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Posted on Jun 4, 2010

Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Outer Tower 7 8 and Endless Sands

Outer Tower 7 8

After you arrive in chamber of guidance choose lower left portal then you arrive on outer tower 7 8. Hmm, I am sure you already know what you must to in this place. Walk to west and don’t forget to pick 5 alchemy crystal along the way. Go to south teleporter first to reach point (1) in the map.

(1) This path leads to 8th annex, there is orb of hope and Ice circlet.

After grab the item go to northeast exit and just go forward. Purify the point and grab the invigorating orb. Save if you want but the battle ahead is very easy. Go to point (2) to make the event battle start like always. Activate the sword emblem then go to endless sands.

Endless sands

Watch the cutscene and you arrive on Endless Sands.

This dungeon only has 4 area but you can get lost if you don’t understand what you are supposed to do here. Before entering any transition exit (when you want change area) you will see there is a white flower, do force scan here if your chosen path is right the flower will spin otherwise don’t go to that way because you will return to first area of this dungeon if you entered wrong exit.

In my map I write the number you need to get through this dungeon. The numbers indicate which way you need to enter in order to get through this dungeon quickly. Fish mark indicate secret path which will be unlocked after you trigger switch in dragon abyss. So remember this position and return here later.

Explanation: think this number as karma, when you enter way number 1 you will come out in number 2 then you need to enter number 3 and will come out in number 4. Continue this until you reach the boss in this area.

When you enter from number 6 save your game because when you go into number 7 there will be

BOSS: mother worm (HP:5600; weakness: water-40; strong: earth:40)

It can only do about 150-250 attack to all party so it is no big deal (at this point your character HP should be about 1000).It is easy if you do some leveling in Altar of Nervel earlier. Just make sure Irene use her Fleur attack, Levant’s divine barrage (triple threat if you haven’t got it), and Griek’s Berserk barrage. It will go down in about 3 turns.

After successfully defeat this thing. There will be cut scene then you will arrive on inside mother worm.

Main Menu


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4 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Outer Tower 7 8 and Endless Sands”

  1. DarkRPGMaster says:

    When you first enter Endless Sands, go to the area to the left where the sand is getting pulled to the left. Force scan as you go left and you should find 4 Sharp Fangs.

    Go back to the main path and go forward until you see ruins that look like a door on the left. Go through it to find a chest with an Invigorating Orb in it.

    In the next screen with the four ways to go, go west like you’re going to take the first path, but instead go to the north and you should find another ruin that looks like a door. Go through the long passage and through the sand. When you hit the second passage, force scan to find a Cashmere. Continue here to find a cactus. Examine it to start a sidequest where you give it water (you can give it more water after every 5 battles, and don’t give it anything other than holy water and forest water).

    On the screen with all the sandpits, force scan at the one to the bottom right of the save point to find a Capy Doll. At the pit straight down and to the left from that one, do another force scan to find a Banero. At the bottom right most sandpit, do another force scan to find 2 Worm Skins.

    And that’s all the stuff you’re missing from this guide for the Endless Sands area (right before the Mother Worm, anyway)!

  2. DarkRPGMaster says:

    In outer tower 8, right after killing the boss, do a force scan to find 3 Blue Lapis.

  3. DarkRPGMaster says:

    In the 8th floor annex, right when you go down the northern most ramp, do a force scan to find 5 Healing Herbs on the east side of the ramp.

  4. DarkRPGMaster says:

    You got the paths mixed up. The bottom teleporter in Outer Tower 7 leads to the teleporter near the heal and save points, while the upper right teleporter leads to the other path.

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