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Posted on Jun 4, 2010

Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Inside Mother worm and Dragon Abyss

Inside Mother Worm

Right exit is jut empty room for now so leave it be (1). There is a starving man in middle talk to him to start a quest. Grab all treasure chest here then go to left room. Inside the room there will be cutscene.

Boss Battle: Azul

Just like his appearance it is very easy just use the same attack you use to fight mother worm. He can inflict some bad status but it won’t cause you a lot of trouble because he only has a very little HP.

After defeating him there will another cut scene; When Philia asks you to teleport reject her request. Do force scan on her room and grab all item before you go. Look point (2). After that talk to her again and you will be teleported to Endless Sands (mother worm boss area). Just go up and you will see there is a portal here enter that portal and you will arrive on

Dragon Abyss

Notice red dot in your map? Go there and defeat enemy here (1). It will trigger a cut scene. Talk with Regnum. Now you need go down from this floor. The item in this floor is Fur Bandana, You maybe already have this so Grab this and convert them become FP.

Go to another red dot in your map to help Drake People here(2). Make sure you grab Stamina recipe in this room before you leave. Now go down to b2f.

In this floor you will be faced with puzzle, (3) When the color of the fire is red the red bone will come out so you can pass them. When the green fire is lit the blue and green bone will be avaible to pass. Just try it one by one. The only reason you mess with this puzzle is to get item. To continue You just need to go up a little from b2f entrance.

There  is save point in (4) so you know what it means. Before go to it, Grab the item in Point (5) which will make sands fall into dragon abyss ( do you remember fish mark in endless sands?It will open new path in that place, so return to endless sands after you finished this phase). To reach the point (5) you must use invisible path,

walk to it from bottom left (right from mimic chest). Do force scan while you walking to reveal Firefly Laver location. After finish grab all item return to Point (4) and Save. Enter the door and

BOSS Battle : Virtus

He has big mouth blabbering about how strong he is but when you battle him it is very easy. As Always, Irene with Fleur attack, Levant’s divine barrage, and griek’s berserk barrage. Virtus barely will do any damage to your character.

After successfully kill this weak you will automatically talk with Regnum. Go down to point (6) in map and obtain Stigald Fragment (Odd tetrahedron). Now just do as what the event told you and This phase will end.

Main Menu


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11 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Inside Mother worm and Dragon Abyss”

  1. Itsutoryu says:

    when end 3 phase go to endless sand on start map in right hand you will find a new way(cuz sand drop form switch in fron of monolith room)

  2. Vilgefortz55 says:

    where some food for boy in Mother Worm???

  3. xriz says:

    where exactly is the Stigald Fragment (Odd tetrahedron), i go back to ragnums room but still no Stigald,help!

  4. DarkRPGMaster says:

    After defeating Virtus, talk to the Cool Drake right outside of Regnum’s room and give him the Cleric’s Hat. He’ll give you a torn document. That’s all for the trading quest for this phase.

  5. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Just north of point 2 in the Dragon’s Abyss, do a force scan to find 2 Silver Rings in the water/quicksand thing near the stairs.

    In the screen with the heal and save point right before the monolith room, look at the water/quicksand thing to the east of the stairs next to the guy between the two pillars and do a force scan to find 3 Sharp Fangs.

    After defeating Virtus but before getting the Stigald Fragment, go to the monolith chamber to find a Elegant Wing in a chest under the stairs to the west and a speed trinket in the chest at the end of the path up the stairs.

    That’s all in the Dragon Abyss for the rest of the game (besides the Dragon Arena which opens at the start of the next chapter, but I don’t suggest doing that until endgame anyway, since you don’t get anything except for a piece of equipment for killing the monsters of each rank battle).

  6. DarkRPGMaster says:

    At the start of the Dragon’s Abyss, to the left of the bridge leaving south (on the north side), force scan near the guy on the ground to find a Red Lapis.

  7. DarkRPGMaster says:

    From where you first start in the Mother Worm, do a force scan to find a Burlap Cloth.

    Force scan while looking at the chest with the Mimic (Gaiacane), and you’ll find a Serpent Skin next to it in the stomach acid.

    That’s all you’re missing from the Mother Worm.

    After exiting the Mother Worm, go north a little, but before going through the bones, do a force scan. You’ll find a chest with a Stitch Orb in it.

    On the next screen, do a force scan when you regain control to find a Rock Bone near a dragon skull.

    That’s all the stuff missing from Endless Sands until you hit a certain switch in the Dragon Abyss.

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