Fastile then go right to enter the portal. You will arrive on inside tower 8, go to west and enter annex area. Grab all item in Annex area then back to inside tower 7. Now enter another portal in this area that leads to “true” Inside tower 8. There is mysterious orb (300 FP) and grab dragon blood nearby. Save your game and go to point (1) to fight event battle.

BOSS battle:

Moa( HP=3800, weakness holy -40)

Femur(HP=444, weakness holy -40)

Sphira (HP=810,no weakness)

These enemies shouldn’t cause you a problem except for Moa, he can cast some powerful spell so defeat femur and sphira first because they are easy. Use angelic beam to Moa for high damage.

Check the staff sybol and grab tough scale then enter portal that leads to Altair.

End of Phase 4

Main Menu


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  1. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Sealed Library:
    On the first screen, do a force scan after going down the stairs next to the exit to the 2nd screen while the camera is facing east. You’ll find 2 Lihit Grass.

    Also, you meant east when you were referring to the portals in the Chamber of Guidance.

    Inside the Tower 7 & 8:
    As soon as you enter the annex area, do a force scan to find a Gravity Stone.

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