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Illusia 2 Faq Chapter 3 Food World Ezel

Dream Castle Town

Check the wish board and see an event with Toto. Go right to dumpster area (1), use dash attack to destroy the garbage. Open the treasure that you find on this area and give it to Toto. The guard will come and tell you to meet with the queen. Go left to point (2) to meet with the queen. She’ll tell you about guardian, backtrack to previous area and talk to Tori. Enter the portal that leads to

Food World

Go right to see an event, use stamp attack to meet on the wooden platform to meet with Caged Dreamians (Steam Bunny). Continue right to the town.

Tips: If you fall to the pit again, go left to find portal to get out from the pit.

Take some side quest at the town or you can just go to point (7) to meet with Grandma poking. Defeat Her (it’s easy). Enter the portal on the middle part of this area

Tips: Do all Side quests before facing this boss because they’re easy to do and can easily boost your level which makes upcoming boss battle a lot easier.

BOSS: Ezel

Recommended Level: 36

Buy a lot of potion especially if you’re melee attacker (about 20-30). Range character should face no trouble against this boss; just keep maintaining your distance. He can inflict many bad statuses on your character so it’s good idea to bring status healing potion. Make sure your melee character can survive 2-3 hits (about 200-300 damage per hit) when you’re attacking him and your potion can be used immediately after that. Attack Patterns:

[0] Fried Chicken: homing Chickens chase you, they’re not hard to avoid and will disappear quickly so you can just run to the opposite side of the chickens. It can seal your character’s skill for a short period time.
[0] Cheese: Easy to avoid, he’ll fires when he’s on the upper platform. It may inflict poison.
[0] Quick Delivery: Stand on your ground until you see red target on the ground, RUN AWAY TO ANY DIRECTION IMMEDIATELLY to avoid this attack. It may cause confusion when hit you.

Now go back to Queen’s room on Dream Castle and talk to Punise at point (2). Go right to talk with Tori and see an event. Enter the upper left portal (to the temple) to end this chapter.

Main Quest List

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Queen’s invite 9455 exp;
500 gold
Story Dream castle town Check the wish board
Toto’s wishboard 10231 exp;
540 gold;
Wish Book
Toto Dream castle town Clear the garbages by using dash attack;
return the treasure to Toto
To Queen’s Room 11038 exp;
580 gold;
Special forging stone/
Yellow star
Story Dream castle town Finish Toto’s wishboard quest;
Meet Queen at point (2)
Repelling Darkness 11875 exp;
620 gold;
Health or Mana Potion
Queen Dream Castle (2) Talk to Tori at the area before Queen’s Room
Guardian’s Whereabouts 12743 exp;
660 gold
Tori Food World Go to point (1) at food world
Caged Dreamians 13642 exp;
710 gold;
rush mode ticket
Story Food World Use stamp attack on the wooden platform
Grandma pooking 14751 exp;
750 gold;
Two way portal/
Yellow Star
Story Food World Reach point (7)
Grandma pooking’s secret 19414 exp;
1000 gold;
Hat lvl 34
Story Point (7) Defeat Grandma Pooking
Ezel The guardian 20652 exp;
1060 gold
Story Boss area Reach boss area
Miss 21928 exp;
1120 gold;
Weapon lvl 30
Story Boss Area Defeat Ezel
In the Queen’s Room 23244 exp;
1190 gold;
Health or Mana potion
Story Dream Castle (2) Talk to Punise
The 3rd World 24597 exp;
1250 gold
Story Dream Castle Talk to Tori

Side Quest List

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Wish Star Tutorial 2403 exp;
550 gold;
yellow star
Toto Dream Castle Town Buy and give Toto Health Potion L
Special Officer 2653 exp;
563 gold;
Blue star
Toto Dream Castle Town Finish Wish star tutorial and then meet special officer
Enjoy Rush Mode 2903 exp;
576 gold;
red star
Special Officer Dream Castle Town Enter Rush mode
Enjoy Mission mode Special Officer Dream Castle Town Enter mission mode;
I haven’t been able to clear this mission because the enemies are too strong
Mr. Baker 5153 exp;
657 gold;
Margarine Food Town Obtain 5 hamburgers;
Can be obtained by killing cheap burger at point (3)
Finding Mr. Baker 5403 exp;
671 gold
Margarine Food Town Talk to Mr. Baker at point (6)
Collecting Darkness Powder 5853 exp;
686 gold;
Mr. Baker Food world point (6) Obtain 5 darkness powder;
Dropped by dark Skewer at point (5)
Mr. Baker’s Favor 5903 exp;
700 gold
Mr. Baker Food world point (6) Talk to Margarine at Food town
Ingredient Breadcrumb 3653 exp;
576 gold
Hot Bunny Food Town Obtain 5 breadcrumb;
kill cookie woman at point (2)
Ingredient Sugar 3903 exp;
589 gold;
yellow star
Hot Bunny Food Town obtain 5 sugars;
can be obtained from healthy pudding at point (4)
Ingredient Flour 4153 exp;
602 gold;
rainbow star
Hot Bunny Food Town Obtain 5 flour;
dropped by cookie man at point (5)
legendary Dish name of a Dish Bunny Food Town Talk to Elderly Toy;
Talk to portal Manager to change town
Name of a Dish 4650 exp;
630 gold;
Shield lvl 25;
Elderly Toy Toy Town Obtain 5 radish juice;
dropped by chef radish at point (6)
Dream Soup 4903 exp;
643 gold;
Elderly Toy Toy Town Talk to Red Bean Bunny on the Food Town

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  1. Lynn says:

    My fairy got the secret passage and treasure finding skill but I cannot enter the food mine (secret passageway)in food world .how do I enter it?! thanks.
    My brother uses Ares and managed to enter by using tackle attack ,but I use Angela!!!

  2. ipAds says:

    sir noobbgodlike how to finish quest main 7 TRINA DISAPPEARED ? i saw trina but i cant talk to here she is inside the rock how to talk trina or break the rock ? Please help me .

  3. Ryan says:

    Erm…what’s all the gems for(the stats)
    And I can’t find auction house

  4. Kian says:

    Hi, i was just wondering what the rush mode ticket does. I just got one but dont seezany difference

  5. m says:

    hello i was wondering where or how i could get more rush mode tickets? thanks.

    • Lynn says:

      You can get it by buying it from the special officer or you can get some by finishing some quests.

      Each rush mode ticket costs:6000

  6. Yadaimean says:

    How do you change online name?

  7. dickson says:

    How to use stamp att? I been trying alot button already and skill but still cant figure it out..

  8. HotBlooD says:

    Hello! I would like to know how to open the hidden entrances and is the blue mark thing for every world a hidden entrance? Because I would really like to go in it and check it out. Thanks!

  9. ole says:

    I can’t detroy garbage by dash(strong tackle).Can you tell me how to detroy the garbage ?

  10. David says:

    For clearing mission mode, it’s very easy. Choose third one – the shot test. All you need to do it double jump from left to right, then right to left. NO STOPPING!!! After two minutes, You will able to clear it. The mission will cost you $10000 to play though.

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