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Illusia 2 Guide Chapter 1 Turnvill Forest

==Turnvill Chapter Flow==

See an event, get out from your house and talk to Chief. Continue right and talk to Emma, she’ll tell you to gather 3 apples. Gather it on point (1) by destroying the apple tree. Go back to the town and talk to Trina (Trina’s Problem) you’ll finish the quest automatically when talking to her. Talk to the Chief and head back to your house (Bottom-left corner of this town).

Talk to The Chief and then you’ll find that Trina is missing. Go to point (2) to find and help her. Kill karate bears and then go back to the town. You need to go to point (3) to defeat boss of this area but before you do that, you can talk to Rico to start a side quest. Go to point (3) once you’re ready.

Boss Teddy Bear

Recommended Level: 12

I am using Ares and didn’t even use 1 potion, just press attack button madly. His movement is also slow, I believe if you’re using ranged character then you’ll have no trouble against him.

Turnvill Forest Main Quest

This Side quest based on Ares (Warrior)

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Chief’s Favor Heatlh Potion;
142 exp;
30 gold
Turnvill Town Talk to Emma
Insomnia 243 exp;
40 Gold;
Newb necklace or ring
Turnvill Town Gather 3 apples
Abnormal Activity 538 exp;
50 gold;
Mana Potion
Turnvill Town automatically obtained after Insomnia quest
Investigation Begins 731 exp;
60 gold;
winter gloves;
Special Forging Stone
(Story) Turnvill Town Go back to your home and then sleep
Ominous Dream 955 exp;
70 gold;
thin cotton boots
Your room
Turnvill Town Talk to Chief and
Trina Disappeared 1210 exp;
90 gold;
Thin Cotton/
Turnvill Town Go to Point (2) on the map rescue Trina from 3 karate bears
Back To town 1811 exp;
wooden shield lvl 10
Trina Turnvill forest (2) Back to  Turnvill town to finihs the quest
Turnvill Forest Investigation 2158 exp;
130 gold
Turnvill Town
Turnvill Town
Go to point (3) to finish the quest
Suspicious Door 2583 exp;
150 gold;
Sharp Stone Sword (lvl 10)
Turnvill forest (3) Turnvill Forest (3) Defeat Teddy Bear boss

Turnvill Forest Side Quest

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Metal Worker’s Tool 100 EXP;
285 gold;
New necklace or ring
Metal Worker
Turnvill Town Do a tutorial about double jump and jumping down to obtain the treasure chest
Rinco’s Dream 653 exp;
241 gold;
Special Forging stone
Turnvill Town Find Rinco’s Toy at point (2)

Metal Worker Tool

Rinco's Dream Side Quest

Main Menu


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    How do you talk to people?

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    How do I find Trina the 2nd time? She is in a wall behind some wooden structure. How do I break that? Ive tries using the dash attack and stomp but it doesnt work.. 🙁

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    how do you equip second sword for duel swords person I can only equip the first sword slot with different weapons no matter what I do I cant. help?

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