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Posted on Jun 2, 2010

Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Outer Tower 5,6 to Lake Soleil

Talk with Elda, She will tell you to go to Gardner. He is on Lake Soleil so go to Chamber of Guidance and go to middle left teleport. Now you arrive at Outer Tower 5 and 6. Just do usual thing here. Southwest portal leads to dead end. Your goal is point 2 in map.

(1) The enemy in this purify point quite strong. I recommend use burst attack and Southern Cross (if you have).

(2) Defeat the enemy then activate the sword emblem. Enter the portal you will arrive at

Lake Soleil

South exit lead to world map. West to Altar of Nervel. After take all item go to east area (Gardner’s house). Do Force scan here to obtain 5 item (2 red lapis, Bizarre recipe, Mallady, 2 Lihit grass, star sand). Check the door and there will be cut scene. Talk with Irene (Lake Soleil 1st area).  Gardner will tell you to go to Dragon abyss.

You can head to Dragon abyss by using portal in Chamber of guidance. But you can do some side quest first.


side quest


Go to Midee highway. This area don’t have any important thing for now just grab all item here and there is a portal lead to black precipice infinite corridor in north.

Back to Lake Soleil and go to west exit. You enter Temple of Nervel. This area inhabited by a bunch of powerful enemies (I consider your level about 20 -25).

Before going inside the temple check left door (check your mini map), use force scan here then you can infuse 10000Fp to open the door. The door leads to treasure chest contain Discerning specs (it is useful because all item in harvest point will turned into better quality). After get this item go outside then enter the middle door.

Altar of Nervel

(1) Go to North west door and press the switch in B1F, This will make the bridge appear (Near Gale ring).

(2)There is cracked platform here, careful !!! Because if you fall down there will a bunch of enemies waiting for you. Your first priority here is to activate Purify point.

(3) There is another switch in here, If you trigger this switch all the cracked floor will be removed and you can see many hole (you still can fall into the hole).

(4) This door leads to another monolith, just like other monolith site you can harvest the item from middle of it (Don’t forget to equip discerning specs) and grab the item.

(5) Do force scan here, enter the hole and you will get out from this temple then grab Sheng long chain from treasure chest. ( Thanks to Mr firestar@ gamefaqs to tell me this)

At the moment I really don’t know what this Altar of Nervel function aside for power leveling and FP gathering (maybe in future we travel here….). You also can use this place to get quick FP and exp click here.

After Finish in here just go outside (there is one door in this temple I can’t open, curse ring door). Go to chamber of guidance.



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11 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Outer Tower 5,6 to Lake Soleil”

  1. james says:

    One question where is the Chamber of Guidance? I get confused

  2. freakminded says:

    hey do you guys know how to get past the door on b2f please? i cant get trough it.

  3. littleprinny says:

    Well,,, just a little confirm that there is 1 frozen nail on the start, use force to find it.

  4. defunct32 says:

    Does the game freezes when you talk to Gardner? When he was explaining the book and he talked too fast then when Ulu talks the game freezes? I can’t get past this, any help?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      nope it didn’t freeze in me. just try try reload it, maybe it will fix the problem. if the problem still happen just uninstall install data, it maybe fix the problem.

    • LaLaH says:

      Just forward the conversation with R. I managed to skip past the conversation and prevented it from freezing.

  5. fuzzylittlbunny says:

    For the (3) switch thing… it seems to break all the cracked panels. Maybe so you don’t accidentally fall lol

  6. keith says:

    You say Gardner is on the dragon abyss, but that is where he sends you!

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