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Posted on Jun 15, 2010

Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Fort Faulken

The map is very big (2500×3000 pixel) so i cant display it next to text guide, just click it and open it in next tab/ window) and switch when needed (you can save picture in your computer for easy zoom in and out, but please do not upload them in other site, just direct them to my site).  Don’t forget to subscribe (in left panel) to get my latest guide. thank you very much and enjoy.

Just go up you will enter right wing b2f. From here go north east and do force scan to get item (2 yellow lapis).  Continue to west enter the door you will arrive in b1f. From here just follow the way since there is only one path here until you arrive in central area 1f. Save here and continue to point (1).


He is not hard if you are about level 40. The only thing you need to watch out is Darkness bomb which can damage about 800 to area (so maybe it hit all maybe it only hit 2 person). He is often use lightning spear that deals damage about 500 damages to single person. So always keep your health above 1000. I fought him when I was at level  49 so if you are under my level remember to boost your status using item like strength orb , etc. Let Leon constantly spam divine barrage, Irene to heal party and do fleur de lys, Rygar just use berserk barrage. Always equip surge gem if you have it; it lets Irene spam fleur de lys nearly every turn which is good. His HP is about 10000 so it is not need much time to defeat him.

After defeat him Go to 2f central area and go to generator room. Don’t worry about other item in map yet, you will definitely come to them a little bit longer. Your goal now is go to 4f central area (left path in generator stair).  In generator 4f there is switch (sun mark in my map) that lead to treasure chest. If you enter wrong combination you must fight the enemy (shade). So the code to unlock the door is:

The code is from left to right:

  1. ^^VV
  2. V^^V
  3. ^VV^

^=up, V=down

After grab all item (especially key reactor C).

Go to left and prepare to fight

BOSS: dark general

He is quite strong if you are under leveled  ( about 30). He can attack then absorb 30 % damage he make from that attack (only his normal attack). His damage is about 300-400 to me (level 50). Watch out for him doom raiser attack which can do 1000 damage to all party members. Other than that every party members have the same role as when you fought Alex earlier.


After defeat you dark general, you need to go out from this castle. Your goal is to meet Cecilia party in Point (3) in map. When you walk to point (3) remember to help every soldier you see (it is marked as butterfly in the map). After you meet with Cecilia, your goal for now is to help every soldier in the castle (you already help some of them when you walk into Cecilia, right?). Look at the map for their location (always look you in game map, so if I miss soldier in map you won’t be confused but I think the map is already have all soldier location, please check them). There are 2 door leads to b1f, one way lead o generator 1f which contain white lapis. Other Door(the right one in the map) lead to dead end with red door which will be opened in hard mode. so no need to go there for now if this is your first play.

Most important item to get in here is Key reactor C (for open Incaross), Black fragment ( located in monolith, used for granad cavern quest), and seal of rivelias(get the spell right now). After you rescue all soldier the bell will ringing. Now head to where you fight Axel and go down to exit from this castle. (Make sure you already got 3 items I mentioned above because you can’t get back here later).

Now go outside from this castle. Talk with Soldier (James) and he will give you agile horn. Go to the world map and choose Chamber of Guidance.

Inside you will notice that North north door is opened so go there (ignore North West portal for now).

You will arrive in outer tower 11 12 ( there is no map for now because it is very simple, i will upload it this day but in case you want to immediately go to phase 7, no need to wait). Like every outer dungeon before just go to where sword symbol exist and fight the enemy. After you enter portal in outside tower 12 the phase will be end.

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7 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Fort Faulken”

  1. InfiniteDenial says:

    Dude you got here smth wrong. the first combination is down down up up not up up down down. So basically VV^^ not ^^VV

    great guid btw 😉

  2. Alex says:

    Hi guys
    I am playing Lavant story fo Hexyz force in hard mode. But I can’t go foward after I met pantasma 0 in fort faulken. I have got cellulin key, so I can open the red door. I go into that way behind the red door, I found Fantasma 0, but it is too strong. My all member’s levels are above 75, before 5 turns they are kiiled. Who know how to defeat this monster. Please help me.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You need to obtain Bahn’s sword from the room you have fought with Bahn. Defeat Phantasma Ω in upper entrance and then you will obtain the key to open that room. Level up that weapon; there is a skill that deals 9999 damage. Hope it helps, thanks for using my guide.

  3. Crazyfellow says:


  4. Crazyfellow says:

    Do u know how many does the dark genarl have??

  5. AtlusFan says:

    Code 1 is backwards. You wrote:

    1. ^^VV

    But it’s actually:

    1. VV^^

    This is a great guide. Thanks!

  6. DarkRPGMaster says:

    At the beginning, as you go under the bridge, do a force scan to find 2 Reaper Scythes. The item you find at the next section with the force scan isn’t 2 Yellow Lapis, it’s 2 Fairy Garlands (though it might be that way in Cecilia’s story, or it could be because I’m on a new game+).

    In B1 on your way up, right before you take the stairs to 1F, do a force scan to find 4 Glowing Liquids.

    Down in the prison cell area, in the cell where Levant was at in the beginning of the game, do a force scan to find a Royal Liquid.

    At the save point on the 2F central, if you go to the left and follow the path to the point on your map where it’s the small hallway leading to the deadend on B1 left wing or going up to 2F left wing, do a force scan to find 2 Red Lapis.

    On the 3rd floor Wings area, you got the chests mixed up on the west side. The north chest is the Steel Lump and the south force scan is 2 Frozen Nails.

    On the 2F Right Wing, you forgot to put down that you get 2 Adamantasia from that force scan across from the 3 Stardust.

    Right after going down the stairs and right before exiting the hall to the Generator 1F, turn the camera around and do a force scan to find 2 Purple Lapis.

    As you’re going up the spiral staircase, the first time you go behind it and can’t be seen, do a force scan to find a Spirit Cotton.

    In the Generator 2F, go south and then west to find a chest containing a Surgery Orb. If you go north from here and then west and south to the 3F, follow it to the deadend and do a force scan to find 2 Black Ashes. Go north and down the stairs, then do a force scan to find 2 Devil Grass.

    In the Generator 3F, in the room just south of the Divinova, force scan to find an Arnon Gem.

    When you first enter Generator 4F, go north and follow the path to the deadend. Do a force scan to find a wicked eye.

    On the switch thing, you got it backwards. When you press a switch, it goes up, not down. So with your ^^VV, you could confuse people (like me) into thinking that you pull the first two switches, when in actuality you pull the last two switches. My suggestion is to change them to say which switch you should pull. Also, the Necrozauwar skill here is the final one, so now it’s mastered (tech wise).

    About halfway through the 4F Central Area hall, do a force scan to find 4 Purple Lapis.

    On B1F Central Area, turn the camera around as soon as you get down the stairs and do a force scan to find a Bat Wing.

    After exiting the castle, go to the west, up the stairs, and straight down. Then do a force scan to find 2 Trom Bones. Then go north, east, south, and west down the stairs to grab an Invigorating Orb out of the chest. Now go back up the stairs, and take the path straight east to the end, then go south, down the stairs, south and then east through the hidden path, then north and open the chest for a Defense Orb.

    Exit this section to the south, then immediately force scan to find 3 Silvervines. Exit to the south again.

    Time for the final sidequests and things to do for the phase. Talk to the elf woman here to start a sidequest. Force scan at the south west part of the map to find 2 Serpent skin, force scan at the statue in the center to find a chest with a Night Drop, and force scan just to the east of the chest, between the two stairs to find 2 Moonlight Grass. Talk to the soldier just north of the Moonlight Grass and give him the item for the completion of the trading quest, and he gives you the ultimate boots in the game, the Hover Soles!

    Now go to the Spirit Forest, and act as if you’re going to the monolith. On the screen right before the monolith, you’ll see somebody on the ground. Examine them, and you’ll be sent back to the elf woman, who will give you the Guardian Bracer as your reward.

    Now it’s time to finish off Altair of items permanently. Go to Altair, and all the way to the reactors. Turn on the final reactor, go to the monolith, and use the teleporter.

    Go west all the way, then north for an Orb of Hope. Then go back and take the intersection south. Follow the path to the end, and do a force scan to find a Steel Lump. Then open the chest to gain the Ragnafact Incaross! Congratulations, you’re done with Altair for the remainder of the game! That’s it for sidequests for this phase.

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