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Illusia 2 Faq Chapter 4 Adventure World Shiape

A very short chapter, Go to the new world

Adventure world

Tips: You can get the treasure chest at point (1), use stamp on 3rd wooden platform from the left.

Go right until you meet with Laker at point (1). Defeat all sandmen and talk to him. Enter the town and talk to him, now go left and talk to Huker to ask information about guardian. He’ll tell you to find his pocket watch first at point (2). So go there and defeat Tick Tock Gator until you get the watch.

Go back to the town and then give the watch to Huker. He’ll tell you about wailing sound from the cave. Go left to point (4) to see an event. Continue to boss area and.

BOSS: Shiape

Recommended level: 46

You can’t attack him while he’s hiding his star. Just wait on the edge of the area until he opens it. This battle is very easy if you’re warrior because you have a lot of HP, for mage and assassin you must evade his attack carefully and make sure always have potion that can be used anytime, it’s best to keep away when your potion is on cooling down. Attack Patterns:

[0] Fireworks: It’s a little hard to evade this one, just let it hits you because it deals small amount of damage anyway.
[0] That Little Brat: Be careful when He says this.Run away to either left or right edge and wait until the shockwave come and then jump through it.
[0] I am not backing down: Same as that little brat, evade the lightning by jumping through it. The lightning won’t do any damage only the sparks on the ground that will deal the damage.

After you have destroyed his upper arms, he only uses “That little Brat” and “I am not backing down”. so its easy to predict his next attack.

Go back to Adventure town and you’ll meet with Laker at point (5). Now use portal manager to come back to dream castle, talk to Tori and Erisard. Continue to portal room and head to Bizarre Town Front to go to Nightmare World.

Main Quest

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Suspicious Person 25988 exp;
1320 gold;
Two-way Portal/
Yellow Star
Story Adventure World Meet with Laker (1)
Suspicious Person’s Identity 27418 exp;
1400 gold;
Story Adventure Town Defeat Sandman and then talk to Laker (1)
Laker the Knight 28887 exp;
1470 gold
Story Adventure Town Talk to Laker at the adventure town
Guardian’s Information 30394 exp;
1540 gold;
Health or Mana
Story Adventure Town Talk to Huker
Huker’s Treasure 31983 exp;
1620 gold
Story Adventure Town Reach Point (2) and see Tick Tock Gator
Ridding Tick Tock Gator 33522 exp;
1700 gold;
Socket Creation Tool
Story Adventure Town Obtain 1 Pocket Watch;
Dropped by Tick Tock Gator;
Talk to  Huker at adventure town
Wail of a Cave 35144 exp;
1780 gold;
white gold necklace/
White Gold Ring
Story Adventure Town Go to Point (4)
Shiape the Guardian 36604 exp;
1870 gold;
Weapon level 48/
Story Adventure Town Defeat Shiape at boss area
Contorted 38520 exp;
1950 gold;
Recovery Potion
Story Adventure Town Meet Laker at point (5) after defeating Shiape;
Talk to Tori at Dream Castle
Truth Awaits 40238 exp;
2040 gold
Story Dream Castle Talk to Erisard (Queen’s Room)

Side Quest

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Peter’s Adventure 6403 exp;
885 gold
Peter Adventure Town Find Peter at point (3)
Peter’s Demand 6653 exp;
902 gold
Peter Adventure world point (3) Obtain 1 Scorpion Pincer;
Can be obtained by killing scorpion enemy on the very same area
Tinky’s Favor 6903 exp;
919 gold
Tinky Adventure Town Talk to Shmi
Master’s Scroll 7153 exp;
936 gold
Shmi Adventure Town Find suspicious scroll at point (3) from treasure chest
master’s Lab  — Shmi Adventure Town can’t be solved on this chapter

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  1. walauwey says:

    help me to pass master’s Lab ..
    where to find that ?
    u remember ?

  2. RedPhoenix says:

    hi can u give me an pic,
    how i find the Master’s Scroll?
    because i can only find 1 treasure and it’s already open.
    (i don’t know was in the treasure is)

  3. Romel says:

    Whats the forest of life for?

  4. Ulala says:

    Do u know how to defeat the turtle shaped enemy on this world? I miss the instructions and get hard time killing them. Thanks!

  5. GuardianC6 says:

    I have a hard time defeating Laker. Is there a easier way to defeat him as a paladin?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Paladin?? do you mean warrior. jest keep jumping around and wait until he uses his dash and thrust attack (evade it by jumping) counter attack and then repeat.

      • GuardianC6 says:

        Yeah, I meant warrior, but it takes forever to kill him. What level do you recommend when I face Laker? Sometimes I get caught in one of his attack.

  6. gamevilfan says:

    yes u get the suspicious scroll from the treasure chest ! this is a really good guide u have here ! i myself am playing and have just defeated desayer in the nightmare world ! although i am a mage so i so have some problems with the bosses ! desayer was especially tough .

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thank you, will update my guide again soon enough, if you have any suggestion for mage skill build please tell it here. I am planning to create skill build guide and gathering as much reference as I am able to 😀

    • Ben says:

      I found a way of beating desayer using a Mage. I basically just summoned a dragon to block ALMOST all the damage for me whenever he attacked. The dragon also goes and attack him too so if you have the patience just keep summoning dragons and wait for him to die.

      • gamevilfan says:

        yea that’s how i beat him too !! the 100% attack and defense bonuses do help a lot there !! and after u invest some points for the fire breathing skill for the dragon it finally reaches it true potential !! it’s a must have !
        i finally beat the game yesterday !! hard mode too ! the bosses seem to be much easier in the hard mode since the various skills u have are upgraded ! but since i didn’t do much of grinding, beating erisard was a little difficult at lvl 129 !

      • gamevilfan says:

        and the mana protection and invisibility skills are a MUST if u want to beat the further bosses at lower levels ! even the ice wall skill comes in pretty handy ! u can just set it up and run away and relax while the monster takes damage ! i thought i’d wasted my skill points in it first but didn’t regret them later !

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