Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global Erik (DQ XI S) Review

Erik is the best physical DPS character at this moment (global). His stats are pretty decent, high atk boost and TDW stats (150% if you count his TMR). This make him easy to gear. He also has 40% physical evasion, so if you have Rivera, Erik is one of the best candidate for your AOE physical tank. The only drawback is he doesn’t have fatal dmg protection (compared to Karten and Bartz). His auto dmg modifer buffs are unique, he has 2 instead of one. This gives him advantage to other “auto dmg modifier buff”, because you don’t need to wait for long time. Usually a character has one passive and you need to wait for 6 to 9 turns to reach max dmg modifier… It will be nightmare if that character dies… 

Erik is strong physical attackers, which cause him doesn’t have many side abilities (to prevent OP ness…). But he can helps your party by raising their LB fill rate (150%) and earth elemental resist (80%). The earth element resist buff is kinda silly, because he is an earth elemental attacker. If the enemy uses earth atk, then it usually has earth resist too which kinda make Erik Bad (unless you have his STMR). His strongest ability Fatal Flash is non elemental move, but since you need to equip his TMR (unless you have SMTR!!!), then he is locked to earth element.. Luckily he has spam-able 120% earth imperil. He can easily deal 120x/turn when he has reached his max dmg modifier buff (every 2 turns, fatal flash is CD ability). His 2nd strongest ability is double rubblerouser, it’s earth elemental atk, so it’s still earth element even if you don’t equip his TMR. With that in mind, if you have his STMR and fight the enemy which resist against earth, you want to use Twomerang (3rd strongest) when your fatal flash is on cooldown. Remember that you also need to maintain “unpermanent dmg modifier buff” (LB and Divide). You can do that when you’re waiting Fatal Flash. 

For equipment it’s simple, he must equip dagger, but for 2nd weapon you can pick between sword or fist (you can also use throwing weapon, but the atk boost is kinda rare..). You get Tiger Fang and martial mastery through the trials.

My conclusion for Erik is he is amazing, easy, and simple to use. However, to make him flexible (not locked to earth element), you need to have his STMR. So good luck on that because he is not available via normal summon…..And while he being the strongest DPS attacker ATM, remember that DPS chars are prone to power-creep ! So please don’t be salty if you see much more powerful unit comes out soon (Black Friday!!!). Congratulations if you get him free from silver keys, you just obtain the best physical DPS.