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Posted on Jun 19, 2010

Hexyz force PSP guide Seal of Rivelias Location

You will get the Necrozauwar later in the game (end of Phase 5 for Levant’s scenario). After that  the black swirling aura around the item you had seen through out the game can be touched. They contain Spell for this Ragnafact. Every item is guarded by powerful enemy so make sure you save before you trying to get the spell.

I try to defeat them when I was at level 45 , so the damage could be more or less from what  I told you.

Spell Location:

(affinity; blue= cerulean flame, red=crimson lotus, white= pearl light)

1.Denmail highway

Necrozauwar  spell: Ragnadrain

Difficulty: hard


Bandhavgarh – blue
Coy -white
Yamaraj – blue
the only enemy you need to watch out is Yamaraj. It can use Ragnadrain (drain your Rp). It can cast summon spirit can cause damage about 450(he probably cast it 2 in a row so total 900 damage).
It can also atack all your party memeber for about 400 damage. So be careful.

2. Granad cavern

Necrozauwar spell: Putrid breath

Difficulty: Hard


Anglaya – Red
Wijeen -red
Kill Wijeen first because it has low HP. Anglaya can become trouble if you are underleveled (LVL35).
Anglaya like to use earth elemental attack so give your character equipment that boost it earth defense.
Anglaya has quite a ot of Hp and His damage is about 400-500 to all party member.

3. Gutchfort B2f

Necrozauwar Spell: Nightmare

Location: same room with Devasti treasure chest.

Difficulty: Normal


4x Black Pariah – Red
1 Sly – White
You need to dispose Black Pariah quickly they can cast wind lance (do about 500 damage).

Let Levant use Blitz assault to kill them all in one attack (they stay in a row).

4. Sealed Library

Necrozauwar spell: Force shield

Difficulty: easy
Mantrap – white
Sphere – red

both of them are as strong as normal enemy so you won’t face any difficulties fighting them.

5. Endless Sands

Necrozauwar spell: Inferno

Difficulty: easy
Long- red
It has a big amount of Hp but it attack only about 250-400 damage so it is easy to fight this beast.

6. Entrance Mother worm

Necrozauwar spell: Infernal trade

Difficulty: Normal
Alaseed x2

7. Philia’s room

Necrozauwar spell: Igneus orb

Difficulty: Normal
Ibis – blue
Hornflende – red
defeat Hornflende first because he has nasty attack.

8. Altair Underground Path

Necrozauwar spell: Galvanization

Difficulty: easy



Hornflende- red


Defeat Horn flende as fast as you can. Zaobin can cast Galvanization but he will die quickly before he can make use of Galvanization :).

9. Fort Faulken

Necrozauwar spell: raven storm

Location: Room with treasure chest switch. Enter correct combination to get it (see fort faulken guide)

Difficulty: easy

Enemy: Quail-white

Just an single enemy and it is easy.

10. Altar of Narvel

Necrozauwar spell: Magnitude 8

Location: Gardner’s lab (room where you fight Faust).

Difficulty: medium



Moa- Blue

Be careful Coy can cast Magnitude 8 (about 800 damage if your earth resistance low).

11. Ravena castle

Necrozauwar spell: Omen 666

Location: Underground (left from entrance, you will see it)

Difficulty: medium





The battle is easy but antoinette can cast omen 666. If you are unlucky or something (got 3-5 hit from omen skill) one of your character probably will die.

12. Spirit Forest

Necrozuwar Spell: Banishing Void

Location: Area where you fought with Bahn. There are many items to grab here, just do force scan.

Difficulty: medium


Sternun -red

Lucretia – White

Stone beast – blue

Not that hard, the only problem is Sternun’s high HP but it is piece of cake if you are on high level.

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That’s all Necrozauwar spell location. Thank you for DarkRPGmaster (remind me Spirit forest location)

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28 Responses to “Hexyz force PSP guide Seal of Rivelias Location”

  1. poohly says:

    Thanks,I have all necrozauwar’s spells now!

  2. poohly says:

    Thank you to publish all necrozauwar’s spells place.I have only incantation.

  3. poohly says:

    Is Necrozauwar’s spells strong?

  4. hellyea says:

    in cecil’s story how can i get the spell 9 at the fort faulken?

  5. player88 says:

    can i get the one in altair underground path and fort faulken playing cecilia’s side? the areas seem inaccessible…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It seems you can go back there after Levant and the others have joined you (not sure because I haven’t tried it on Cecilia’s scenario), I will try it this day and tell you if you haven’t tried it. Thank you for using my guide

  6. nillok229 says:

    hey the guide is great!!
    but can you name a couple of places that are good to level up AND gain a lot of force points, please?

  7. L says:

    Spirit Forest one can freeze the game, mine froze 3 times before it worked.

  8. YoShii says:

    Is it possible for Cecilia side to go to Denmail highway ?

  9. bella says:

    hi there… i just want to ask coz i am curious f how can i be albe to have the sword of bahn? is it possible to hve that sword in cecilia’s tale? coz when i already done the cecilia tale b4 i found out that there 2 missing ragnafacts that i ddnt able to have? i dont know f how can i able to retrieve it? hoe u can give me some of hints or ur info bout it.
    thnx… i’ll w8 ur responds!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you can dark revalens (sword of bahn) if you play on hard mode. Whne you defeated phantasma omega it will drop a key so you can return to fort faulken.

  10. guest says:

    I have already left the mother worm,now how do i go back inside her to get the spell?

  11. rubenz says:

    Hi, thank you for the great guide ^^
    Btw is using Necrozauwars add the destruction point? And I heard that if we are getting the spell for Necrozauwars (touch the dark circle and fight the monster) it will add a destruction scale, is it true?

    Thank you~

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You are welcome. From my experience, i think destroying seal and using necrozauwar don’t increase destruction point (even if it does, it will be very little). So if you aim for creation ending you don’t need to worry about it.

  12. Minato says:

    How can I go to that zone in 4 and 5?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you can go to zone 4 by unlocking the door. I already make guide to unlock the door just check my guide in sealed library (you must defeat 3 monster so the door will be opened).

      zone 5; you can get into here by going left in first area.( if you are still confused just refer to my guide in endless sand section, i write ” mysterious bone in endless sands” and that is the location.

      Hope it helps.

  13. DarkRPGMaster says:

    You’re missing the Sealed Forest one. It’s where you fought Bahn in the Forest.

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