Posted on Apr 24, 2012

Illusia 2 Complete Guide Walkthrough, Wiki, and Faq

Release Date: 19 April 2012

Genre: RPG

Platform: Iphone/Ipad

Publisher: Gamevil

Developer: Gamevil

Main Guide

1. Chapter 1 Turnvill Village
2. Chapter 2 Toy World
3. Chapter 3 Food World
4. Chapter 4 Adventure World
5. Chapter 5 Nightmare World
6. Last Chapter (On progress)

Character build guide (on progress)

This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2012

Illusia 2 is copyright of Gamevil


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123 Responses to “Illusia 2 Complete Guide Walkthrough, Wiki, and Faq”

  1. ThePaladino says:

    is there a change class in illusia 2? or just in illusia 1? i’m confused.

  2. ZapperGoldW says:

    Focus raising Vitality for Ares & getting HP stats boost/ Defensive stats/ HP recovery% Equipments & Jewels

    Hint: He’s a defensive class

    Finished Illusia 2 using Ares Level 147 without using a single revive, Punise I think my opinion is hardest boss,
    I have Twitter ^^; @ZapperGoldW (I will do an Angela later & Chris is hardest class I will do in the future)

    • ZapperGoldW says:

      SPOILER: Beaten the game

      Elipsa is the Dreamian Queen
      Nobody died except the first 3 guardians . _. ( Desayer takes his own life to save Erisard shh…)
      Punise & Erisard were once corrupted by evil human minds ._ .
      Erisard betrayed punish by taking his guardian star
      (Erisard is guardian of hope & Punise is guardian of phantom)
      In the end, the hero returns to Turnvill
      Training Room unlocked when you beaten the game on hard mode.(After you were tricked & killed by Punise which before then the game was on normal mode)
      Hard mode is unlocked once you beaten Desayer ( you’ll see a twist shhhhhh)

    • ZapperGoldW says:

      I meant Queen Dreamian “Elipia” I made a spelling error :v

  3. Marcus says:

    How do I defeat desayer?
    His rotating fire mist is too hard to dodge

  4. Dragonsf says:

    Where is a good Leveling Spot in Hard Mode?
    I really have a hard time defeating Deryll,he’s like impossible when im only level 50 on Hard Mode so i got to level up and get some good equips because im like rich in game i have a million gold but i have level 10+ equips so i need a good Leveling Spot which is also easy to grind enemies.
    Thanks in Advance.

  5. ariz says:

    how do you do stamp attack with Chris?

  6. ipAds says:

    guys how to win in pvp mode ? im always lose why ?

  7. Mihawk says:

    How can i enter the secret path that I’ve discovered?

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