Posted on Jan 3, 2014

How to Get Dark Silk on Tiny Monsters

Normal and Mythic Version (same)

Thanks to Kathyrn and Julio for these pictures and info

Tiny Monsters Dark Silk Normal Egg

Tiny Monsters Dark Silk Normal Growth

Dark Silk Status













Earn Rate

6 7 10 15 22/23 28/29 35/36 40/42 43/45 44/46

Food (x4)

20 45 65 85 105 125 145 165 185  MAX

Total Food needed

0 80 260 520 860 1280 1780 2360 3020 3760

Habitat: Electric

How to obtain: Buy for ?? diamonds

Sell Price: 600 Coins

Hatching Time: 29 hours

XP: 2340

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  4 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7):  17 hours


It seems that you can get this monster by combining any 2 monsters that have exact same element (for single element monsters). Example: Fire + Hallow, Autumn + Plant, etc.

For hybrids you only need one matching element. Example: Mountain (Earth and Plant) + Bug (Fire and Plant), those 2 monsters have same plant element. This also can be applied for single element + hybrids; example Fire + Flower.

I really hope that this monster is limited, if not we can’t use “cheat” breeding to get  upcoming single element limited monsters, such as Gift, etc since the formula has a chance to get this monster (29 hours, worse than air..). It’s very dark…..

Someone said to me that “single” combination doesn’t work anymore. That’s why I slash the sentence. However, I still wait for other confirmation, so please tell me if you get this monster from a single element breeding.

Succesful Breeding Formula:
[0] Autumn + Plant
[0] Fire + Hallow
[0] Evergreen + Plant
[0] Blushbug + Glee
[0] Leave your breeding formula on the comment

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629 Responses to “How to Get Dark Silk on Tiny Monsters”

  1. Angel Lopez says:

    Level 10 fire and level 5 frozenflame…
    First try…
    But I thought it was gonna be a star elder fire…
    Cuz I looked at the breeding chart and it’s the only one that made sense..

  2. Angel Lopez says:

    I was shocked by this combo…
    Level 10 Fire level 5 frozenflame…
    Like, WHUUUUUUT?

  3. Sammy says:

    So sad that I got a mythic dark silk cuz they look the same. 😂 First world problems.

    Lv 10 plant and 20 bug

    IGN: kamishieda

    But still seriously glad that I got a mythic. Thanks.

  4. Kat says:

    This is the only one I can figure it might be… plant to tree… was hoping for a mountain 29 hours ugh!

  5. Jeejee Clark says:

    i had a level 7 love monster and a level 10 plant monster and on my first try breeded this monster. And I didn’t but the live monster with gems I breeded a level 5 tree monster and a level 10 earth monster

  6. Talmores says:

    Plant 6+Love 5

  7. BerryVillage says:

    frozenflame and ice. I got dark silk.

  8. Matt says:

    I bred lvl 8 Mountain and lvl 7 Love

  9. Lauren says:

    Lvl 10 sporespark + Lvl10 voltleaf

  10. rainabo101 says:

    I got it with Lev.10 Flower and Bug, This is really random XD

  11. Rainabo101 (tiny ID) says:

    I got this with flower and bug 6th try 😀

  12. NomNom says:

    I got it with burst and fire first try

  13. Lizzierocks786 says:

    I decided to breed Frozenflame and Fire just for the hell of it and I got it first try! :) Hope this helps :)

  14. Angela Carlton says:

    If somebody hasn’t said this but I tried breeding a Bug monster and an Adult fire monster in hopes of getting something rare and it turns I bred a dark silk monster.

    • rockerlime says:

      Funny I got a dark silk ( in hatchery now) with a lvl seven flower and Lvl ten mythic fire.😂

  15. GaZelle says:

    I got dark silk with ice flare ( that’s a sort of frozenflame) and a flare. I accidentally got it but j am still happy though.

  16. Wstangle says:

    I am just killing time waiting for something new, so I have been trying to get mythic dark silk for 2 months. I have been using 2 dark silk each time and boost is full or more – still no mythic. Are you sure that there is one?

  17. Kristeena92 says:

    I got it by using a frozenflame and a fire

  18. Libby says:

    I used the Frozenflame and the Ice monster hoping to obtain a gift monster and instead ended up with one of these little guys. On the third try, I did indeed obtain a gift monster.

  19. Miriam says:

    Just got it with ice and mythic tundra. Was trying for gift.

  20. anonymous says:

    I got it with level 8 mythic fire and level 5 magma I thought it was darkwing until I put it in the nursery

  21. Julia L says:

    Fire and mythic flower

    • Swish says:

      Fire monster and flower monster on accident just trying to get anything new at the start of the game. Mythic too. =)

  22. CrimsonBird21 says:

    Primevera (lvl.6) and fire (lvl.5)

  23. lynnie says:

    I got it by breading fire plus hero

  24. BlackFox24 says:

    I got it by surprise with Magma (10) and teen Inferno (don’t know the level)

  25. Kaboom70 says:

    I got this with Plant (7) and Flower (7). I just wanted a bug!

  26. Kishez says:

    frozenflame lvl 5 + boreal lvl 5

  27. oscar says:

    I’m breeding magma and fire

  28. kencm2009 says:

    when i try to get Elder Electric but I got it with star + luster !

  29. dresaw verw says:

    I got it with fire and frostember

  30. bbbhix says:

    i just got it on accident with an adult frostember (10) + adult duskfang (10)

  31. LenoreShade says:

    I got it breeding a teen frostember with an adult fire

  32. Prettyquill4478 says:

    I mixed my boreal monster and my frost ember monster

  33. Sca says:

    I think I did was fire and electric

  34. Jaime says:

    Fostember and mythi tundra 3rd try, both teens

  35. beth says:

    Got it first try this morning with fire/electric

  36. Wardides says:

    I got it with Frostember and Mythic Fire while trying for Frozenflame

  37. Random459823 says:

    I got mine when mixing a level 10 fire monster with a teen magma monster.

  38. rosebc says:

    i got dark silk when i was trying to get elder star fire, and i really thought i had it because it said 29 hrs, but when i finished breeding, it was dark silk! kinda disappointed, but still really happy! thank you noob for making this AWESOME guide for the game! if it wasn’t for you, i wouldn’t have the monsters i have(i really don’t have that many good ones, well right now i don’t) but this guide has helped me in so many ways, so thx for that!

  39. astobime says:

    Didnt use a Electric for it try frostember+fire 1st try

  40. Fred says:

    Just got one with Wildfreeze and Fire, both level 10

  41. joe says:

    Frostember + ice

  42. April says:

    level 5 Boreal + level 8 Fire

  43. Justin says:

    Ice and Flurry

  44. Georgann J says:

    Boréal & fire, twice in a row. Trying to get star elder fire. Which I did, on the third try. Same combo.

  45. William says:

    I used a lvl 8 bug and lvl 8 tundra to get dark silk

  46. Alyssa says:

    Ice flare and elder fire

  47. C3C-C3C says:

    Dusk lv.8+ duskfang lv.10

  48. april says:

    I bred ice and tundra trying for a silk but I got a dark silk :)

  49. Allen says:

    I just got it with a level 8 mythic plant and a level 10 joy. Haven’t played for about a year and couldn’t figure out what was 29 hrs. Thanks for the help. Dark Silk is a lightning, but I got it from two plants. Weird.

  50. Mila says:

    I got one with a lvl5 bug and lvl 5 mythic flower

  51. Ceazer says:

    Got dark silk with bug lvl5 and flower lvl8

  52. thedonbv says:

    Electric and dark silk threw it, same combo threw dusk monster as well

  53. CRose1989 says:

    I got dark silk with bug + flower both level 10.

  54. flamingcharizard says:

    I used fire and boreal

  55. thomas says:

    I used frostember and Flower

  56. Wayvy says:

    plant & tree, by accident :) :)

  57. chris says:

    i had to start this game all over but i get into the game far but lost all limited monsters that i had on ipod :(

  58. Cheryl says:

    I am new to this addictive game and was trying to get a frozenflame by breaking a “fire” and a “boreal” I boosted the mythic ball twice and got a dark silk

  59. Cate says:

    Blushbug and Renewal

  60. Alex says:

    I got one by breeding plant and a tree monster, funny because just started playing the game

  61. Umbreon says:

    I got mine with a fire and flower as teens

  62. Lucas says:

    I got it with Ice lvl 6 and Mountain lvl 7 on accident haha

  63. TVO says:

    Hey Noob, love the site. You asked for comments about single + hybrids getting dark silk so I thought I should share. I just got one with autumn (plant) + bloom (adult flower, so fire + plant) so I guess you can still breed them that way

  64. Cinci says:

    Hi, I got it (or I think it’s that, since is the only 29 hours breed) with flower lvl 10 and plant lvl 10… got by accident trying to get another flower ^^”

  65. Abigail says:

    I got a dark silk using a plant monster and a tree monster.

  66. M says:

    Fire + magma I got it by accident

  67. Mindy says:

    Plant+ tree. Twice

  68. Mindy says:

    My son and i both got one with plant + tree

  69. Spyromak says:

    Got it by mistake with Frozenblaze (adult Frozenflame) and Frostember. Trying to get a Frozenflame. Second surprise mystery egg in two days. 😛 Though a nice surprise anyway!

  70. Kristie says:

    I just accidentally got 29 hour breeding time with level 10 bug and level 10 flower :-)

  71. Hiba says:

    Just got one with flare and mythic fire

  72. Neon says:

    I got mine accidentally(wanted a frozenflame) by breeding frostember with fire

  73. Maika says:

    Spark + Dark Silk = Dark Silk

  74. Maika says:

    Won’t let me breed a Water monster with Dark Silk- says “incompatible.”

  75. Lawren says:

    For me, the teen flower and luck combo gave me a dark silk on first try. I was trying for mountain, but I got it by accident. This is the first odd monster I got.

  76. Tinymonsteraddict says:

    I breed my frozen flame lvl10 and my mythic fire lvl ten
    And got 29 hour breeding time any ideas

  77. Oswald2 says:

    Level 5 flash and lvl 10 mythic luster

  78. Lydia says:

    Frostember + fire

  79. Nathaniel says:

    Teen boreal and mythic lvl 10 fire 3rd try

  80. AshleyJean says:

    Dusk and the dusk Frozenflame, I really didn’t want this one, why isn’t there a mythic dark silk?

  81. xThat says:

    Teen Fire (lvl5) + Teen Frostember (lvl5)

  82. Nina says:

    Darksilk with a plant and mythic tree

  83. Alex says:

    Fire and (Mythic)Burst

  84. OakTownAllie says:

    Flower + Bug, 1st try. I wasn’t going for anything, so eas quite surprised!

  85. Zjayye says:

    Frostember and Lantern

  86. Jo Alva says:

    Frost and Snowbluff on the first try. I was very surprised because while I did want a Dark Silk I wasn’t trying to get it.

  87. Kathleen Boorman says:

    Tried Ice monster and magma. First try, tried for frozenflame. Very strange.

  88. Olivia says:

    I used a adult ice version of the frozenflame and a teen water and somehow got it without trying.

  89. Nikkie - moosavvy says:

    I used Frostember lv 5 + Mythic Fire lv5
    29hr breeding & just got the dark silk egg!

    First try too :)

    • Nikkie - moosavvy says:

      Also I see a lot of people who either used Frostember OR Mythic Fire/Mythic Fire Hybrid.
      I used those 2 together because I noticed that so maybe there is a connection between the 2?!
      All chance but crazy to see steady production using those 2 the most.

    • Sara says:

      Got it without trying using frostmember and wildfreeze yay!

  90. mollykat says:

    Like another commenter, I used flower and plant. I was also going for a Valentine monster. It happened to be a mythic flower but I don’t think that makes a difference. I’ve had to start tiny monsters over from the beginning so right now I have just been trying to get the basics so this was a surprise.

  91. Near says:

    Just got 29 hours breeding mythic fire with cinder… very confused. Guess we’ll see what it is when it hatches.

  92. Danny says:

    First try with firework and hallow

  93. sarah says:

    Mythic fire (10) and mythic grim freeze (10) got 29 he’s I was just trying to make a mythic monster lol

  94. Joshua Cooper says:

    I used frozen flame and frostember.
    1day 5hours (29hours) :)

  95. Eldon7589 says:

    Boreal and mythic fire both level 5 on iOS 1st try

  96. SSSPro1359 says:

    First try w/ frostember and grimfreeze. Was trying for frozenflame though 😛

  97. anguswolf says:

    Just got a 29 hour breed time with a gallows and origin. At least I already finished my 3 love/blushbug. Was trying for a fortune though.

  98. Laura says:

    I got one with Fire + Magma first time

  99. conker444 says:

    I just got it with firework and solstice so it looks like single elements work

  100. cloudyy says:

    Tree + mountain =29 hours. I’m kind of bummed though because I was trying for one of the Valentine’s monsters and now I have to wait 29 hours to try something else. Plus I already am waiting for my legendary to hatch. . Which is awesome but im only like level 12 and I dont have enough money for the habitats. Lol. I just feel like off we have to wait 29 hours plus hatching time dark silk should shoot diamonds out of it’s butt. XD
    Or at least command some kind of bonus or more coinage. Just saying.

    • AshleyJean says:

      How in the world did u get so lucky? Level 12 and already breed a legendary monster, crazy! Be thankful! It took me forever, like at least level 35 probably!

      • cloudyy says:

        I used mountain and bug trying for somthing else. Believe me I was as suprised as you are lol. I’m not complaining though!!

      • spike says:

        Just got one at level 13, used flower and plant trying for love or blushbug. Kind of took me by surprise

  101. Tiny monster says:

    Tundra and bug in that order it was first try (well at least for me!) hopefully you get this monster if you want it, good luck and I hope you found this info helpful!

  102. Yeah4578 says:

    I got it with Magma And Flower.

  103. Daisy says:

    I just did mythic fire and solarflare in hopes of firework I think it was and got 29 hours. I didnt know what it was so I searched it on Noobs site and came up with this page. Now I am not so grumpy with the 29 hour wait time. I dont have this critter yet. I really want that firework though :/

  104. Jackie says:

    Frostember 10 and fire 10. Trying for a frozenflame but pleasantly surprised with something I don’t already have. :)

  105. Gotinymonsters! says:

    Try Level 10 mythic fire + Level 5 normal cinder!

  106. Tiny monster says:

    Tundra + Bug first try

  107. Mia says:

    Joy(yellow level 10) and plant (lvl 10) was going for Autumn.

  108. CjTenorSax2 says:

    After trying other combos for a lantern with no success, decided to try : Adult Flame and Teen Frozen Flame. Have Mythic with 29 hours.

    • CjTenorSax2 says:

      Yep, the result is definitely a Mythic Dark Silk!!! First try but as I said above, was trying for different monster. . .

  109. Thischick24 says:

    I bred lvl10 fire on left and lvl10 wildfreeze on right first time got a 29 hour breeding tone I think I have it

  110. Candy says:

    I have got a 29 breeding time with: (left side) lv 10 mythic plant and (right side) lv 10 bug. I think it is a dark silk as it said it needed 29 diamonds to complete

  111. Laura says:

    Still can be gotten by single element monsters. Just got it by breeding Elder Fire with Mythic Fire. Cool, I guess, but the long wait is going to cause me to miss getting the limited monsters back for the weekend…oh, well… :)

  112. Kat says:

    Got mine w/ Lvl 9 Mythic Origin and Lvl 10 Mythic Fire

  113. BAMB says:

    Got it with Frozen Flame and Mythic Fire – first try!

  114. smile24/7 says:

    Trying to get another frozenflame fire+frozenblaze 29 hour I CANT WAIT THIS LONG :) i didnt even know this monster exists!!! :)

  115. Kat says:

    I got a dark silk with Firework and Solstice, both adults.

  116. Steph says:

    Elder fire + origin = dark silk. Was going for lantern.

    • Imme6029 says:

      Elder fire + ember shade = lantern
      Elder fire + ember shade = dark silk, 29 hours, the only thing at 29 hrs is dark silk

  117. Lovefromday1 says:

    Ice + magma so.. Obviously not the same elements there I was going for a frozenflame

  118. paige says:

    Got the darksilk monster by breeding regular fire with flower after several attempts.

  119. Punisher says:

    Hallow and Fire

  120. kendra says:

    I have a mythic one breeding. But kind of lame if they look the name as the normal version.

  121. kinutattoo says:

    Fire mithic + bug ,got mythic

  122. Zae says:

    Fire lvl 10 and Sun lvl 5.

  123. damoniamiles says:

    Got with lv10 orgin and lv8 hallow

  124. Chaz says:

    I just got it with fire and origin, so the single element combos must still work. I was going for a lantern monster.

  125. Angela says:

    Frozenblaze and elder fire got 29 hours

  126. martiiinkamw says:

    29 hours. The best website ever.
    Fire nd hallow first try!!
    Hoping for dusk next!

  127. Josh says:

    Yes thank you! Fire and Hallow first try…
    I love this site xD

  128. Irreverent says:

    Grimbolt & Darkfang gave me Dark Silk

  129. Savy fox says:

    I’m level 49 and I bred dark silk with wildfreeze and boreal

  130. Anon says:

    Darksilk and flashfreeze

  131. Nicolie says:

    I used lvl 5 Fire and lvl 10 Frostember. I was trying for a frozenflame. I was shocked when it said 29 hours.

  132. Lol says:

    I’m lvl 12 and I got it with lvl 8 flower and lvl 8 Mountian monsters I wasn’t even breeding the dark silk,but I got it ssssoooo……. I’m cool with what I have!:) But still flower+Mountain=Dark silk is my OWN combination!:) Oh and this is a easy starter combination!!!! Cause Its simple to get these monsters….but Mountian did took me about 7 tries.:- Derp! Peace out! Y

  133. Elly says:

    I got it with mountain and tree.

  134. verna says:

    Got yhis guy with evergreen/elder plant

  135. Jessica says:

    Duskfang lvl 8 left & Flash lvl 5 right then Flash lvl 7 left & Mythic Electric lvl 10 right both combos Dark Silk

  136. Angel says:

    Mythic fire + bug

  137. rene says:

    Boreal lvl 10 + Frozenflame lvl 10

  138. Mari says:

    Level 10 mythic fire and level 10 renewal. :) it was the fourth try though….

  139. Ithrow45 says:

    Mythic Dusk and Mythic Duskfang

  140. Fran says:

    Got it with fire and frostember, was aiming for origin though… :(

  141. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Does this monster have mythic form? Or doesnt even matter trying for it?

  142. elocina says:

    Got 29 hours with dark silk and Earthquake… trying for the dust monster…

  143. Aubrey says:

    L10 Origin + L10 Flower

  144. gina says:

    evergreen and mythic plant first try!!

  145. Debula says:

    Just got 29 hr hatch time with mythic Iceflare and mythic fire. :) cool!

  146. basaro says:

    mythic L5=23

  147. Enigma43 says:

    I had some problems getting a second Dark Silk. But trying for Dusk, I just got 29 hours with Level 10 Dark Silk and Level 8 Mythic Flash.

  148. Debula says:

    Origin and dusk flare gave me 14 hrs

    • basaro says:

      so why post that here?, it’s not dark silk. Read post above (or comments) for good dark silk formula, and check breeding result chart for possible breeding time results.

      • Debula says:

        Sorry I posted it here by mistake. It was meant fir another thread. I couldn’t find a way to delete it after I posted it.

  149. Totero says:

    I got it from level 10 mythic fire and level 6 frostmember trying to get origin but happy with this to and until I get the origin or until it ie expired then going to try to get the new dusk monster it’s baby form ie sooooooo cute good luck everybody getting these dusty monsters!!!!!

  150. kendra says:

    First try with teen Hallow & adult Origin

  151. krissy says:

    Frostember and boreal

  152. ForLAmos says:

    I got Dark Silk breeding Mythical ice flare with Mythical fire first try

  153. Libby says:

    Breed both my gift and got Dark Silk.

  154. Austin Smith says:

    Magma & Fire

  155. Kelly says:

    I was trying for Origin and used Fireworks and Solstice. Now I don’t think I’ll even try again for origin. Twenty-nine hours…..

  156. Diego says:

    solstice (10) + mythic fire (10) on the first try 😀

  157. Chocolate pegasister says:

    Teen origin and adult fire first try

  158. Chocolate pegasister says:

    I got it with teen origin and adult fire

  159. Jessie says:

    Does anyone knows if it is limited or not?

  160. matt smith says:

    I used frozenblaze and mystic fire

  161. hawaiianjerzee says:

    Are the times listed only iOS times? Because the time I got on my Galaxy S4 is 30 hour breeding time with Mythic Fire and Hallows and this is the only thing that makes any sense. Just wondering.

  162. MagMan says:

    I finished the dark quests, now trying to go back and get another dark silk so that I can get the mythic version. Anyone else having the issue of getting a second one?

    • MagMan says:

      Hey Noob,

      Found out on another website that when you complete some of the dusk quests, you can no longer get the dark silk with the easy method of any matching single elements. (believe me, I tried for a full day, and nothing). The only way around it, is to try and get it like you would normally for a limited monster. For example, they used flare and electric, but I used earthquake and flashfreeze (both have electric in them) and that’s how I got a second dark silk (electric type monster)

      So it turns out that this monster (limited or not) is not so “very dark” :)

      • MagMan says:

        Noob, just to clarify. If you have not gotten any dark silks, then the “single” element should work. But if you have one, and completed the quest where it says “have an adult Dark Silk monster”, then you can no longer get any Dark Silk with the previous “easy” method.

  163. jokemon says:

    Finally got one after countless attempts using Gratitude + Autumn

  164. laranatana says:

    I get my second with Electric + Dark silk

  165. Watz says:

    TM has got to be kidding. As if all the hundreds (!) of shadow-and air-fails weren’t enough to discourage us, now they take away our ‘safe’ single element breeding; and they don’t even create a new monster to do it. I think my Tiny Monster phase is drawing to a close after so many years. It is really a pity.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I agree with your opinion, however dark silk appears to initiate duskfang. They prevent us to use simple breeding formula is a good thing IMO. This mean after all this years, they will still release many new monsters on the future :).

  166. Thomas Devine says:

    Fire and frostmember, or was it frostmember and fire. Not sure which just trying to get that frozenflame. And now I find out (after 29hr of waiting) there is a chance to get an electric. Why?

  167. Vstorey516 says:

    Trying for origin and got dark silk with first try firework and solstice

  168. daBEAST (id: daBEAST112) says:

    Origin and fire

  169. a da says:

    I meant electric + darkbolt not sailboat lol sry autocorrected

  170. Karen says:

    Got it with plant and glee.

  171. laranatana says:

    Autumn + harvest

  172. ericftw says:

    Just got this one with origin and wildfreeze

  173. FAAD0216 says:

    Merry and silk.

  174. Brian Georgis says:

    Ice and gift monsters

  175. Carnie says:

    Ok so apparently got this being I just got a 29 hour breed time while trying for frozenflame with lvl 5 frostember + lvl 10 fire wtf

  176. Melissa says:

    Fire and frostember gave me origin, dark silk and shadow trying for frozenflame

  177. DatnigB says:

    Breeded my bug and grass monster got Silk on the 1st try

  178. Adam says:

    Bellows and Iceflare got me Darksilk :)

  179. Dreyrave says:

    Frostember and fire. I got 29 hours :)

  180. Whittley says:

    Got one off of just bug and flower trying to breed an air

  181. Thesutterleys says:

    I was try for origin with mythical fire and mythical ballows and got 29 hour breeding time ?? Maybe dark silk ??

  182. sedeque says:

    Fire and cinder got me this a was goin for origin

  183. Steph says:

    Blossom and mountain.

  184. Volpe says:

    Does anyone have 2 dark silks yet? Can u breed the second one using same element monsters or do u now have to try electric and dark silk?

  185. Ashy! says:

    Got one with Frostember and Bug, weird since it’s electric…. Seems a lot of weird combo’s are making this.

    I hope this isn’t like the air and shadow monster- when you get this all the time when trying to breed other stuff (like Elder Elements). The breed time is pretty ridiculous, hopefully it doesn’t stick around, :/

  186. karis says:

    Mythic fire + bellows first try

  187. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Wow! My Frostember and Fire got a 29 hour breeding time. I checked the breeding chart and Dark Silk Is the only 29 hour breeding time! I was trying for Frozenflame but Dark Silk Is fine.

  188. Katy says:

    I just bred Fire and Solstice(both level 10) and got 29 hours, so I presume this is Dark Silk?! I was trying for Origin Monster but this is good too! XD

  189. Pinkadele says:

    Fire and frostember gave me 29 hours. Was trying for frozen flame but that’ll do! Xxx

  190. Mel says:

    I got one with tinsel and merry. Wanted elder ice. Wasn’t aware of this one but couldn’t figure out which monster has a 29 hour breed time!

  191. twan says:

    Fire lvl 10 mythic, and elder fire lvl 10, got me 29 hrs…..

  192. Amendoa4ever(tinyID samtabby) says:

    First try with bug and plant both Lv 10. Trying for elders. Lucky shot I guess.

  193. daBEAST (id: pizza123op) says:

    is dark silk a limited monster

  194. I got dark silk with autumn and plant

  195. sara says:

    Got 29hrs with frozenblaze + fire. Cant seem to get any elder monsters though!

  196. FeismomHi 223 says:

    Just got 29 hrs with ice and gift, was trying for tinsel.

  197. Faith Kunai says:

    I got it with Boreal and Frostember.

  198. Liz Walsh says:

    Gift ahd boreal. :-)

  199. MarkDR2202 says:

    Whem truing for elder earth, I got this one.
    So mountain and tree will work as well.
    Was strange though.

  200. deb says:

    First try with teen hallow – level 7 and origin – level 10

  201. 3ggh3ad says:

    Weird, just got 29 hours with Bellows + Boreal. Was trying for Elder Fire.

  202. Desma says:

    I just got 29 hrs Mythic breeding using Holly and Plant..I was trying for an Evergreen.

  203. A.MAY says:

    Well I got it on the 1st try with a Mythic Fire and Inferno. Was trying for Origin but oh well…this works too. Lol.

  204. Emzapo says:

    Got this with autumn and mythic plant first try… Which is great only I still haven’t got Evergreen! Ugh.

  205. A V says:

    I got a 29 hr breeding time w autumn and plant

  206. Sunny1212 says:

    I just bred solstice and origin and got 29 hours and it is a mythic but, there is no mythic dark silk.

  207. Tamara says:

    Just got 29 hours using Fire and Frozen Flame, both level 10, first time…. I see that up at the top someone used the same formula and got 29 hours also… :-) Good luck to all, Happy Breeding :-)

  208. poophead says:

    i breed magma with a fire first try.

  209. Chaos says:

    I bread a frostember and a flower/bug and it worked

  210. joycelyn530 says:

    I was trying for the Origin monster. I used lvl 10 solstice and lvl 8 mythic elder fire monster.

  211. Kinzer says:

    I got mine from Elder fire and a Wildfreeze.

  212. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    Yes!!! I got one with firework and hallow :)

  213. gramms151 says:

    Was trying for Evergreen using elder plant and plant on my iPad and got 29 hour time. It is okay since I don’t have Dark Silk. Will try again after this hatch.

  214. NaN says:

    I just received 29 hours (which has to be dark silk) with the combination of ice & gift monsters!! Leads me to believe that you can get this dark silk with any combination.

  215. Sophie says:

    I got it using lvl 10 mythic fire and lvl 10 solstice. Was aiming for origin so had to come on here to work out why with 2 fire elements I had got a 29 hour apparently electric element egg!

  216. Nicki says:

    Got it with mythic Fire and Frozenflame.

  217. misti says:

    Was trying for fire elder or anything new and rare and did my level 8 boreal and level 10 iceflare and got 1 day 5 hours (29 diamonds.) Atleast its something.

  218. peanutdanor8 says:

    I got it with tree and mountain both lv 10 while trying for elder plant

  219. Perry says:

    Mythic Ice and Gift. I am also hoping this is a limited monster, like one regular and one mythic per player. LOL, I know that is not possible, but one can dream.

  220. prima says:

    got 29 hours by breeding boreal n mythic fire.. trying for merry..

  221. Alismom76 says:

    I accidentally sold my dark silk and can’t get another one.

  222. Janic Martin says:

    Gratitude harvest first time got dark silk

  223. sierrs says:

    I used frostember+flower and got a dark silk :-)

  224. Klemianka says:

    I got it by accident when trying for Evergreen with level 5 Autumn and level 5 Harvest

  225. Jamie B says:

    Just got a 29hr breed time with Fire and mythic boreal trying for merry….no complaints here. iOS

  226. Ny Ando says:

    Is this one limited?

  227. kyphoscoliosis says:

    Got this accidentally with Tree and Mountain on the first try aiming for Elder Plant

  228. Dee McDaniel says:

    Bred elder plant and mythic plant for evergreen, but got this instead.

  229. james says:

    I got it with origin and solstice on my first try

  230. Alicia Tallent says:

    Level 10 fire and level 8 merry. Was trying for origin and now i have to wait 29 hours…

  231. daydreamer says:

    Boreal and frozenflame

  232. Jetson26 says:

    Noob sell price is 600 coins

  233. trueroyalty says:

    Ethereal Boreal lv 5 and Frost lv 10. Was trying for Elder Earth or Ice, but this isn’t too shabby. :)

  234. NIN2TheVoid says:

    Mythic flower 10 + mythic bug 10… Had it before the multipart quest about it even appeared, which confused me due to the new breeding time.

    Kind of boring how bug + flower basically gets everything in the game. Got all of the Elder monsters and their mythic variants (except mythic elder ice) with the same combo…

    I don’t think we have to worry about breaking the “cheat”-breeding too much. Yes, it’s worse than Air timewise, but the Air monster appears specifically programmed in to be very common, in order to make you spend diamonds to get around the constant huge waiting time of 26 hrs. Also, (I keep statistics of the breeding) it is very very easy to get a mythic Air monster, which I suspect is also designed just to empty your mythic cave over and over again, making you invest in more coins etc.

    Dark Silk is quite hard to breed, luckily.

  235. BarSel says:

    Has anyone tried to breed the dark silk with another monster? Does it breed like a typical electric?

  236. krazymama71 says:

    Autumn and Mythic Tree, first time.

  237. basaro says:

    xp=2340(same as regular silk)
    Sell price = 600

    after getting my first one so easily with blushbug+glee, it was very difficult to get another.
    I spent over 1000 diamonds over the weekend taking advantage of the increased breeding chances for special monsters. I managed to get at least one of all 7 special monsters, but never got a dark silk.
    So this morning i tried again using many variations of plant+plant and fire+fire combos, and still no luck.
    So i switched gears to electric combos directly with dark silk+electric and also no luck, just got electric.
    But right before I gave up for the day, I used Luster+Electric and got Dark Silk on 2nd try, first result was a Flash. So now I finally have 2 of these and can try for the lame mythic version later.
    So long story short, electric combos work too, just not as safe as fire,plant,earth,ice.

  238. Johnsemma says:

    Hmmm just breed frostember+frozenflame=29 hours?
    Think this could be it noob?

  239. lololady says:

    Autumn and Flower, both level 10.

  240. June says:

    Got it after breeding mystic mountain(lvl 5) and normal tree (lvl 10l
    Was aimin for elder ice. But got this instead

  241. Superpuppydog says:

    Tundra+plant about my 4th try

  242. FischMonster says:

    This one surprised me! I hadn’t heard of it yet and I was combining Plant + Elder Plant to try to get the Evergreen monster. I was shocked to see a breeding time of 29 hours! Cool spider though. Got the Evergreen monster later :[)

  243. Mary K Leehan says:

    My husband got one using level 10 mythic fire and level 10 mythic flare.

  244. Phoenix says:

    Frostember and origin. Got 29 hour breeding time. Still waiting on it.

  245. Christian says:

    I used the origin monster and fire and got it first try but I did that before I saw this page . Once I saw this page it explained why the breeding time is 29h

  246. koi doll says:

    got the 29 hour breeding time with ethereal boreal (lvl 10) and holly (lvl 10) was hoping for a new legendary or elder but hey =) not bad,didn’t have this yet either!

  247. Wolfie says:

    Just wondering, how is this monster electric?? It makes no sense…

  248. blerina says:

    i got it with fire elder and grimfreez

  249. Jackie says:

    I was trying to get evergreen with plant and eeriewood.

  250. DcsLilTrooper says:

    Fire and frozenflame worked 1st time for me :)

  251. wissa says:

    Blushbug 5 and tree monster 5 somehow gave me dark silk

  252. Lbiuhiluh says:

    Got it with level ten mythical fire and a level ten boreal.

  253. Kaerid says:

    Grimfreeze + Boreal

  254. someone says:

    I got it by breeding gift and mythic I etrying to get tinsel

  255. Keith says:

    Level 5 Autumn Left, Level 5 Evergreen Right – 29 hours on Android. Dark Silk is definitely going to make those single element special monsters a bit more troublesome to make…

  256. Pat says:

    Mythic fire 10 and frostember 5

  257. ridi gamer says:

    got by trying to get merry phantom + firework

  258. Teeny says:

    Fire and boreal

  259. candee says:

    Got 29 with mythic fire and hallow

  260. Bine says:

    Luck and blossom, first try ! :)

  261. Reva says:

    what about breeding normal silk with something else like autumn? does that work?

  262. kaylinalise says:

    Trying for my first Merry (which I have been doing for WEEKS) and I got dark silk with level 10 mythic ice and level 10 mythic frostember.

  263. vicky says:

    got this trying for origin with elder fire and firework monsters :)

  264. Sandi says:

    I got a 29 hr breed time with plant and glee.

  265. Jennifer says:

    Frostember and fire

  266. Jo says:

    Mythic holly and mythic plant. Happy with the result!

  267. Jack says:

    Fire and fire form of the frozenflame adult

  268. Ange says:

    Origin (10) x Solstice (10) = 29 hour breed time (first try)

  269. James says:

    Yea got it trying for a tinsel monster lvl 10 ice lvl 10 gift

  270. Er says:

    Does anyone successfully breed a second dark silk? Have been trying for a second one but failed…not as easy as to get the first one.

  271. Rosane says:

    I got dark silk trying to have a snowstorm, breeding flurry 10 and zephyr 10. And any snowstorm! :(

  272. Leslie says:

    Was trying for Elder with Mountain + Tree, got Enigma first try and Dark Silk second try. Still no Elder.

  273. CassRock says:

    Got 29hr breed time with mythic bug & mythic flower both level 10. I had no idea what it was until I came here. I was trying for an Elder monster.

  274. Ellie says:

    Fire and Solstice

  275. Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

    I got it fifth try using Blushbug (Teen) mythic + Elder Plant level 10. All fourth previuos try was plant (18 min each). When I got 29 hours no monster in head and see the egg, never see but here I know it this monster now. Good luck. I was trying to have my first Evergreen. But this fail is very good :)

    • Jeff (Android Low Price =Apple High says:

      I make this combo again and got 13 hours so very good chance it’s Evergreen this time was fifth try again this time with 4 plant before again. So very recommend this combo you can get 2 very good monster and all fail are very short. Good luck.

  276. Yorky says:

    Mythic fire and firework got me a mythic dark silk first try. Thanks a lot for your page and all your help. You are the best !!!

  277. xxfrogxx says:

    Just got 29hr with mythic fire and wildfreeze. On android :)

  278. Mysterious Puddin says:

    I was trying for the Origins monster and used Fire monster and Bug monster and got this. Strange..

  279. Idk says:

    This thing sucks. Does it have something to do with the orb thing?’cuese that is glowing purple/black, so….

  280. Tokira says:

    Fire and Flare, first try

  281. night cookie says:

    Solstice and fire, 1st try accidentally, while trying for another origin. Dark silk is kinda lame and takes too long to breed. I don’t even like the regular silk ugh! 😛

  282. Avistew says:

    I bred Origin and Mythic Fire (both level 10), trying for a second origin. Got 29 hour hatching time. I don’t even have a regular Silk, I’m excited!

  283. mw347 says:

    Fire and fireworks got it on the first time

  284. asdf2733 says:

    Im pretty sure i figured out how to get a second dark silk. You have to breed like you’re trying to get a pure electric monster. The first one was like a gimme, any two sharing an element gives you one. the first time you go back into your game after breeding the first one the rules are set back to normal. It’s like trying to breed a pure electric monster. Hope this helps. I just got my second dark silk with the first electric + electric after literally 200 tries that didnt involve electric. Got it with flare and electric both level 10 mythic

  285. Tiny Id smovie and jay and bob says:

    Fire with bellows got this guy yeah.

  286. Zachbuscus says:

    lvl 10 Mythic fire + teen boreal 1st try (fire and ice/fire). So awesome!

  287. sav says:

    Well I have more of a question my breeding time was 29 hours is dark silk the only monster that takes 29 if so I got mine b breeding the adult flower and adult bug

  288. Ash says:

    Got it with Zephyr and Flurry. Trying for Stowstorm. Clearly Dark Silk is a random conception like Special element monsters, as neither of my monsters used have electric.

  289. raven5611 says:

    Lvl 10 flare and lvl 10 fire… first try. Random.

  290. Tucker says:

    Fire and Bug First try

  291. Rude_Boy says:

    I got 29 hr. And wondered what takes that long till I seen this page. lol, first try if it works with soltice and fire. we shall see?!

  292. Jessie says:

    I got it with autumn and plant first try i am so happy:-)

  293. ursprunger says:

    wenn man Magma (feuer) mit mistik frost kreuzt dann bekommt man ihm 😉

  294. evilkittykatt says:

    I used a level 10 mystic fire and a level 10 fireworks and received a dark silk

  295. 3derydr says:

    Just got 29 hours…I used Origin and Solstice because they are both available and I wanted both of them (or two dozen lions :) ).
    I’m with you, Noob, I really hope this is a limited monster, cause this sucks.

    • 3derydr says:

      Kinda have to wonder too, why tease us with a lower chance for getting air monsters when breeding for elder abd legendary if they’re just gonna drop this little breeding den hog on us?
      Seriously underhanded if you ask me.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        You can avoid getting this monster by simply use totally different element (and judging from the past, it’s the formula that have high success rate), like Magma + Flurry (this combination doesn’t have any same elements, so you have no chance to get dark silk, unless my breeding theory is wrong).

  296. hawgneck says:

    Lvl 10 origin and lvl 10 hallow=29 hours

  297. LSPea says:

    1st try with teen Orgin + adult firework was trying for elder :)

  298. TNITO1 says:

    Got Dark silk first try with frostember lvl 8 and fire lvl 10

  299. Cait says:

    I got this with Mythic Fire and Solstice, I was hoping for Origin.

  300. Molly says:

    I got it with Fire on left, Frostember on right, both level 10’s, first try.

  301. Jacob Holland says:

    Ice + tundra

    I was trying for tinsel

  302. DcsLilTrooper says:

    Fire and froze flame = 29hrs fingers crossed!

  303. 1jellybean says:

    This monster is not showing up on my game for some reason. Does that mean I’m wasting my time trying if it’s not in my monsterpedia?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It will show up once you have got it :D.

      • 1jellybean says:

        Lol I meant my monster count didn’t go up to indicate there was a new monster. I discovered it when I checked in here. But I just bred solstice and origin for 29 hours so thank you for all the time and effort you put into this and to all who post.

  304. Liz says:

    Got it with elder fire and solstice

  305. Hasan says:

    I got it using Mountain + Tree (both are teen)

  306. Kyle says:

    Here is a formula that worked mountain and plant worked. For me that is.

  307. Zombiefreak911 says:

    Lvl 10 Origin + Lvl 10 Mythic Fire

    29 hr breeding time first try

  308. Jessica says:

    Mythic bug + Mythic Flower

  309. Brendan M. (TinyID: AlpacasRock) says:

    Noobber! If one of your monsters is mythic you will always get it first try! I have tested this: mythic fire+bellows, mythic fire+mythic bellows, autumn + mythic plant. All of these formulas were first try successes! Autumn + plant 2nd try fire + bellows 5th try.

  310. Alexis Cuellar says:

    Got Mine With Mythic Fire(10) + Bug (10) 1st Try

  311. Dani says:

    Got it with level 10 firework and 10 fire first try

  312. keb9719 says:

    29 hour breeding time with renewal and bug… I wanted an elder fire but I assume that I’m breeding the dark silk monster.

  313. onlyonewolf says:

    Not hatched yet but currently breeding fire and solstice and have a 29 hour hatch time.

  314. Brooklyn says:

    I got it using level 5 tree and level 10 mountain. First try 😀

  315. Raka28 says:

    i got my dark silk with bug + mythic flower, both lv 10..

  316. Suzanneq21 says:

    Both level 10, origin left, elder fire right 2nd time. Was trying for mythic origin. On android

  317. Will2269 says:

    Frozenblaze, mythic fire! Didn’t even know it existed!

  318. Cgarza says:

    I just got a 29 hour timer using solstice and fire. Was trying for origin. Not what I expected. :(

  319. JP says:

    Got it with automn & mythic plant, both level 10 on first try!

  320. Brucemeister68 says:

    Got mine with solstice and hallow first try wasnt trying for it lol

  321. Silverwind says:

    Was trying for Solstice but just got 29 hours with mythic fire and strike

  322. Reece says:

    Got one first time with Joy (the yellow one) and Elder Plant

  323. that1tm says:

    I got the dark silk by breeding a level 10 fire monster and level 10 flower monster

  324. Megacheck (tiny ID phantome) says:

    Got two of them. ( unexpected lol)

    Blushbug and Jubilee

    second with Elder Plant and Blushbug

    all at L10

  325. Lins says:

    Flower + mythic bug 1st try

  326. Silvia says:

    OMG, I got 29 waiting hours when trying to get Origin, with hallow and elder fire. I guess it’s this new silk monster. I will not try the combination again.

  327. Bugeye says:

    Tried to get the Dark Silk monster.
    Bug and Flower gave me a Bug.
    Solstice and Fire gave me my third Origin.
    At last I got 29 hours breeding time with Autum and Plant.

    • Idk says:

      Wow. You had to try multiple times to get this monster? It’s a cruel prank/glitch! I have gotten it 3 times in a row!!! ( Origen )

  328. basaro says:

    dark silk xp=2340 (same as regular silk)

    after you hatch this monster, a new quest appears:
    Dark Silk Mystery (5 parts)
    1. Collect from 5 habitats. 50xp 100food
    2. Buy 2 decorations suggested by Becky. 50xp 50coins
    Decorations: Sundial (6,000), Binocular Station (43,200), Buried Treasure (? I can’t find this in my decorations market ?), Manta Ray Kite (68,000), Well (1,080,000).
    This may auto-complete if you already have 2. I already had a sundial and just bought a Binocular Station and the quest completed.
    3. Harvest 5 crops. 50xp 100food
    … still working on this…

    • basaro says:

      here’s the rest of the quest.
      4. examine the channeling sphere, it’s changed color! Then hatch any egg (fire). 50xp 50coins
      5.have adult dark silk. 50xp 10diamonds(large)

      so this confirms my theory that the purple channeling sphere and magic dust is all linked to dark silk.

  329. Tori says:

    Lvl 10 Origin and Lvl 10 Solstice. First try. :)

  330. Cstrnt says:

    Ok, it’s seems Dark Silk is very easy to get… But, what about getting a second spider (you know, mythic purpose)??? After I got my first one, every combo is back to usual results. I’m not being able to get 29 hs breeding again. Anyone?? Noobbgodlike???

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Breeding is all about chance, so just keep trying :). BTW, mythic version is not different than normal one (only differ in coin).

    • asdf2733 says:

      Im pretty sure i figured out how to get a second dark silk. You have to breed like you’re trying to get a pure electric monster. The first one was like a gimme, any two sharing an element gives you one. the first time you go back into your game after breeding the first one the rules are set back to normal. It’s like trying to breed a pure electric monster. Hope this helps. I just got my second dark silk with the first electric + electric after literally 200 tries that didnt involve electric. Got it with flare and electric both level 10 mythic

  331. kathym2913 says:

    Got 29 hr breeding time with level 10 blue joy & level 10 plant. Was trying for evergreen!

  332. Dolphnlvr82 says:

    Mythic fire and firework by accident.

  333. Eerie says:

    Lvl. 10 Fire & Lvl. 10 Elder Fire.

  334. Shalenian says:

    Trying for the origin got this with mythic flower and bug nice suprize lol

  335. Luichoy says:

    Got this 29hr surprise monster with Mythic Ice + Gift (Adult box version), trying for Tinsel…. Unimpressed with this & my Christmas decorations turning TO DUST!! 😉 At least I’ll complete that weird mystery quest.

  336. MimiMonster says:

    Origin and firework first try!

  337. Tiny says:

    i got it with elder fire and mythic solstice was trying for origin. i believe the increase and capability to hatch this monster this week has something to do with strange purple dust and the chanelling purple sphere

  338. John says:

    Solstice + Wildfreeze.
    This monster sure take odd Combinations.

  339. mygoldfish8me says:

    1st try mythic fire and boreal both level 10. Trying for elder fire.

    • Comet8 says:

      I got 29 hour breeding time with teen fire and a teen boreal trying for origin. It absolutely stumped me but now I don’t know what else it could be. I just bred it so I have to wait and see.

  340. Michael King says:

    I mixed hallow lvl 5 and fire lvl 10 and got 29 hours 1st try! Wish it wasnt so long, though, especially on the week with specials chances tripled.

  341. Zalyana says:

    I got it with lvl 10 Mythic Fire and lvl 10 Mythic Bug

  342. AT says:

    Atumn and Merry, both level 10.

  343. optimist says:

    i think I my have gotten it with solstice (mythic) and firework. Both level 10

  344. Alexis says:

    Its wierd I dont even want it and I was trying tk get 9hours for merry and I got this with yellow joy level 8 and mythic blossom level 5

  345. Tiffany0660 says:

    Autumn + Evergreen First try

  346. JJ Baker says:

    I got 29 hours with Frostember and Borial…I was trying for Elder Fire.

  347. Chay says:

    I got this one using Fire + Solstice both level 10 first try. Was trying for Origin.

  348. chris says:

    got it first try with a level 10 mythic fire and a level 10 mythic solstice

  349. kaja says:

    Flower and graveleaf.. wasnt expecting to get it first try, weired 😀

  350. cy_klonne says:

    Soltice and Hallow got a 29 hour breed time.

  351. BunnyMonster says:

    Got 29h with Elder Fire and teen Origin. I was actually trying to get a second Elder Fire but will have to do…

  352. Kimberly says:

    I got 29 hours with m. Plant and autumn.

  353. Ginknam says:

    Regular firework and regular solstice first try

  354. Jessie says:

    Is the Dark silk limited:-)

  355. XRemoreonX says:

    I got 29 hours with autumn and tree

  356. Kal says:

    Evergreen level 5 with Plant level 10 just gave me 29 hour breeding time. First try!

  357. Leilani says:

    Autumn and Plant got 29 hr breeding time.

  358. Mad Hatter says:

    I just got him by using Mythic Ice (level 10) and Silk (level 10). Was trying to go for Tinsel or Holly.

  359. Heather Ann August says:

    Complete and total accident. Elder plant 10 and Autumn 8. I ddnt know this monster existed until I got it…I saw the egg and said…WHAT IS THAT????….was trying for elder earth.

  360. Rach (monstersrus) says:

    Got 29 hours with level 7 autumn and level 7 gratitude.

  361. Gamemaster says:

    I got dark silk with Blushbug + Mythic Plant=29 hrs

  362. Ne1can2 says:

    Does any one know if the tree that was turned into a pile of ashes has anything to do with the monster?

  363. Luna says:

    Trying for elder plant or fire, i got this with Origin and Mythic Flower.

  364. filly23 says:

    Bred this last night with Fire and Plant. There was no information regarding a 29 hour breed time so I had no idea what I was getting. Very happy to get this really fast…without even trying for it!

  365. TinyAunt says:

    I put a lvl 10 frist and 10 tundra i the den to try for the elsker ICE now thar there is and increased chance this weekend. Got 29 h Breeding time.

  366. Matheus says:

    Got it air (10) and ice (10) trying first try, lul.

  367. audrey says:

    This mistery monster by breeding Fire and Merry
    (Magic dust quest)

    • BikerAngelMom says:

      I did mythic fire and mythic merry and got it by accident! Now people are saying it turns some decorations to ASHES? :-O

    • claidialove09 says:

      Me too with this combo both 10, and I was trying to get Origen, That’s nice any way unexpected, I will tried again same combo to tried to get Origen I Reid that combo would work the 3er time :)

  368. Aubrey says:

    Just got it with Mythic Fire (lvl 10) and Frostember (lvl 5)

  369. figgis says:

    I got it with Plant and Autumn first go! Try this method because the fail time is only 18 minutes.

    Hope this helps!

  370. Pluckyduck says:

    I just got it with mythic plant and gratitude.

  371. ermegerd says:

    I used frozenflame and frostember and got 29 hours. I’m guessing I got this monster

  372. Christy says:

    Autumn 10 + Blushbug 10 = Dark Silk

    Thanks for all the awesome info here! I think I probably would have quit out of frustration a long time ago if I had not found your site!

  373. Deminio says:

    Got it , first try in asolute with evergreen and plant

  374. nickride says:

    Blushbug (10) + Tundra (10) = 29 hrs (fingers crossed)

  375. Ithrow45 says:

    Elder Fire Ethernal Boreal. Still having difficulties getting 2nd Elder Ice. Can’t complain yesterday got Luster to complete all the “regular” monsters!

  376. TM says:

    Mythic Autumn and Glee YIPPEE!!! Should’ve been a Halloween monster. Hope they come out with more ‘dark’ monster versions.

  377. Amberbduuh says:

    Hey noob I just got it using autumn and luck but the monster in not in my monsterpedia when I hatch it will it show up?

  378. Harpa says:

    Got 29 hours with frostember and fire

  379. Darcy says:

    I just got 29 hours with Elder Fire and Merry.

  380. Angela says:

    I got this with level 10 plant and level 10 autumn I was trying for evergreen

  381. Richard (TinyID: timdale) says:

    Got mine from Blushbug and Autumn (both mythics) and got 29hrs , I didn’t what it was so I kind of went crazy a bit lol , but am glad about it , the original silk itself does amazing stuff when it comes to breeding can’t wait to see what this baby can do

  382. m94sarah says:

    Blushbug and joy monster did the trick for me ! so weird and my monsterpedia still at 152/151 because of the enigma but no space for that darksilk lol btw silk is the worst monster of this game xD the cutest is baby autumn x,x

  383. Alibongo24 says:

    Autumn (7) & Luck (5) 1st try, I have tried since but hasn’t worked!

  384. Winterschill says:

    Mythic fire + flower = Dark silk

  385. Barb says:

    Elder Earth and Earth got me 12 min Earth so I don’t think it’s just any 2 same elements…or I truly have the worst luck ever! :)

    • Barb says:

      I got it on my second try with Origin and Elder Fire, since the fire and plant elements seemed to be working for everyone else.

  386. Saboroso says:

    I breed Firework with Solstice for short fail time and get 29hrs. I wanted an Elder Ice with the 3x boost but it now seems unlikely :/
    At least I get something new :)

  387. hkkrach says:

    Origin and Solstice, first try :)

  388. Judith says:

    Lvl 10 Mythic Fire left and lvl 8 origin right… And all I was trying for was the mythic fire of the quest… Not the 5 second waiting time I was after, but I suppose I’ll take it…

  389. basaro says:

    I now believe the reason for the channeling sphere turning purple and decoartions turning to dust is because of this new dark silk monster. This all seemed to happen at the same time yesterday when they released this monster.

  390. Scorpiobabe says:

    First with Evergreen and Autumn
    Second with Autumn and Evergreen
    Third with Autumn and Elder Plant …..

  391. Angelface_266 says:

    If you look in the quests there is a new one that says something about magic dust. It shows a picture of the dark silk egg as well. It’s not a quest per se, but it is mentioned in the quests. I got mine just now with mythic fire lvl 10 and mythic wild freeze lvl 10.

  392. zinnath says:

    Got 29 hours with plant and glee!

  393. lysjuh01 says:

    got 29 hours with frostember and mythic fire

  394. Brenda says:

    Happy New Year Noob!!! I got a 29 breeding time with fireworks lvl 10 and mythic fire lvl 10 trying for 2nd origin. :)

  395. KingHalo1337 says:

    Got him with lvl 10 Solstice lvl 10 Elder Fire first try attempting….I dont know about you guys but my Channeling Sphere isnt gold w/ a blue orb anymore its all purple w/ a purple orb instead….is this what the dust quest is talking about? has anyone completed that quest yet?

  396. Fogi says:

    29 Hours with just myth. Eld-Fire 10 and myth. Fire 10… mysterious! 😀

  397. Adrianna says:

    Teen holly and adult merry – 29hrs. You think this monster has to do with the mysterious dust piles? Could be why there is no notice.

  398. Cavoods says:

    Ahhhhahhhh……makes sense now….got 29 hours with Elder Fire and Boreal…..

  399. Enigma43 says:

    Mythic Teen Hallow and Mythic Level 10 Fireworks= 29 hours.

  400. Birgit says:

    I got mine with boréal and origin after several fire failures

  401. Jmcg86 says:

    I got dark silk with boreal and Mythic tundra was trying for elder ice

  402. Panda says:

    Just got 29 hours with Autumn + Plant trying for Evergreen. Was so confused about what it could be lol.

  403. Gage says:

    Mythic Fire + Merry, was trying for Origin and got 29 hr.

  404. laranatana says:

    autumn + harvest. I was trying for evergreen. ^^

  405. mashkin80 says:

    Mythic fire + Firework gave me 29 hrs, mythic, from the first time! I’ m so happy! It has never been so easy for me )))

  406. Misty_Lake says:

    This is the first time ever that I get a monster even before they announce him. Got one with Mythic Fire and Bellows trying for another Origin.

  407. Kai Wong says:

    Mythic Fire + Frozenblaze both Level 10

  408. StrangeLotus says:

    Got him with Mythic Ice lvl 10 + Flurry lvl 5

  409. Hyciera says:

    I got two in a row with mythic plant and mythic elder plant.

  410. Talim says:

    Get him by accident,mystic fire and solitace

  411. SabiKnauer says:

    I got 29 hours using evergreen and mythic plant :) first try

  412. retro says:

    got it with Origin and Boreal seems almost too easy maybe its to pay back for the merry being so hard to get

  413. Amanda says:

    I just got 29 breeding hours with mythic ice Lvl 10 and frozenblaze Lvl 10 first try

  414. Monarjana says:

    I got it with Fire and Solstice.

  415. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    is this limited?

  416. blueace72 says:

    Got it first try with fire (10) + merry (10)

  417. pondo says:

    Got this with Fire 10 + Merry 7

  418. leeuwtje1975 says:

    Got 29 hours breeding time with origin lv8 and fire lv10.

  419. Samuel says:

    I just got mine with solistice and firework

  420. jasper says:

    Frost and Flurry…

  421. Snoopzoos says:

    I just used elder fire and mythic magna and got 29hr breed time, I hope it is this one as nothing else is 29hrs long.

  422. Tess says:

    Plant + elder plant. Got 29 hour breeding time before I got the magic dust quest

  423. toast418 says:

    Omg. I usually post grumbling about my bad luck.
    not this time!
    I came to the site and saw this same-element theory and decided to give it a shot.

    Got 29 hours with Solstice and Hallows.
    1st try. Literally. Not even a basic fire first.

    Thanks for quick reliable data collection everyone. =)

    • toast418 says:

      Oh! And for added awesome, my social cave just gave me 34 hours.
      I still need Elder Ice but Legendary wouldn’t be too bad either.

      It’s been a great round for me – wishing lots of New Year’s luck to you too.

  424. booster4s says:

    got 29 houres with origin and bellows

  425. Oldblackmagic says:

    Weird. I just got 29 hr breeding time with Fire and Frozenflame both level 10.

  426. jose says:

    Got one with solstice and firework

  427. Michelle says:

    I used a level 10 mythic flower and a level 10 bug and 29 hours for the breeding den on my first try :).

  428. zander says:

    I got mine with mythic gift (blue box) and ice.

  429. Shanababe says:

    I got this with gift and iceflame – a new quest auto-completed when I hatched the egg.

  430. Asna says:

    Got mine with mythic fire and solstice , was trying for origin :p

  431. Carina says:

    Just put Fire & Grimfreeze in breeding den and got 29 hours. I think it may be dark silk :)

  432. mike3912 says:

    Bellows and fire first try. Glad i looked hear before i started. Thanks noob

  433. Jay and bob tiny( ID jayandbob and smovies) says:

    Just got a 29 hr using fire and firework. Hope it’s this guy.

  434. michelle says:

    I got 29 hours with lv 10 fire ( normal) and a level 8 solstice. Was trying to get origin. Hmmmm

  435. hlomason says:

    I got 29 hours with renewal and graveleaf monster.

  436. basaro says:

    Noob, it appears u can get this with combos of same elements monsters, fire+fire, plant+plant, etc. All combos reported have a common element in them. I just got one with blushbug+glee, both plant elements. Single element monsters combined with a hybrid or 2 hybrids could also work as long as they each share the same element. Thats my theory 😉

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I also thinking the same thing XD. You beat me this time :D. For hybrids, it seems you only need to have one same element (someone reported that he/she got it using mountain + bug).

      • crazibreeder says:

        Fire and firework going for origin I was going crazy when I saw 29 hours was so confused lmao

      • Peg says:

        wow. this new quest explains ALOT. bred fire and hallows (fire) and got 29 hours. NO CLUE on the breeding chart… and NOW this quest shows up (sparkly stuff) with new information….. was shooting for Origins.

        • fredreich says:

          scored 29 hour breed time-positive its dark silk, trying for origin adult lvl.10 and frozen flame lvl.5

      • Vaiuri says:

        I just got 29 hour breed time with Firework and Origin both level 10. Will try it with Adult Gift Box and Tinsel next.

      • basaro says:

        Noob, yup thats exactly what I meant, only one common element is needed. Mountain and bug each have plant in them, so whallah…dark silk :) I sure hope its limited cause if it isnt its going to be worse than getting air when using hybrids to try for special monsters.

  437. Hecate1983 says:

    I have a new Quest in my Quest List, it says: Find the Source of the Magic Dust. I am assuming that it refers to this new Dark Silk Monster. I used the combo: Autumn + Glee. Got a 29 Hour Breed Time. Has to be this new monster. Good luck everyone! P.S. This is a very strange Quest Noob!

  438. Aubrey says:

    I got a quest that said I needed to find the “magic dust” with a picture of an egg that looked like it could be for this monster!!

  439. Brooke says:

    Got it first try with hallow and firework

  440. Daria says:

    hmmmm I was trying for Origin. Used fire & fireworks and got a 29 hour breeding time.

  441. Khadence says:

    Got it using Blushbug and Mythic Plant

  442. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Got this one with holly and mythic merry…

  443. Kimi D says:

    I got this monster earlier with Mountain and Bug. I was thinking “What the heck is this? There’s no 29 hour monster.” They should really put the quest out before they allow us to breed the monster.

  444. Hz says:

    Solstice and bellows, trying for origin – must be a glitch, but this is the only 29 hour monster…

  445. Beth says:

    Got 29 hours with L10 Solstice and Bellows. Was trying for second Origin. This combo gave me the first Origin.

  446. Adreiansav says:

    I got it by breeding bug and flower

  447. Steph (RebelRock & XxLuv3KidsxX) says:

    Merry + gift

  448. Ed Parks says:

    29 hrs with boreal lvl 10 and frost member lvl 10

  449. Lindsay says:

    I am beginning to believe it doesn’t matter what you breed together. I think you are guaranteed the dark silk when the orb changes. Random things changed to a pile of dust on my game. The sundial, binocular station and one of my 3 kites changed

  450. Mike says:

    Autumn and blushbug, 3rd try.

  451. Lori says:

    Autumn + Holly

  452. MissLadyJo says:

    Sun 8 + Mythic Fire 10 (trying for any fire hybrid for a quest). Instead, I get 29 hours? One day 4 hours and 59 minutes. I just don’t get the breeding habits of this game. SMH

  453. Maggie Mon says:

    I just got an 29 hours breeding time from Flower with bellow in first try. But I dunno what is this.

    When I used diamond to finish the breeding and found that is a new monster which is the new one.

  454. jamiegirl says:

    I just got it on the first try with ice and gift. I’ve been trying to get tinsel and merry

  455. enemygrey says:

    I got 29 hours using autumn and blushbug both level 5. I was trying for evergreen.

  456. Besoconchita says:

    So weird Noob… I noticed the Cheery Christmas Tree turned into a pink dust pyramid and the channeling sphere turned into pink lightning globe. I think I got black silk first try – 29 hours with Autumn and Elder Plant.

  457. emilio says:

    first try autumn and evergreen 29 hours. no mythic though

  458. Lei says:

    Gloom + merry, trying for elder

  459. Angel says:

    Hallow an firework got two in a row before the quest or dust showed up but is electric an looks just like silk but dark colors

  460. Barbara says:

    I got one with blush uh and tundra, trying for an evergreen.

  461. Karen says:

    Elder fire teen plus frozenflame teen. Had no idea what I got when I saw 29 hours. Black silk.

  462. elder says:

    Whats the source of the magic dust? Is it this monster

  463. trillog says:

    I have 2 dark silks lev 10 ice teen gift. I waz confused wen i saw it cuz its electric and i breed ice trying for tinsle. Noob any idea wuts going on. Its a crises and u have all the info in this tiny monster world.

  464. F8alsLady says:

    Got 29 hours with m zephyr and flurry. Good luck all

  465. Allison says:

    I just bred Frozenflame and Bellows and got a 29 hour breeding time.

  466. Verasa says:

    autumn and plant – 1st try)))

  467. Kehwuh says:

    I got it first try with level 10 flower and a leel 6-7 bug. I didn’t even know what it the world it was at first. Lol

  468. Deidra Bartholomew says:

    I’m on android system

  469. Deidra Bartholomew says:

    I got it on first try with mythic plant & mythic tree

  470. basaro says:

    Noob, this monster does not appear in the market or monsterpedia (yet), and monster count is the same as before, but if you open a specific monster from the monsterpedia, the monster count is increased by 1, indicating there is another monster which would be this dark silk. Similar to the way enigma behaves in the monsterpedia. :)

  471. mycodale says:

    Level 7 frostember level 10 boreal

  472. Abby says:

    Level 10 fire level 5 origin first try

  473. Eric Tobin-Wildman says:

    What is the deal with this one i just recently got it.

  474. Brandon Wilson says:

    I got with Evergreen and mythic plant

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