Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global Aldore King Rain Review

Review for the new meta physical DPS. Aldore King Rain.

Hi guys welcome to my first text review for the FFBE global characters. Now I am gonna review Aldore King Rain. Like I have said on should you pull video, that he is gonna be our top tier DPS attackers, at least until Noctis and even Madam Edel (in terms of burst damage. That’s why if you get him then I can say you’re “safe” at least for 3 months). Now what makes him really good?

His strongest point is his LB, but you need to use it after using his one of his CD (available every 4 turns). Without that CD, his LB doesn’t deal “extravagant damage”. On normal turn he rely on Stardust ray Chaining Family, which is not that common today. In the future, there will be Treasure Hunter Locke who is a good breaker and stardust ray chainer too. About his LB, there are 2 characters who able to chain with him. The first is Hyoh, the second is another copy of him XD (borrow from your friends). This won’t be a problem, because I believe many players gonna use him as one of their favourites hero.

You can also gear him easily. Some of his best abilities are can be obtained freely. Here are few good sample abilities

  • War Goddess Insignia (Atk and LB dmg + 30%); Ashura
  • Heart overcoming hatred (LB dmg + 50% and 2LB/turn); Kyanos’TMR
  • Ruler’s Might (3000 Lapis from bundle; limited)
  • Swift hunter/D.K. Knowledge (50% TDH and 25-30% atk)

With set up above, you have reached 300% TDH, 230% atk, and 190% LB dmg which is great. For Equipment:

  • 2x Storm Kickers (45 atk, 15% LB dmg); It’s Esther’s TMR which is useful for him. I think this is the best accessory for Aldore King Rain because if offers 2 important attributes for him (LB dmg and raw atk boost)
  • King Rain’s Armor (Atk +28, Def +45, Hp +10%, LB dmg + 30%). Really useful for him, I wouldn’t replace it even when you have his STMR
  • Erdwin’s Coronet (Def +21, Atk +40, LB dmg + 20%). Hard to replace, because it’s limited TMR
  • Lionheart or other 2 handed greatsword. Make sure you get as high atk boost as possible, because you have seen that his atk boost only reach 230% atk
He is also very simple to use, no need for complicated set up. Your goal is one, spam his LB. On normal turn you can try to use your stardust ray, but I think you won’t have many turns for Stardust ray, if you have decent LB fill rate buff on your party. Focus on imbue element for himself. Don’t forget that he also has amazing 3000 HP barrier buff, so don’t need to hesitate to “take a break” from attacking when the enemy gonna do powerful atk. To get idea how powerful Aldore King rain is, you can take a look from Furcula FFBE dmg spreadsheet. (images below taken from Furcula).

Image above shows the “average” dmg the characters deal. Like You can see that Godrea is still the top, because all of her dmg modifier boosts are permanent (don’t die pls). Godrea is the best “constant” DPS char at this moment. However it’s different for burst dmg.
FFBE Aldore King Furcula Burst

Like you can see that Aldore King Rain is amazing because he can reach his max dmg within 2 turns. You only need to use

[1] Complete Awakening + Soul Blood + Elemental Saber
[2] LB !!

You can deal 140x dmg without any LB dmg boosting abilities, so yes he is really powerful. Congratulations if you obtain him.

Aldore King Rain Rating (13 November 2019):