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Posted on May 29, 2010

Hexyz force PSP guide Levant’s prologue

After you gain Control, move Levant up to point 1 in map and there will be

(1) cut scene

(2) Prepare for your first battle ,you can save here on save point.
Battle: 2x death hound
in first you won’t be able to defeat them just keep attacking until your sword destroyed.

After cut scene you can defeat them

Boss battle: masked woman

very easy ,2 gust slashes and one burst attack is enough to kill her.

(3) spawn point

you can take item here (read the tutorial description about spawn point). I got 2 star sands ( not sure if this spot will generating the same item next time)

If you are playing this game from New game + and have some FP, use the fp to boost your ragnafact attack status so the upcoming party’s ragnafact attack level will be -3 from your MC attack level.

WARNING: use this tips can make this game become very easy, don’t do this if you don’t want tu ruin your experience. Only do this if you want finish the game quickly (I done this because i want getting into hard mode quickly).

(4) After defeat masked woman there will be an event, now try to back to the point 1 in map ( help the elf along the way, not sure if this has any effect to the game).

Now grab a coffee or tea because there will be a long cut scene. When you see 3 options, choose whatever you want ( I’m sure it will effect the ending CMIIW)

BTW I chose to run away but you know what will happen then…..

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4 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Levant’s prologue”

  1. DarkRPGMaster says:

    Choices in this game do in fact affect which ending you get.

    For example, in the choice here, Resist counts to the destruction count, stay quiet is neutral, and Escape is creation. Usually with the 3 choice things on the main quest, the bottom one is always creation, while the top one is destruction.

    • DarkRPGMaster says:

      Made a mistake for Levant’s story. While all of the creation choices in Cecilia’s story seemed to be on the bottom, Levant’s seems to be a mix of the 3. Not sure exactly what effects what, though.

  2. j0hnz says:

    Good walkthrough..nice..i want to play this game too..

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