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Hexyz force PSP guide Levant Spirit Forest

When you can control Leon, Talk to Gulden and Ciel will join again with your party. After prepare for anything talk with Gulden once again. There will be a cut scene and you will arrived in Spirit forest.

Spirit Forest

Just go up, It doesn’t matter which way you choose because they lead to same area (don’t forget to pick the item though). In second area be careful when you open treasure number (1) in map because you must fight Mimic first before get the item (they are not that hard). Go to path number (2) to take Strength trinket and Forest water (harvest point, if you equip discerning specs). There is also a  big tree if you talk with person beside it he will tell you that it need some FP, so talk to the tree and inject 2500 FP.

Go back to previous area. Now go to north west, Purify the recovery point here Then continue. Before going up further take the path to (3) it will lead you to monolith, you can grab the item in harvest point (green fragment if you equip discerning specs).

Go back and save your game. When you going up a little further you will fight Velvet.

be careful she can deal 850 damage to one character easily. She can also attack all party member with about 450 damage ( you can increase your ice resistance to reduce the damage). Luckily her HP is low about 5000 (fleur de lys and divine barrage are your best friend).

After fighting her continue go up and you will enter

Imbossible battle: Bahn

Don’t try too hard againts him, you can’t win this battle. It will be over after some turns. After long cut scene and you will control Leon alone for now and arrive in

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outer tower 9 10

In this area I suggest you evade all the enemy you meet, You can’t grab some item here because you can’t do Force scan so return to here later (refer to the map) . You will arrive in Altair after you arrive in altair you will fight

Leon(monster version) not much strategy here one divine barrage will finish him.

You will go to Guthcfort, Don’t forget to heal yourself and go to gulden’s Room (in case your forgot, it is on B1f near kitchen and bedroom).

BOSS : Bahn

Wow He is quite though you know. I recommend your character have surgery orb to heal each other.

Let Irene use his Fleur de Lys, For Leon i recommend He to use Riposte, because Bahn can attack about 2 times in a row and he is 90% will attack Leon.

If you have boosting effect weapon (i.e: strength orb, etc) Make sure you equip it to Irene and let her cast it. (especially that boost the defense).

Bahn’s attacks are quite strong. His shoulder spike can damage you about 350- 400 damage and cause your character paralyzed. His nasty Blade ripper can cause damage about 350- 400 to all members. He can do easily inflict 600-800 damage to one character so be careful. If you use defense boosting weapon his damage won’t really make you trouble (especially Leon with Riposte, he can only do about 180 damage).

Long cut scene and an end of Phase 5.

Main Menu



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  1. lili chan says:

    hi, what lvl is recomended I had to defeat bahn, because he is very strong and I can’t kill him at lvl38….?


    • noobbgodlike says:

      What difficulty you are at now?
      If it is on normal you should be able to defeat him easily (equip latest armor) and use riposte.
      If you are at hard difficulty then you need to level up more, about 40 should be enough

  2. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Time for another wall of text. I did all these sidequests and stuff until the save point in Spirit Forest, since I was relaxing at the beach after a swim, so please excuse me if my talk isn’t as indepth as last time. The Spirit Tree and afterwards are the stuff I did while at home, having this guide open.

    There are alot of sidequests to do in this phase as well. At the Great Temple of Palfina, talk to the Peddler guy for another item quest, talk to the two women gossiping on the second screen for a monster killing quest, talk to the guy who you gave the Narcissus to earlier and give him Rock Lizard Stew, go inside the Temple and where the stairs lead to B1, talk to the woman and give her the Cestite Shard to get another trading item.

    Go to where the monster thing is, kill it, then when you talk to the women, you’ll get your reward. Now talk to the guy in the lower right of the first screen to start another monster slaying quest. Kill the monster to complete this one.

    Now go to Endless Sands and where the save and heal points are, you’ll find a drake in a sandpit. Talk to him 2 times, and on the second time, act like you’re leaving until he asks for help, then help him. That’s all you can do here for now.

    If you want to, you can go get the Necrozauwer skills (I only suggest going for them if you maxed out all your Ragnafacts using Force Stealers in the Tower, otherwise this can get hard). As a warning, you will have to fight a boss fight each time you try to grab a skill. Any tech that hits all enemies is MAJORLY welcome here, since you’ll be fighting multiple enemies in most of these battles, so Ciel and Griek are necessities along with Levant for them. Locations of the skills won’t be in depth nor will I state the specifics of each battle, but I will tell you the location areas they’re at. 1 at Sealed Library, 1 at Ravena Castle, 1 at Endless Sands, 2 in the Mother Worm, 1 at Altar of Nervel, 1 at the Denmail Highway, 1 at Granad Cavern, and 1 at Gultchfort.

    Also, if you give enough food to the dying man in the mother worm, he will eventually give you a Reactor Key B (this will be used in Altair). That’s it for now in sidequests.

    At the chest where the two Fastile is in the Spirit Forest, do a force scan to find an item.

    With the Spirit Tree, you can add 2500 more FP every 5 battles, and you get some good rewards for doing it. First reward you get is a Yaesange, and the 2nd reward is a Knowledge Fruit.

    I suggest you doing this quest and finishing it immediately, since it’s a great way to level. By the time I finished, my guys were around level 47. I’m on a New Game+, so my level wasn’t as high as it would be had I started from scratch, since I kept all the FP from the previous game (a whopping 99999FP!) which I used to max out Levant’s tech and attack. Since everybody else’s attack level of Ragnafacts is based around what level your main character’s is, they came in with 47 attack level, so I didn’t have to grind as much due to that. Had I started from scratch, I’d probably be over level 55 at this point, which is probably the level you’ll be at (you’ll probably also be maxed out on FP at this point, but you’re going to run out of that soon enough).

    Also, if you still have a knowledge fruit from Azul and 5 Nightmare Gems from killing Force Stealers, fight the Rosenbaum Troops until you get 5 Royal Liquids. You can make a Master Gem using all these, which will let the person equipped with this accessory get the full amount of experience points if they’re not in your battle party (makes it so ALL your characters get an equal level buildup).

    About the tower, I had Levant fight some of the enemies. They were complete and total pushovers. And by pushovers, I mean they were the weakest enemies in the game! So you CAN fight them…but there’s really no point with them being this weak.

    In Gultchfort during the attack, go to the prison part, and force scan at the end of the hall to find a Majin Loincloth in one of the cells. The cell in the middle of the hall holds 2 Taurine Apples that you find with a force scan. Force scan the final cell next to the stairs to find 3 prism fruit.

  3. Hexys player says:

    where can i find another more fastile if there is 2 in this map? and Training ring?

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