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Illusia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2 Toy World Derryl

Toy World Chapter Walkthrough

After defeating Teddy bear you’ll arrive at the toy world, continue right until you arrive at the town. Talk to Tori. Continue to talk to Elderly Toy to receive a new quest. Go to point (3) and see an event with mouse. Go back to the town and talk with Tori, he’ll tell you to obtain cheese.

Go right to Toy Mountain (it’s locked before). You’ll see an event about red treasure box. Go to the right part of the screen and push the brown box until it hits the red button. Hop into new platform so you can reach another red button on this area.

You will obtain fairy after finishing this quest. Continue to point (5), there is a treasure chest on this area. Press the switch first to activate the moving platform so you can reach the treasure. Continue to point (6) to obtain the cheese, after obtaining it you can go back to the town.

Tips: You can use portal at point (7) to return quickly. Push the box until it located below the portal and then use it as a pedestal to reach the portal.

Talk to Tori and he’ll help you to capture the mouse. Go to point (3) and defeat the mouse. Continue to Boss area.

BOSS: Derryl

Toy World BossHe deals about 300 damage per hit. You can use brute tactics (just attack him without dodging any of his attacks, but you need to buy a lot of moderate potions that heal about 500 damage). Attack Pattern:

[0] Rocket Rain: Easy to dodge, just avaoid standing on red blinking area.
[0] Rocket Rain: Easy to dodge, just avoid standing on red blinking area.
[0] Tri shot: You can avoid this one by running to the left and jump when the gap between the bullets enlarge.
[0] Homing rocket: 2 homing rockets will chase you, run to the left and jump through them. Stand on the left part of the screen after dodging this attack because
[0] Mortars: throw 3 mortars avoid this by running toward or away from him (depends the mortar’s angle)
[0] Laser: He’ll use it after homing rocket attack, just stand on the left part of the screen.

If you’re using Angela then use summon fire dragon and let the dragon stand in front of you before you begin any attacks. The dragon absorbs almost all of his attack (homing rockets, tri-shot, etc) which makes this battle very easy for Angela.

Toy World Main Quest

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Dream World 3382 exp;
190 gold;
Trainee necklace or ring;
Special Forging Stone
Story Toy Town Talk to to Tori at Toy Town
Guardian’s Presence 3851 exp;
220 gold
Elderly Toy Toy Town Meet the mouse at point (3)
Dealing With The mouse 4351 exp;
240 gold;
Rush Mode Ticket
Finish Guardian Presence Point (3) Talk to Tori at the toy town
To Cheese 4882 exp;
270 gold;
gloves level 16
Finish Mouse Quest Toy Town Talk to Tori;
Go right to “Toy mountain”
Shiny Box 5443 exp;
300 gold;
Go to Toy Mountain (4) Toy Mountain Push 2 boxes on the right part of this area;
Open the treasure box
To Cheese Again 6053 exp;
330 Gold;
Hat lvl 16
Toy Mountain (4) point (6) go to point (6)
Collect Cheese 6658 exp;
360 gold;
Shield Lvl 20/
Sicket creation tool lvl 1
Point (6) Point (6) Take the cheese on the upper part of point (6);
Go back to town and talk to Tori
Luring Mouse 7311 exp;
390 gold;
Armor lvlv 22/
Tow Town Point (3) Go back to point (3) and defeat the mouse
Derryl the Guardian 7995 exp;
420 Gold;
Origin of Life
Boss Boss Go to the boss area
Battle against the Guardian 8710 exp;
460 gold;
Weapon Lvl 20
Boss Boss Defeat Derryl

Toy World Side Quest

Name Reward Client Location How to Solve
Rinco’s Spring 903 exp;
256 gold
Ami Toy Town Talk to Elderly Toy
Mission Impossible 1153 exp;
264 gold;
Trainee Ring or necklace
Finish Rinco’s spirng
side quest
Toy Town Find Dream Powder by killing enemy at point (1) and then tal to Elderly toy
Dream made by Ami 1403 exp;
272 gold;
Rush Mode Ticket
Finish Mission Impossible Toy Town Give dream powder to Ami
Elderly Toy’s Sword 1653 exp;
280 gold;
weapon lvl 15
Elderly Toy Toy Town Find the sword by killing the enmy at point (2);
you may need to push the brown box on the upper right of this area first
Play Soldiers 1903 exp;
288 gold;
Yellow Star
Soldier Toy Town Kill 5 Strong Tigara (Pig Monsters on point (5))

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  1. Marcus says:

    How do I return to plastic cave after narrow path

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    how can i move boxes in shinny box quest can u help me…..

  3. Hawk says:

    How do u get back to the turnville after u go to toy world

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    How many times do you have to do Play Soldier? If it’s because of the technique tell me specifically how please.

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    hey i was wondering how to refine and put attributes onto weapons and stuff , I’m having trouble learning how and i see how the fairy has an automatic potion in its inventory ? and I’ve been trying to figure out how to equip my potions to the fairy by giving it to her but it won’t equip ? sorry but i need help ! hope you can answer these questions (:

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you can drag the jewel to add them to the equipment (they must have slot). about fairy potion, I don’t know about that. As far as I know you can only give them the potions and let them sell it to the town 😀

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    I Accidently destroyed my wish book awhile back and now im on the second part of the whole game where you redo all the quests again at level 100. How do i get it back????? I did the toto quest already but he didnt give me a wishbook 🙁

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    How do you use tackle T_T I skipped through the dialogue… Good guide btw

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Do you mean dash attack?? tap forward button twice until your character runs and then press attack button :D. Thanks for using my guide :D. it seems that you can’t use this attack on this chapter (tutorial will first appear on food world).

    • Duckachu says:

      Press forward twice then press down

  9. ching says:

    Will you be publishing any skill builds for assassin?

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