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Posted on Jun 10, 2010

Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Fallen City Altair

After opening event of the Phase 6, go to world map. It is up to you to immediately go to fallen city altair immediately via world map or go from outer tower route(to gather some missing item, remember). which way you choose it is up to you.

Fallen City Altair

This dungeon is pretty big; make sure you take a look at my map in order to know where the teleporter brings you. I will try to guide you here so read carefully. (B)number means you need key reactor B to activate the portal in reactor room before you can access them.

When you enter Altair Go to the left to grab 2 items (Surgery orbs and moonlight grass). Don’t bother to go north now because the teleporter is not active (you need key reactor B). So go to right and save your game,  continue then grab 3 item (2 force scan and one chest). After get all the item go to the teleporter number 1.

You will arrive in sky altair teleporter (1). Go south and grab taurine apple then continue to north east door( most right way in map). You will arrive in Force reactor. In force reactor you will notice that reactor in the left and right are off. You can make them lit again by give them a key;

you need key reactor B (got from dying youth quest by giving the man food 4 times) for the left one and key reactor C (you will got it from fort faulken) for the right one. For now just take 2 items here (ororon doll and energy mist).

Go back to sky altair 1. Now go east from teleporter number 1; make sure you grab Nightmare gem and adamastia then enter the middle door. In this area go west and enter the portal. You will come back to ruined grantz area 2, In front of you; there will be save point so save here. Go to right, grab adamastia then go south door to ruined grantz area 1. Take energy mist here then back. Go to monolith (look at the map), in monolith you can grab item from usual harvest point (in middle) and eladah tears. There is also portal that leads to Ragnafacts (Incaross; you need key reactor C).

Go back to teleporter number 2 so you arrive on sky altair 2. From here, just go to east to enter teleporter number 3. Now you are back in ruined grantz area 2 just go up from here and you will arrive on pathway entrance.


Path way entrance

Just go up and purify the point. Enter the underground, go to west first then grab arnon gem and 5 alchemy crystals. Go northwest to get another spell for necrozauwar. Don’t forget to pick 2 fastile and 3 glowing metal then go to fort faulken using teleporter.

Main Menu


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  1. murtad says:

    How to get the key fort faulken outskirts ?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      what key?? i don’t understand what do you mean? sorry. I don’t need any key to go inside fort faulken maybe you are playing Cecilia scenario, if yes please check Cecilia guide. sorry can’t help

  2. DarkRPGMaster says:

    At the beginning of the phase, talk to the cook in the kitchen, and give him the trading item you got in the previous phase. He’ll give you the Silver Knife. Now go talk to an Elf standing in front of a hallway before leaving the floor. Give him the Silver Knife, and you’ll get Spirit Clothes, which are the final trading item.

    Go to the Great Temple of Palfina, and talk to the Peddler Guy. Give him a Tough Bandana, and you’ll get 25 Devil Grass. Talk to that lovey dovey guy on the 2nd screen, and give him a Star Sand to complete the quest. Go inside the Temple and talk to the woman near the stairs to B1. Agree to help her, and you’ll end up in B2. Kill the monster here and you’ll automatically be sent back to her. Returning the book gets you a Strength Trinket, while keeping it gets you a Dark Horn.

    Alright, now is the perfect time to complete the sidequest with the dying man. Make 3 Dragon Roasts (S&S recipe), and feed one to him, fight 5 battles, repeat, until he gives you the ultimate recipe to make. This requires 1 Narcissus, 1 Knowledge Fruit, 1 Holo Meat, and 6 Matsutakes. You should still have some Knowledge Fruit and Holo Meat, and maybe some Narcissus (if you have been fusing each object once and ONLY once). The Matsutake, there’s a chance you don’t have. Go to Lake Soliel and at the top of the map, right next to the crevass where you found the Binoculars, is a harvest point at a tree. Examine it, and there’s a chance you may get Matsutake. Keep battling 5 times and re-examining this until you get 6 Matsutake. Now go to Gultchfort and have the cook make it. Go back to the guy and give it to him. He’ll give you the Old Filament (part of Stigald), and this sidequest is now officially closed!

    Now, it’s time for one final piece of business before we go to Altair. Enter the Spirit Forest and go all the way to where you had fought the undefeatable Bahn before. There you will find 2 visible chests, 2 force hidden items, and a force hidden chest, along with another Necrozauwar seal. The items are War God’s Seal, 2 Premium Silk, Life Orb, Fastile, and a Nobleray. Defeat the monster of the Necrozauwar seal to get another skill for it, leaving only 2 seals to go. That’s it for sidequests for right now.

    In the Fallen City Altair, you SHOULD go north after grabbing the two items just to the left of the entrance. There’s a chest on the right path of that section with 3 Mercury in it.

    When you first reach the sky corridor and head south, do a force scan when you reach the end to find 2 Steel Shards. At the intersection just east of the steel shards, going north and south, go South to find a mimic chest with 2 Serontospheres in it.

    In the Second section of the Skyway Corridor, just north of the second reactor B teleporter, is a small path that leads to a chest with a Tough Talon. Just south of Point 2 on the map (sky corridor), right next to that teleporter, is a chest that contains an Illusion Cloak (makes it harder for enemies to see you, so it’s easier to sneak up behind them or avoid them completely, but it’s an armor with 0 defense so I suggest your person not in your party with it equipped). If you force scan after grabbing the chest, you’ll find 2 Hard Rock Skins.

    On the path to the monolith, in the little side part right before the hallway next to the heal point, do a force scan to find a Gothic Ribbon.

    At the entrance to the pathway, go to the left and do a force scan to find a Steel Lump. At the intersection leading to the Necrozauwar skill, do a force scan to find a Black Steel.

    I should probably say this now that I thin about it. There’s a chance when starting a Necrozauwar skill battle that the game will freeze (it happens to me every once in a while), so I suggest saving before every battle for a Necrozauwar skill. Also, after the battle here, there will only be 1 Necrozauwar skill left.

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