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Posted on Jun 29, 2010

Hexyz Force PSP guide Cecilia Spirit forest

Go to right and force scan to obtain 2 Goat fur. Go up to the next area and get Orb of wisdom. Go to point (1) in map. Inside you can harvest Forest water and get the item from chest (you can start sacred tree quest fro now). Back to previous area and enter upper left way. Purify the point and Continue to Point (2).

Watch cut scene and

BOSS battle: Bahn (HP=3260)

He has Low HP but his attack can be quite deadly. His shoulder spike do about 400 damage and there is high chance you get paralyze. He doesn’t have elemental weakness so just attack him with your most powerful attack.

After this battle you will enter another battle but this time you can’t win so just wait for some turn and it will end.

Go Save your game and grab Narcissus from Chest then go to Point (4). Watch Cut scene and

BOSS battle : Velvet (HP= 4200; Strong againts Wind:40, Water:20, earth:20)

Her counter dance can hurt a lot but it seems unpredictable. For safe attack her with magic attack (radiant strike,etc). Her moon burst can damage 300 to your party members but can be reduced by ice resistance. USe Cecilia divine barrier if you want to attack her with Counter able attack.

After defeat Velvet you will fight Luffina zombie, it is very easy and impossible to lose except you intend to lose.

After long event get out from Gutchfort and head to Gardner’s house. Gardner will tell you to go to Nervel altar so go there. In here go to right stair to B1f. Kill the monster on purify point and go down from stair nearby. Check the red stone And the door will be opened.

Go to great Temple Palfina and Talk with Elda to open Sealed Library.

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  1. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Sacred Forest:
    At the Sacred tree, do a force scan to find 16 Healing Herbs.

    After beating Luffina zombie, return to the monolith room to find an Evil Ward.

    After entering Gardner’s lab, grab the 5 Alchemy Crystal from the chest. Go to the west side of the room next to the desk, and force scan to find 4 Element Wills and a KO Recipe.

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