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Posted on Jun 22, 2010

Hexyz Force PSP guide List of Sidequest

There are many sidequest in Hexyz force. You can do the quest in order to increase your creation point in the end of each phase. Many of the sidequest give you rare , good, and key item. I recommend to do all of them but if you think the item reward is  not worth to get , feel free to skip them. It seems that Cecilia’s sidequest with Levant is same except the start point you can do that quest (e.g: you can start xx quest using Levant in chapter 2 but in Cecilia you only can start it at chapter 5).

The known quest that i haven’t write:

Quest written by IMA; it seems the quest is missable. read his comment for futher instructions. (thanks IMA)

Big thanks to DarkRPGMaster and maxblade56.

Here are the list of side quest:

1. Trading Quest ( LEVANT)

Levant; require multiple phase to complete. You can begin the quest from phase 2. MISS-ABLE.

Thank you to DarkRPGmaster for all information about this quest.

I believe this quest is miss-able because i want to do this in phase 7 but Turtililian who gives you sharp pencil is gone forever (maybe he died in battle with rosenbaum, hmm this game is very realistic 🙂 ). So I am really sorry if you are following my guide and missed this one. The reward is Hover soles (according to DarkRPGmaster; it is ultimate shoes in the game. I am not get this one too 🙁 ), so just do this quest in next new game+ (I am pretty sure cecilia has this quest).

Actually this is not side quest but what ever i just include it in this section. This quest require you to Trade multiple time. This quest started from:

  • Gutchfort (Lycan in b1f) Talk with the lycan to get Worn rag.
  • Turtillian next in the kitchen. Worn Rag => sharp pencil.
  • Palfina temple 2nd screen (girl on the leftside) Sharp pencil => cleric’s hat.
  • Dragon abyss (regnum’s room) Cleric’s hat=> torn document.
  • Gutchfort B1f (west stair), talk with elf to trade Torn document=> Cestite shard.
  • Palfina temple 1F (women researcher,her position is random but she is still on this floor). Cestite shard=>Cealing tools
  • Give Cealing tools to Gardner you will get => Fragment oil
  • Give Chef in Gutchfort a Fragment oil =>silver knife.
  • give silver knife to Elf standing in front of a hallway => Spirit clothes
  • Guard in Fort Faulken, Spirit clothes => Hover soles.

2. Trading quest (Cecilia)

I don’t know if this quest is missable or not but for safe reason let us do this as quickly as possible 🙂

For Cecil The quest started from:

  • Male Cleric in Cleric’s room, he will give you Cleric’s Hat
  • Little girl on left outside Plafina temple; Cleric’s hat => Short pencil.
  • Busy man near peddler guy; Short Pencil => worn rag
  • give worn rag to cool drake in dragon abyss (near decoy doll beta treasure) =>torn document
  • Gutchfort B1f (west stair), talk with elf to trade Torn document=> Cestite shard.
  • Palfina temple  1F (women researcher,her position is random but she is still on this floor)  Cestite shard=>Cealing tools
  • Give Cealing tools to Gardner you will get => Fragment oil
  • Give Chef in Gutchfort a Fragment oil =>silver knife.
  • give silver knife to Elf standing in front of a hallway => Spirit beacon
  • Guard in Fort Faulken, Spirit clothes => Hover soles.


1. What comes?

Levant; you can begin the quest from Phase 4. Not miss-able.

Cecil; when you arrive on Gutchfort for 1st times

Location: Lycan on Gutchfort B1f (enter it from west stair; not General’s area)


– Talk with the Lycan and agrre to help him

– Go to Granad Cavern and enter b1f from west door

– Kill the frozen solid monster and grab treasure chest containing Knight’s cloak (levant) and Mercurio gem (Cecil).

2. Bunny tribe

Cecilia; You can begin this quest at phase 6

Lecant; it is not available on his side (CMIIW)

Location: turtillian on Gutchfort b1f (west stairs)


– Talk with him and he wil mention about monster in Denmail highway

– This will unlock Denmail Highway, go over there and kill the monster (its location same as necrozauwar spell location)

– you automatically back and get Scouting specs.

Granad Cavern:

1. Fragment

(thank you to maxblade 56 for telling me the reward)

Start point : unknown but you can’t miss this quest except for its black fragment.

Location: Granad Cavern area 1


-talk with the man. he will ask you for fragment.

– You will get the reward by exchange fragment. You can get the fragment from monolith harvest point. (you can use save load method if you are not getting fragment in harvest point).

– YOU CAN MISS FRAGMENT FROM FORT FAULKEN (BLACK FRAGMENT) SO BE CAREFUL.(I heard you can get fragment by defeating the enemy but it must be pretty rare because i never get it from enemy ^-^).

– my self havent’t done the quest. so i don’t know the reward for this quest. (i only exchange 2 so far)

  • blue – arnon gem
  • yellow – stardust
  • green – taurine apple
  • white – prism fruit
  • prism – nightmare gem
  • black – eladah tears
  • red – energy mist

You can exchange multiple times for this quest.

Endless Sands:

1. Traffic jam

Levant; You can begin the quest from Phase 5. Not missable.

Cecil; You can begin the quest from Phase 4

Location: endless sands 1st area.


-talk with drake in endless sands 1st area.

-He will mention about monster blocking his way to dragon abyss.

-Now go to dragon abyss via endless sands

-in second area you should see the monster

-Defeat it then you will automatically back to the drake and get the reward (Mercurio gem: boost exp earned from battle, which is very nice)=> it is for Levant

– If you are play use Cecil you will get Decoy doll Beta.

2. … Training

Levant; You can begin the quest from Phase 5. Not missable.

Cecil; You can begin The quest from Phase 4. Not missable.

Location: Quicksand near save point.


– Talk with the guy in quicksand

– Just choose to leave him 3 times then on the 4th times help him (you need to have 4 person to pull him out)

– I really don’t know what is the reward for this quest (if you know please comment).

3. Desert lady

Levant; You can begin this quest when you first enter endless sands


– Go to third area in Endless sands.

– Enter the small ruin entrance beside Cactus hunter.

– just keep following the path (use your feeling to move on this path) 🙂

– you will see a bunch of cactus, talk and give it water (I suggest forest water because it is easy to obtain; you can gain it on area with big tree in spirit forest).

– you can give it water every 5 battles. In the end you will get reward from the cactus.

– To solve this quest easily you can give it Lymphos liquid (drop from shades). Thanks to Hexyzguru for this info.

– The reward for this quest is Alchemilia

Spirit Forest:

1. dying tree

Levant; after fight with Imbossible Bahn. Not missable.

Location: Big elf tree in spirit forest (middle path on second area)


– Talk to the elf near the tree and learn that the tree lose the will to live

– give the tree some force point (2500 FP). You can’t give the tree FP consecutively, you must face 5 x battles so you can give it another FP (like harvest point which require you to battle 5x before you can harvesting again)

– You will get item by give the tree FP. Here is the list of item:

  • 3x =>Golden tree leaf
  • 7x => Yaesange
  • 14 x => Knowledge fruit

Palfina Temple:

1.Peddler Guy (this quest increase your destruction point)

Levant; require multiple phase to complete, you can begin when you first arrive on Palfina temple. Not missable.

Cecilia; require multiple phase to complete, you can begin on phase 2

Location: Palfina temple central area (on left side)

Progress (Levant) :

-talk with the man and he will ask you for the item, just give him the item he request for

Bind ring (give him curse ring from fusion)=> 10 slash feather

Dextrous trinket=> 10 tiger skin

Light ring => 10 hard rock skin

Tough Bandana=> 25 devil grass

Crystal crown => 5 dragon horn

Progress (Cecilia):

Same as Levant above but the item he requested for is different.

Fire ring => 10 mantis wing

Meteor Necklace => 10 majin ring

Dark ring (the one with black lapis ingredients) =>10 pelvic fragment

Crystal necklace => 5 draconic force

2. Love sings

Levant; require multiple phase to complete, you can begin when you first arrive on Palfina temple. Not missable.

Cecilia; require multiple phase to complete, you can begin on Phase 2

Location: Palfina temple (temple entrance)


– Talk with him he will ask you for the item. here is the list of item you need to give:

  • Narcissus
  • Rock lizard stew (bizarre recipe)
  • star sands

3. Below Us

Levant; You can begin at Phase 4, Not missable.

Location: Palfina temple main hall


– Go to Location mentioned above

– Talk to Elda to enter cut scene. Go to Palfina B2f kill the monster (look at red dot on your map)

– You will get Sanocane from Elda.

4. Overdue!

Levant; You can begin at Phase 5, not missable.

Cecilia; You can begin at phase 2, not missable

Location: Palfina Temple b1f (library)


– Talk with woman in this Library and she will ask you to retrieve 3 books. Everytime you get one book you must return to her before you can get another lost book. Book location:

  • 1st book: talk with male cleric in temple entrance
  • 2nd book: palfina temple 1f (near the stair which leads to b1f)
  • 3rd book: midee highway (near purify point) just walk as you would go to Black precipice.

– after gathering all books you will get Serontosphere.

5. Shadows

Levant; You can begin at Phase 5, not missable.

Location: Same girl as Librarian in Overdue quest.


– She will mention about the book in Sealed library.

– Go to Sealed Library area 2 (go to right from save point)

– You will fight with 3 monsters.

-After talked with the librarian, go back to spot where you fought the monsters and you will get Scout Specs from treasure chest.

– If you played using Cecilia, you will get Hermit’s cloak instead of scouting specs.

6. Rumors

Levant; You can begin at Phase 5, Not missable.

Location: Paflina temple (2 gossip lady near the male cleric on Overdue! quest)


-Talk with 2 gossip lady and agrre to help them

– Go to Midee Highway and kill the monster (near Save point)

– You will get Exorcism bangle.

7. oops!

Levant; You can begin at Phase 5, Not missable.

Location: Lady near 1f to b1f stairs.


– Talk with the lady

– You will automatically arrive at sewer. Open the map and go to monster location.

– kill it and you will get the reward (i choose to keep the book, so i get book and dark horn)

– if you choose to not to keep the book you will get another reward. CMIIW

This quest affect your creation and destruction point (i think if you take the book you increase destruction point; because you are evil :))

8. Rampage

Levant; You can begin at Phase 6, Not missable.

Location: Man on lower right screen Palfina first area


– Talk to the man then go to Midee highway

– Kill the monster (near save point just go up a little). you will automatically back to town.

– You will get focus bandana

9. So lost ………

Levant; When you can go to Sealed library

Cecilia; In phase 1 prologue

Location: little girl on west side of central area


-Talk with the girl

– she will tell you that her grandma go to great temple

– Go to Great temple b1f. And search his grandma (just talk with grandma NPC on this floor).

-After talking with the grandma return to little girl to finish the quest and grab the reward(When I do this quest on Levant side I need to find grandma twice times; just go to the same spot to find her again)

– It seems the reward is different for each person (Cecilia got 3 Mistletoe, Levant will get Willow leaf)

10. On the road

Levant; It seem this is missable or not avaible on Levant’s side

Cecilia; you can begin it from phase 2.


– Talk to worrisome cleric on east side Palfina temple (outside)

– Go to Midee Highway, open up your map and you should notice red dot on map. Go there and exterminate the monster.

– Back to cleric and he will give you Long cape

11. Survivors

Levant; It seem this is missable or not available on Levant’s side

Cecilia; you can begin it from phase 2.


– Talk to male cleric near stairs to Palfina sewer

– He will notice a monster below

– Go there open the map then go to Red dot in order to kill the monster

– you get Sanocane for reward

Inside Mother Worm:

1. Dying youth

Levant; You can begin at Phase 3, Not missable.

Cecilia; you can begin at phase 3 when you fell to other worm.

Location: first area on mother worm (you really can’t miss this man).


– Talk with Him and he will ask you for a food.

– Go to Kitchen in Gutchfort (Near Gulden’s room). Talk to him and he will create a food based on your request (you must have the recipe to do it).

-Make any food you can (I recommend stamina recipe because it is easy to obtain the material).

– Give it to him. You must give him food more than once to finish this quest. The list of item he gives you when you feeding him( I don’t know if the item reward is same but one thing for sure, he will give you key reactor B and Ultimate recipe) :

  • 2 => he will stand (after this if you do not see him at the usual spot check the left room in this area)
  • 3=> water ring
  • 4=> reactor key B
  • 5=> chi bracelet
  • 6 => none
  • 7 => Ultimate recipe

– Make him ultimate recipe in order to finish the quest. The ingredients are:

  • Holo meat (Drop from monster, you can get this by defeating bird type monster in Lake Soleil; Charon is the name of the monster if I remember correctly, but I am pretty sure you already got this one).
  • Knowledge Fruit (if I am not mistaken you have one from Battle with Azul, but if you don’t have one just do “Dying tree” quest in spirit forest).
  • 6 Matsutakes (there is high chance you have this item but if you don’t have one, you can grab it from Harvest Point in Lake soleil; Northern part of area, the tree near crack in the wall. Sometimes you get shiitake, just fight another 5 battles then check this spot again until you get matsutake).
  • narcissuss (Really forgot where i got this but If you followed my walkthrough you should have this item)

-He will give you one of Stigald Fragment.

Dragon Abyss:

1. Arena

Levant; You can begin at Phase 4, Not missable.

Location: Dragon abyss B1f


-After helping regnum (Levant’s storyline not sure about Cecil). On the next Phase talk with the man in B1f (in arena).

– He will ask you to fight the monster.

– You will get many Items from this tournament. The list important items are:

  • Decoy doll gamma
  • Scanning specs (look at enemy status except boss)
  • Memory crystal (unlock extra)
  • Spectrum ring (Decent accesory; boost all your resistance by 50)
  • Platinum Crown (Decent head armor)
  • brave cape (good armor for Levant)
  • Master Gem (Give Exp to non active party members, there is no need to create it using your precious knowledge fruit 🙂 )
  • radiant Headband (another decent head armor)
  • Majestic earring (boost Hp and RP by 15%)
sesudah ini jika kamu tidak melihatnya di lokasi biasa, berarti dia sudah pindah ke ruangan sebelah kiri

– You start from ranking D. To reach next Level you must conquer all battle in that rank (the battles that has been done will become yellow text)

– You can’t battle consecutively, you can only battle after you have fight 5 Battles(like Harvest point).

– In S rank you will battle With Virtus,  Faust, Axel, Velvet, and Bahn (you fight 3 of them in each battle).

– You can unlock extra S battle by get slygale gem from Bigabu Beaze (from “in you face me” title; you can gain this title by defeat your own clone)

– In this extra S battle you will fight Levant,Cecilia, and Axel clone. If you win you will got Evil shackles.

My tips: To get battle quickly again in Arena, just go to the right. You should see there are 2 enemies  patrolling here. Kill them go to 1f and return to b1f  immediately to make the enemy respawn.

Fort Faulken:

1. Missing!

Levant; You can begin this quest from phase 6. Not Missable.

Location: Elf lady in Fort faulken (north from Illnada statue).


– Talk with the elf Lady

– Go to Spirit Forest. In area with Purify and save point you should see green dot in your map (you will see it on your way to where you fought Bahn before). Check it and you will automatically back to the woman.

– Reward: Guardian Bracer.

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  1. Cjdakila says:

    As I may notice that you may not have found out yet.

    In the trade sidequest, the researcher that gives you the Cleaning Tools is in a fixed position… only diferent in both storylines
    In Levant’s Storyline she is standing near the stairs (in the first floor inside the temple)
    In Cecilia’s storyline, she is on the other side of the room.

    As for sidequests:
    On the one you need to feed the dude (the one you get a stigald fragment) you have to fight 5 times again before you can feed him again.
    If you are having dificulties either with talking to the chef for him to make you any food or trading in the hat from Levant’s storyline, I sugest talking more than once before going to a diferent phase.
    For example, I was able to make food after I delivered the oil from the trade-in quest. As for the drake I talked 2 times to him, and at the second try it allowed me to trade in the hat

    As for a litle doubt. Bahn’s sword is obtainable by re-entering the area in fort faulken where we fought him right?
    Does it give destruction points or regular creation points?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thanks for the info.
      about the creation or destruction point. it’s really doesn’t matter since you can easily raise or lower the point
      run from the battle for destruction
      kill the enemy for creation

  2. Cecie says:

    HI! May I ask.. uhh.. Is still available on Phase 7 for the chef in Glutchfort to cook me some food? err.. I cannot make him cook some food though.. ughh.. ( Maybe it is not already accessible though, will just try again on the restart of the game.) thanks

  3. FatalCrush says:

    found another sidequest.. on levant’s side: (probably available at phase 2 when you came back from granad cavern in gultchfort) talk to the turtillian which stands aside the stairs to the generals chamber. he wants that you kill a monster on b2f. i dont remember the reward though.

  4. hexyzGuru says:

    A good tip for those that want to quickly finish the “Desert lady” quest is to simply give her 2 lymphos fluid–which can be farmed from shades(altair).

  5. dex says:

    i’m pretty sure i didn’t see this mentioned in any of the comments…but there’s another sidequest in Gutchfort

    the Turtillian guarding the downstairs entrance to the General’s quarters…he mentions a security breach and seeing a monster in the fort. the monster’s located down the stairwell next to the Turtillian

    unfortunately i don’t remember when this sidequest becomes active. i do remember that it was a really weak monster and i did it during a restart of the game and was surprised at how early i found it, so i think it’s very early in the game…possibly even as early as when you are about to leave for the ice caverns for the first time

  6. InvincibleMarkB says:

    You’ll get a Willow Leaf as a reward when you finish the “so lost” quest… Just to clarify =D

  7. maxblade56 says:

    Gourmet Drake

    Do you know the Drake trading item in Dragon Abyss for mushrooms its like a fragments trading quest. The difference is you must give him sometimes more than one mushroom until his satisfied then he’ll give you certain exchanged items.

    • maxblade56 says:

      Gourmet Drake Trade

      Numetake – 1 Evil Bird Talon

      Shiitake – 1 Worm Scale

      Matsukake – 2 Pointy Horn

      Agaricus – 3 Sharp Fang

      You must give mushrooms more than once until the Drake is satisfied
      so he’ll give you the traded item.

      • ShinoEchizen says:

        Numetake: Good-Evil Bird Talon
        Excellent-Tiger’s Claw
        Shiitake: Good-Worm Scale
        Excellent-Dragon Scale
        Matsutake:Good-Pointy Horn
        Excellent-I think it’s Majin Horn
        Agaricus: Good-Sharp Fang
        Excellent-Lion Fang

        • maxblade56 says:

          There is no such thing as excellent mushroom there are only 4 types of mushroom namely:





          I have a 100% game no Excellent mushroom on the item list.

        • Shino Echizen says:

          What i meant on excellent, was an excellent reply. There are two types of rewards on each mushroom. And i want to correct the “excellent” reward on the Agaricus. It’s Majin Fang not Lion Fang. Both Majin Fang and Horn and rare coz you only get them from bosses you don’t see everywhere.

        • Shino Echizen says:

          A better of the items: ^^,
          Numetake: Good-Evil Bird Talon
          Excellent-Tiger’s Claw
          Shiitake: Good-Worm Scale
          Excellent-Dragon Scale
          Matsutake:Good-Pointy Horn
          Excellent-Majin Horn
          Agaricus: Good-Sharp Fang
          Excellent-Majin Fang

      • hexyzGuru says:

        Shino’s right.
        There are 2 possible rewards for each mushroom.
        Btw, just feeding him until he is satisfied is rather wasteful. What really is happening is akin to roulette. Simply put, if you happen to pick the mushroom that he is favoring at the moment, it results in a possible “Good” or “excellent” reward as Shino mentioned. You can test my theory by saving before speaking to him, and pick various mushrooms. You will get varying results. In other words it is not predetermined.

  8. nillok229 says:

    when am i able to start using the recipes i collected!!?? ive tried talking to vaul but he wont make me food!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Which phase are you now? I think you can make it starting at phase 3. Don’t worry, recipes are only useful to finish the side quest (dying youth), aside from that it only function as RP source (convert it via menu)

  9. maxblade56 says:

    Levant Trading Sidequest

    The one you will get from the Elf standing in front of a hallway will be
    “Spirit Clothes”. Spirit Beacon is from Cecilia only.

  10. Aleera says:

    Rewaerd for Desert Lady Quest is Alchemelia

  11. maxblade56 says:

    Training Sidequest

    There is no reward for this quest on both tales.

  12. GoMiNam says:

    this guides help me a lot…


    i want to see the destruction ending and the neutral ending. can you give me a solution on how to tilt the scale to destruction or neutral. very big thanks for reply…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      my tips is
      (1) use dark rassfeld because it boost your destruction point when you kill the enemy.
      (2) let your party died 😀 (just one) don’t revive them, go to next battle and let them die again. Repeat until you satisfy.
      (3) Run from battle (i recommend to do this when you do side quest that need you to fight enemies 5 times before you can do something; like save a tree side quest)
      (4) Always choose destruction choice when you are being asked question (IIRC, it is 3rd option or the pessimist answer)

      if you want to see neutral ending make sure you already watched destruction and creation ending. and make the scale balanced. You also must have all stigald fragment. Hope this helps. Don’t forget to subscribe to get another game guide from me. thank you for using my guide

    • maxblade56 says:

      Just run away many times even though battle gauge for destruction is full it is still counting for points so the scales could tilt to destruction same also goes for the battle gauge of creation just win many encounters without using the dark ragnafacts I’ve tested this myself.

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