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Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Ravena Castle

Grab the item then go to west and do force scan in (1). It will reveal a door to b1f. When you enter the door, you will be told that you can’t go inside and need a key to go through. Now go back to entrance and enter the middle door. Inside (2) you will immediately battle with

Mini Boss: Phantasma β

It is no big deal to face him. Spam divine barrage, Fleur de lys, and berserk barrage. It will go down in 3-4 turns. After finish it off, go to purify point to purify it and recover your party health. You don’t need to enter lower middle door because it will lead to locked door. Go upstairs and do force scan in point (3).

It will reveal some kind of orb, Touch it and you will see a door is opened somewhere. Now go back to lower floor and enter right door. Just move to the west and grab all items you see in the map. Go to B1f to grab 2 items. Before go to 2f there is a lot of chest you can grab near the stairs. (4).

List of items: Orb of Hope, Glowing metal, Haste orb, Nightmare gem, Admonisher, and Strength orb. SOme of the chest are empty and inhabited by Mimic.

In 2f you only need to activate the same orb like earlier in point (3).  The location of the orb near the stair that lead to 3f (5).

In 3f you need to activate the switch in (6). You can go to west exit in the map to get treasure in 2f. After do all those stuff go to 4f (north west exit).

You only need to go here only to get item,  You can grab 2 Eladah tears from here. To grab it you must walk into some kind of maze, it is actually an invisible wall. You can make make the invisible walls shows up after you press the orb.

After grabbing 2 Eladah tears go to point 7 to activate the portal (use force scanner).  You will be teleported to room when you had fought Phantasma β. Now recover your party then go up to second floor (switch in 3). Enter the door. If you already activated all switch that I Told you , all door must be open now. When you see save point, do force scan here and it will reveal last switch. Press it then enter the room. Do force scan on left and right of area to grab the item (Admonisher and 2 Purple lapis). Go up and

Boss Battle: Ravena Lord

Hmm, no real challenge here. His damage only about 200 HP. 2-3 turns should be enough to kill him. Southern cross works well against him.

After defeat him successfully you will get Ixel key. Grab Pod key near his throne. After Grab the Pod Key Don’t forget to check the pod (where you got Admonisher and Purple Lapis). Use the Pod key To grab the item (left: Crystal Bangle and Right: Dark Rassfeld; it is dark ragnafacts). Thanks To Deij for this info 🙂

Now go to Ravena Castle entrance and go to west door to b1f.

Now you can pass the area to b1f (Don’t forget to take 2 Mantis Blade and 2 pelvic fragments). Keep go to east. You will arrive in big area. Now Open up your map by press select . See 4 red dots in you map. Your goal is to go to them and defeat 2 of them. The middle door will be opened.

Enter the door and there will be a cutscene. You will fight 3 consecutive battle.

The first one is: 3x Shade M

It is just normal enemy. Let Griek do roaring storm, it should finish them off.

Second: Faust (HP about 2300)

He grow stronger than last time but we are too. So just beat him like you beat another boss but careful one of his spell can cause 400 damages.

Third:  Zombie Levant (Hp about 4500)

He can do only normal slash and no attack need to be watched out (thanks he can’t do divine barrage). He has about 4500 HP so this gonna takes some turns (you only fight him with 2 members).

After some long event and Levant has recovered back to Gutchfort. Talk with Gulden then back Gutchfort entrance to see an event. Back to B1f; Talk to People here to end this Phase (Irene in Bedroom, Cecilia in kitchen, Griek and ignus in his usual spot; go to bedroom and rest).

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17 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Ravena Castle”

  1. lolz says:

    i defeated 2 of the pods, why won’t the door open???

  2. Sakura says:

    Oh nvm, I found where to use it, stupid me xD Thanks for the guide!

  3. lili chan says:

    sorry, there’s nothing at B1f…what did I do??I can’t get the red points. How can I get them? thanks ^^

  4. stx says:

    i’m stuck in b1f…
    “See 4 red dots in you map. Your goal is to go to them and defeat 2 of them. The middle door will be opened.”

    how do i get to the 4 red dots? thanks.

  5. rubenz says:

    Hi, sorry may I ask again? How to open the red sealed room in ravent castle? (The same room with Necro spell)


  6. Hi says:

    I got stuck after this one… the one where you have to find cecilla -0-

    • noobbgodlike says:

      After you talk with Gulden. go to Gutchfort entrance (the first one with 2 Turtilian guard, there is save point and purify point) you should see an event.
      after that you can find ceci in kitchen gutchfort 1f.

      Hope it helps

  7. DarkRPGMaster says:

    At the entrance of Ravena Castle, at the left of the main door, do a force scan to find 2 Cursed Bones.

    On the 2F, before you go north and west to get the Premium Silk, force scan to find 2 Black Ashes in the bottom right corner.

    On the 3F, in the hall at the bottom with the two chests, do a force scan halfway through to find 2 Hard Rock Skins.

    On 4F, in the invisible maze, you can find a glowing fin and a Stardust if you force scan at parts of it.

    After killing the Ravena Lord, do a force scan to find 2 Lihit Grass to the west of the throne.

    In B1, if you kill the Shade in the northwest pod, do a force scan to find a Lymphos Fluid.

  8. Deij says:

    dude u didnt got the ragnafact spear?? the Dark Rassfeld use the podkey in the kings room the on on the left and on the right part u will use again the podkey then get a crysal bangle.. that ragnafact is freakin strong

    • noobbgodlike says:

      umm really sorry i miss that one. Thank you,I will try to get it now. Will update the guide after finish it. But careful if you aim for creation ending because it will make your scale tilt to destruction side.

      • DarkRPGMaster says:

        That’s only if you use it constantly in battle. I used it a couple of times in every couple of random battles, but because no battles ended with somebody dead and I never ran, the destruction part is pretty nonexistant (I never saw the destruction part of the bar go up in the battle part), as long as you don’t use it all the time.

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