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Illusia 2 FAQ Chapter 5 Nightmare World

Tips: Make sure you have a lot of potion before continue further because you can’t access nightmare town at the beginning and you need to fight mini boss.

Nightmare World

Head right to point (1) and then talk to Jack Frost. Enter the portal nearby (Grave Sideway 1). Keep moving left until you reach Mini boss area.

[0] The enemies give you a lot of exp, so it’s better idea to level up before face upcoming boss
[0] Just ignore locked path from now, you can’t enter them anyway.

BOSS Laker

Recommended Level: 52

Ranged Character will find this battle very easy… Just keep jumping forward and backward while you’re attacking him with your magic. For melee attacker, you just need to jump like range character and wait until his body shines (using skill), after that counter him immediately using all of your skill, jumping backward/forward again and then repeat the process.

Jumping is really useful on this battle because his most powerful attack is dash & thrust which can be evaded by jumping. That attack can deal about 1000 damage and make your character stunned. Always have your HP full (above 1000) and have potion that can be used immediately just in case you’re getting hit by dash & thrust.

You can go to nightmare town now. Talk to Jack Frost to learn about the guardian’s location. Now go to boss’s location.

Area 4 and 5 are quite tricky,

For area 4

Just enter the portal nearby (3 times) until you arrive at upper level. There are 2 portals over there,

 Go right to grab treasure chest (recovery small);

Go left to enter nearby portal and head right and take treasure chest which contains skill point. Go left and take the leftmost portal to go to the next area.

For area 5

Go to lowest level on this area; enter the 3rd portal from the left. And enter the rightmost portal to get 2 way-portals. To continue to the next area you only to take 4th portal from the left (rightmost portal) and keep continue until you reach the upper left portal.

Warning: Finish all side quests first!! Because you can’t do those on the next chapter

BOSS: Desayer

He’s hard!!!! Make sure you have latest potion (heals 1500 point). He’s very easy when his HP still above 2 bars. His attack patterns:

[0] Spread Dark ball: It’s very easy to dodge just stand on the place where you won’t get hit. It may cause Seal skill.
[0] 2 Fireball: run to the left and then jump to dodge them. Double jump to evade this.
[0] ground dasher: this si very easy to avoid, you only need to jump when the wave close to your position.

He’ll use these attack patterns (below) after his HP at 2 bar:

[0] rotating fire: this attack will chase you and it’ll take a long time before it will disappears, just let it hit you and heal immediately heal using potion.
[0] Rotating dark mist, run to the opposite side and it’ll disappear.

Use all your skill when you got the chance to hit him (forget normal attack), just use your skill and then back off to wait another opportunity. Warrior and assassin will find this battle quite hard but for mage this battle should be a little easier than previous 2 jobs because she can use dragon to absorbs the damage.

See an event; end of this chapter.

Main Quest Flow

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Nightmare World 42014 exp;
2130 gold;
Yellow Star
Story Nightmare World point (1) Talk to Jackfrost at point (1)
The pass 43827;
2220 gold;
Gloves lvl 52
Jack Frost Nightmare World point (1) Reach Mini Boss Area
Fight against Laker 45678 exp;
2310 gold;
Special Forging Stone
Story Mini Boss Area Defeat Laker
To the Nightmare Town 47568 exp;
2400 gold;
Recovery Potion
Story Mini Boss Area Talk to Jack Frost
Meeting Desayer 49497 exp;
2500 gold;
Origin of Life/
Yellow Star
Story Mini Boss Area Go to Boss area
The Last Guardian Star 51464 exp;
2600 gold;
weapon/hat/armor lvl 60
Story Boss area Defeat Desayer

Side Quest

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Master’s Lab 7403 exp;
953 gold;
Opal/ Ruby/ Emerald
Previous Chapter Talk to Pumpkin at nightmare world
Getting the Key 18561 exp;
1077 gold;
Nightmare Key
Pumpkin Nightmare Town Collect 2 skeleton Bones from Point (2)
Sword Grave 10282 exp;
982 gold
Metal Worker Nightmare Town Go to Sword grave;
You can go to sword grave by goind to food world (4) and enter the secret entrance
Weapon Master 1 26583 exp;
1151 gold
Blacksmith Sword grave talk to the sword
Weapon Master 2 23416 exp;
1170 gold
Blacksmith Sword grave talk to the sword
Weapon Master 3 24906 exp;
1189 gold;
Blacksmith Room of Test Defeat 3 nightmare golem and then talk to the sword
Weapon Master 4 26443 exp;
1209 gold;
weapon level 56
Blacksmith Room of Test Talk to Blacksmith
5 star restaurant 10832 exp;
998 gold
Merchant Nightmare Town Go to 5-star restaurant;
You can find the portal to the area at adventure world point (3)
Culinary Master 28834 exp;
1228 gold;
Dream Soup
King Chef Adventure World Go to point (2)at adventure world and destroy the tree until you obtain 3 century fruits
Dream Soup Delivery 3128 exp;
1248 gold;
Socket Creation Tool
King Chef Adventure World Go to Food world and talk to Red Bean Bunny
Verne’s Doll 1 20817 exp;
1095 gold;
Recovery potion/
Yellow Star
Verne Nightmare Town Defeat the enemies on point (2) nightmare world
Verne’s Doll 2 22392 exp;
1114 gold;
Verne Nightmare Town Defeat the enemies on point (5) nightmare world
Secret Research Center 11397 exp;
1014 gold
Item merchant Nightmare Town Go to secret research center and meet with alchemist (secret area at point (3))
Vial Master 34815 exp;
1287 gold
Alchemist Secret research Center Collect 5 nightmare shard;
You can get it by killing Nightmare envoy at point (5)


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  1. AussieJo2001 says:

    This is too hard. I have a lvl 49 Ares and my stomps do 100 or so damage. But he can slash upward and this always kills me. Because of this, I’m in half a mind to stop playing for a couple of months. Please help before this happens!

  2. Angel Camacho says:

    Please help with Puinse. He’s awfully difficult. Would you consider that? Thank you. BTW, awesome guide dude it really helped with Shiape, Laker and Desayer.

  3. jim says:

    I have the nightmare key, now what to do with it?

  4. tinkerbell says:

    Oh my god I was on the final battle with erisad and my game crashed, i bought all these origins of lives so it must have autosaved, problem is now when i start up the game it takes me to the battle, none of the buttons work 🙁 🙁 🙁 NOOOOOOOOO it’s the final battle can someone please tell me what happens I’m so upset

  5. Euric_The_Die- Hard_RPG_Fan says:

    Dear noobbgodlike, thanks fur your advice and helped me complete the game. Actually,I was stuck at killing mouse the time I was sent back to turnvill as my lv was too low. Are there any training places you recommend ? I am at lv68 while mouse wuz lv77.( I think it was hard mode I wuz playing ).to thank u fur guide,I would like to contribute some info for your Mage and warrior build guide ( is it correct?)
    Here is my email. If you need any help are you have completed your guide ( chapter 6) please inform me via email.for the others who read this comment, please note that this is a special email used for signing up for games like maplestory and nothing else.

    Oh, and can you make a guide for the iPad and iPhone game ,maplestory cygness knights edition. I am stuck at leveling from lv 54 to 60 for my job advancement .once again, fur more info please email me. Thank you very much

    My email is My surname is laker

    • noobbgodlike says:

      About this guide, I am too busy to work on it and there is a few people that using this guide. So I won’t do any update on the guide. I can;t make maplestory cygness knight since the game is already quite old. On future I am planning to create Zenonia 5 guide (also by gamevil and maybe you can help me create the build for that game), make sure you visit my site later for the guide XD. Thank you very much for using my guide.

  6. saith says:

    I’m very glad when I found this guide becouseI can’t found the illusia2 Guide in the JP website :’-(

    I defeat Desayer at last ,thanks to your guide!

  7. Vahn says:

    hi there, is there any possibility to repeat the quest “sword grave”. the portal locked after i got out just to save my game.. how can i repeat that quest to get the sword?

  8. Cool Man says:

    this is my guide for this chapter and last chapter!
    to beat laker you may have to be Angela! but leveling until lvl 55! and then beat Desayer with Chris lvl 60! after that! you use chris again to fight paladin dog giant ( Whateaver ) then use ares to beat erisard. first time i use chris but, i stuck when fight erisard. then i use angela. i stuck on Giant paladog. i use ares. i stuck in many boss. but easy to fight erisard.

  9. igi says:

    just curious wat lvl do i gotta b 2 kill dsayer 56 or even more higher

  10. Lameguidebro says:

    This technique killing laker sucks, try using jump jump stomp, he’ll miss his lots of attacks and you can gain stomp titles, its tome consuming though, but works perfect just keep you pots ready though in case he hits

  11. FrostJoke says:

    Thanks for this really helpful guide. Although I kinda got confused with some of the side quests — HAHA, but it was ok.

    P.S. I played this game using Assassin. Pure Efficiency. Rogue Skill Path.

    And I defeated Desayer at level 65 — with still Level 50~58 Equipment… I thought it was gonna be hard, but surprisingly it was easy enough, I just consumed about 3 or 5 “1k Heal” HP Potions — I was having a hard time doing skills, and I just spammed normal attacks– worked enough.

    It’s also worth noting, I find it efficient to have “HP Absorb” equipment + “HP Restore” — that’s worth farming (But I hardly got that much).

  12. Pure Awesomeness93 says:

    Need help Laker is really powerful im lvl 45 I followed ur instructions but its not working (probzbly b/c keys on keypad are so close together Gamevil needs to work on that) but its still not working. Am I too low a level? Plz help

  13. Crazy says:

    This guide is very helpful, my angela was die a lot. After keep summon dragon , just one round then passed this boss.

  14. Cynphonyy says:

    i use dragon to absorb the dmgs. It’s working fine until the last bar. He just keep spamming magic and even my dragon cnt tank and i have no chance to attack him.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, you need to spam your other skill. It stops the time when you cast it, isn’t it?? My self found that mage is the easiest job to fight him…make sure you have latest equipment so his attack won’t hurt you too much..

  15. Ganzuu says:

    Hey there! I really like your guides. They’re quite helpful. 😀 Although, I’m stuck at Desayer. I’m playing Angela, and I feel she’s just too fragile. What’s the recommended level I should face him?

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