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Hexyz force PSP guide Cecilia Sky City Altair

This dungeon is pretty big; make sure you take a look at my map in order to know where the teleporter brings you. I will try to guide you here so read carefully. (B)number means you need key reactor B to activate the portal in reactor room before you can access them. okay lets begin now.

Go to west and get 2 treasure chest then back to east and enter Portal number 1. You will arrive in sky altair area 1, go south there is Taurine apple Harvest point here (remember this point because Taurine apple needed to make stamina recipe). Grab chest contain 3 taurine apple then go to northeast to enter force reactor area.

Go to middle reactor and Cemnal will give you Reactor key A, use that to activate reactor. Force scan middle reactor so you can get Ororon doll, not to forget there is energy mist on west reactor.

To activate other reactor you need key, you can get key reactor b from dying youth quest and key reactor c from Fort Faulken (i heard you can’t get key reactor c on Cecilia’s tale, but i will confirm this by myself. So tell me if you have done it to speed up the process).

Back to previous area then go to middle way to reach area 2. Because portal near the entrance not work (you need key reactor B), go to northeast to portal number 3. This will lead you to Pathway entrance, you can’t do anything for now so just kill the monster on purify point (careful they area quite tough; they can cast area damage spell that cause 900 damage). Back to portal 3, go to portal number 2 on northwest and don’t forget to grab illusion cloak.

You arrive on ground altair area 2, save your game here. You can go to south and get all the item or just go north. If you choose go to north kill the monster on Purify point. Be careful because in Point (3) you will face

BOSS battle: Phantasma omega(HP: 6500; weakness electric -20)

It is easy, on first turn let Ignus cast war cry and Rafael cast Gemini boost. This will make rafael can attack about twice in a row, after that use speed break to phantasma. Do this will effectively reduce phantasma attack (it only use plasma Lance twice before it died). Cecilia just attack with Radiant strike, cast her barrier spell fro alternative. If cecilia equip algenteria use Bolt lightning to attack it.

Go to monolith and another battle

BOSS battle: Azul

He is strong!!! luckily he only has few HP. He can cast elemental area damage spell (cause about 800 damage, most of them are fire based and earth based). Just use same tactics as you face phantasma and don’t forget to use dire assault because Rafael can cause high damage with it (I believe your HP will become low when you face him).

You will automatically arrive on Gutchfort. Talk with gulden in his room, after event talk with all other hexyz member:

(+) Ignus and griek in hallway

(+) Rafael and Luffina in bedroom

(+) Levant and Irene in kitchen

Now you can rest in bedroom by talking with Luffina. Next morning go to Palfina temple, Go to catacombs to meet with Elda. Now Ravena Castle is open and you can go there.

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  1. DarkRPGMaster says:

    If you force scan at the south intersection in the Sky Corridor section (while on your way to the force reactors) you’ll find 2 Steel Shards.

    If you go straight north from where B(2) is, you can find a tough talon.

    Force scan next to the Illusion Cloak to find 2 Hard Rock Skin.

    Right before the hall that leads to the force site, do a force scan to find a gothic ribbon.

    After the Azul battle, Cecilia will be unable to fight in the party, even if you give her a forcefact (BS if you ask me). Give her a master gem or an experience gem to help her level while she can’t fight.

    Return to the monolith room after the events in Gultchfort to find Eladah Tears.

  2. maxblade56 says:

    Key Reactor C

    You cannot get get the key reactor C in normal mode In Cecilia’s Story only In hard you will get the said key.

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