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Posted on May 31, 2010

Hexyz Force PSP guide Levant Sealed Library

Before going to head cleric explore the town to obtain the item list item in the town (2 Mistletoe and 2 Numetake). Check the water near fountain to obtain Holy water.

If you talk to worrisome cleric (right side before pafline temple) he will give you sunflower.

Inside Palfina temple: 1 light ring, Defense orb, and Black ashes (using force scanner).

Palfina temple B1f: Decoy doll α, Sanocane, Evil ward, 3 element will.

Palfina Temple B2f: 5 green lapis, Resurrection

Monolith: Narcissus

Enter Palfina cleric quarter: 2 cracked ring (Force) and 1 decoy doll β (force).

Catacombs: sunflower, serontosphere, 4purple lapis, element will (all with force scanner).

In cleric’s room there is blue switch trigger that so you can obtain 2 chests on left side of temple. When you obtain that 2 chest there is also switch that make water in entrance fountain drained. Now go back to entrance and enter the door behind statue to obtain another 2 chest (Energy mist and speed trinket, to obtain speed trinket you must fight mimic first).

Now enter big door inside temple and there will be a cut scene. After finish talking with Elda; do Force scanning near her. It should reveal items (aegis bangle and invigorating orb) also check statue behind her.

Now go to B1F and enter the library (near cleric’s room). Cut scene and talk with Elda again. Now you can go to Sealed Library.

Before go to sealed library you can do this side quest  (thanks to echtel1412@ Gamefaqs message board for helping me finish this):

Talk with man on the left side of the town he will give you a quest to find Bind ring, no open up your menu and chose fusion and make Curse ring then talk to him again (You will get 10 slash feather).

There is also a girl near the bench, she will give you quest to find her grandmother. Now enter the temple to find her grandmother, return to the girl and the old lady disappears again. Back to where you find her first time and now talk with her again and return to the girl.

Tips: Rotate the camera so you know there is stair near bookshelf

(1) You will fight Femur, Varuna, and Soloma. Really easy just like normal battle.

(2) This is your goal in this dungeon. Simply walk to here to get cut scene and the party will tell you to back to Elda.

(3) Sealed door,

there is many useful treasure chest but first you must fight 3 enemies in order to make the door opened. Use force scan in leaf mark (see the map) and defeat the enemy, after defeat the enemy the door will open,  take all the chest then return to Town.

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5 Responses to “Hexyz Force PSP guide Levant Sealed Library”

  1. TheOneWhoKilledDalgia&Galizia says:

    Thanks for the guide, i killed Dalgia and Galizia and its quite challenging =/ i just need the miracle orb and the Celicia and the Dragon knight guy to pwn them 🙂 But it was a challenge, when suddenly my cleric died 🙁 but used Force Burst Dragon Smith, dealt 3k dmg to Galizia 🙂

  2. Drei says:

    I cant find the girl who will give a cleric hat where is it exactly? and where can i get a sharp pencil?

  3. DarkRPGMaster says:

    At the Great Temple of Palfina, in the second screen, talk to the girl at the far left and give her the Sharp Pencil to get a Cleric’s Hat. This is all you can do with the trading sidequest for right now.

  4. DarkRPGMaster says:

    In the first section of the Sealed Library, before you go through the hole to the second part, if you go down the stairs and do a force scan, you can find 2 Cursed Bones in the bottom right corner of the room.

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