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Posted on May 30, 2010

Hexyz Force PSP guide Levant Outside tower

(1) Use your scanner here to make bridge appear so you can grab the item.

(2) Purify it to get Stardust

(3) Use force scanner to make mysterious orb appear you can exchange 30 Fp for an item, the item seems random but it probably have a rare item because when I try it many2 times it sound different when I got wind ring.

(4) Event battle:

The only problem here is Sly, she can inflict your character with many negative status (charm, sleep, spell seal) but this battle is easy just make sure when you got charmed you don’t attack the enemy just use your burst attack and this battle will end quickly. After the battle check sword emblem make east door opened. Go outside and there will be another long cut scene. And you will begin Phase 2.

Main menu


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