How to Kill Dragon on Infinity Blade 3 |
Posted on Nov 1, 2013

How to Kill Dragon on Infinity Blade 3


IB 3 Dragon

IB 3 Dragon Got away


Dragon appear randomly on the outdoor area. Do instruction that appear on that screen to avoid dying. However, you can’t kill the dragon from random encounter; you need to lower its HP (until it reaches 20.000; its HP won’t be recovered on the next battle, so it will take multiple battles to lower it until reach 20.000) and then a special place will available at the world map. The final Battle will take on Raidriar’s Stage.


The battle is pretty easy, you don’t need to guess movement pattern or anything. Simply follow instruction that appear on the screen. Defeating it will reward you with Ash and Sorrow Map which allow you to obtain Rare fire Gem (+500 fire damage). Visit THIS PAGE to know more about its location.

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5 Responses to “How to Kill Dragon on Infinity Blade 3”

  1. Steady says:

    Me too. When the dragon gets down to 500 HP he always flies away.

  2. Dad says:

    i already kill ed him when in a battle You llave him lime 2000 health it will escape the non the map there will appear a mission to kill him

  3. Gary Aldaco says:

    When I am at the beginning of Raidriars place and the dragon shows up he only has 10,000 XP left. So when I fight him and he gets down to 500 XP he takes off every single time. Why does the game always let the dragon leave when he is almost defeated. I don’t understand. I am on lvl 5, I have the infinity blade, I have the crown of kings, I have the armor of kings and the sovereign. Why am I not able to beat the dragon?

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