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Posted on Jun 6, 2010

Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Altar Of Nervel

Go to Gardner’s house and you will be attacked by 3x Shade M. After cut scene Garner will tell you to go to Altar of Nervel.

If you have visit this dungeon you should know there is one door that can’t be accessed that is your goal. Now enter the Altar of nervel

Altar of Nervel

You must go to butterfly mark in Map. you can’t go anywhere when accompanied by Gardner. So just go to the mark and there will be a cut scene. If you haven’t explored this area before, I suggest you to read this (scroll down to reach Altar of Nervel section) before continue your journey. After long event Gardner will tell you to go to Ravena Castle. So leave to world Map and choose Ravena Castle.

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9 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Altar Of Nervel”

  1. maisa says:

    I cant get through the door next to the butterfly mark and i need to! Help!

  2. question says:

    Why there is no 3 shade appear when i reach Gardner’s house?

    what goes wrong? i talk to the gardner already but nothing happen..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Check your log, I am pretty sure in this chapter Levant told you to go to Garner and in His house there will be 3x shade.

      • question says:

        that gardner keep saying “pls keep an eye out of luffi”……………my log show the party heads for the chamber of guidance.” where is that place?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Chamber of guidance located in Tower of judgement (it seems you play on Cecilia scenario, so the item appeared in my guide won’t be same as cecilia).

        • question says:

          What do u mean by i playing on cecilia scenario?Is there two different scenario? If yes, what scenario are u playing coz mine seems like after phrase 3, its end and show black screen….zzzz isit error? i like to continue playing this game…..

        • question says:

          cecilia scenario end at phrase 3 isit then stop? coz i finished phrase 3 and nothing happen already….now i playing levant story…..will it end on phrase 3 too?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No it doesn’t stop at phase 3. your game is freeze, try to uninstall game data, if your game freeze just reload.
          Both chapter end at the same chapter phase (phase 8).

  3. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Here’s a wall of text filled with things you missed!

    At the start of the chapter, go back to the Endless Sands area. At the beginning screen, when you get to the two pillars on the upper right part of the screen, you’ll notice a cleared path (caused by pulling that switch in the Dragon’s Abyss). Go up and you’ll find a switch and a teleporter. Don’t use the switch yet, instead go into the teleporter and grab the Granreid from the chest. Now exit the teleporter, press the switch, and follow the path to the bottom right to find another switch and two chests with a Dark Ring and 3 Gravity stones. Pull the switch and go back through the teleporter to find a chest with a Sanocane in it.

    Go back to the first screen and talk to the guy here. He’ll tell you about a ferocious monster up ahead (sidequest!). Go forward and act like you’re headed to the Dragon’s Abyss to find the monster. This battle has a Shell Beast and an Ixion in it. Kill them both, and you’ll automatically return to the guy, who’ll give you the awesome Mercurio Gem (accessory that increases the amount of experience your party gets in battle, making level building much easier). Now you’re done here in the Endless Sands for awhile (there’s another sidequest here, but you can’t finish it until you get Ciel in your party).

    Another sidequest is back at the Great Temple of Palfina. Talk to the Peddler Guy at the lower left part of the first screen, and he’ll ask for a Dextrous Trinket. Give him one, and he’ll give you 10 Tiger Skins.

    Go a screen north and talk to the Infatuated Youth (guy directly east when you enter). He’ll ask what he should give his love. Tell him a Narcissus (you must have one in your inventory for this), and he’ll give it to her and she’ll love it. You won’t get anything from him right now (since this is a sidequest that requires multiple Phases to complete).

    Enter the Temple’s Main Hall and get near Elda to overhear a talk that will give you yet another sidequest.

    Go down to B1 and talk to the librarian near all the books to get yet another sidequest, this one dealing with the Sealed Library. Now go down to B2 and open your map. Head to where the monster is and kill it. You’ll automatically return to Elda, who will give you a Sanocane.

    Now go to the Sealed Library, and just to the right of where the save and heal points are, you’ll see 3 monsters near the bookcases. Get near them to start a fight. Beat them down and you’ll automatically be sent back to the librarian. She won’t give you anything. Instead, go back to the Sealed Library, and where the monsters were, you will find a chest with Scout Specs (accessory that prevents Surprise attacks!).

    Go to Gultchfort for another sidequest. Go to B1 (using the west stairs) and talk to the elf here. Give him the torn document to get the Cestite Fragment. Go south and talk to the Lycan here to get another sidequest. Now leave and head to the Granad Caverns.

    In here, take the west most stairs down to B1 and go north to find the monster. Examine it to start the fight. Rip him a new one, and open the chest he leaves behind to get a Knight’s Cloak.

    That’s all the sidequests in Phase 4!

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