Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global Jasper Unbound (DQ XI S) Review

Jasper is the first "strong" stardust ray chainer on the FFBE global version.

Jasper unbound is limited character from Dragon Quest XI S collaboration. His stats is quite impressive, especially his SPR, it’s quite high (80% boost). This make him quite tanky against annoying magical Atk which ignore cover. His TDH boost is kinda underwhelming though, it’s only 150%.. The average that most recent attackers get is 200%. His main weapon is fist and there are only 2 two-handed fist on this game (Cross Aigaion arm and Fatal Knuckles). He also has 80% dark resist and 30% thunder resist, which are nice especially dark, because many enemies use it. He has permanent 250% Atk buff after 5 turns and it’s un-dispel-able, so his atk gonna be deadly!!

He is the strongest Stardust Ray chainer on the global ATM, we have stardust ray chainer on the past, but the chaining move while good, the dmg modifier power seems lag behind Bolting strike and Absolute mirror of Equity, now it’s different story, because he easily deal 75x dmg/per turn on his peak condition. As a TDH character, he also able to imbue himself with 2 elements, thunder and dark, not only that… he also able to imperil both elements by 100%. His triple cast is also merged with that imperil, and dmg modifier buff for his strongest SR move (Breakneck Blitz) which make him very simple to use. His LB also deals lots of dmg, thanks to +50% LB dmg passive. He can deal 75x with his LB (more if you equip LB boosting abilities). The downside is you need a copy of Jasper unbound because it’s unchainable with “normal” chaining family. Good luck on pulling 4 Jasper (to make 2 7* of Jasper unbound or search friend who featuring him). 

For equipment, it’s pretty simple equip fist. If you can’t defeat Scorn of Aigaion then get that Fatal knuckles (4 stars TMR). If you want to make his LB stronger, then equip LB booster abilities and equipment such as Storm Kickers, War goddess insignia, etc (this is harder, if you don’t have TDH abilities booster). Otherwise focus on TDH and atk stats.

In the end Jasper is just another powerful physical DPS on this game. Sure he may able to chain with Stardust ray (Strongest SR Chainer ATM), but why you insist on using it? Maybe you have Adventurer Locke as your breaker? but if you don’t, then there is no reason to pull for him if you already have top tier physical DPS (A.K. Rain, Karten, Godrea, etc) at the moment. Aldore King Rain is still the strongest at this point. The only thing that makes Jasper special is he is the strongest SR chainer.

His TMR is very good for fist users. It gives 60% atk and 20% HP, it provides good offensive and defensive stats.

His STMR is also good, but maybe not that needed by him. Only hybrid characters gonna need 60% atk and mag boost, for him 60% mag gonna be wasted… the 75% human killer while good is niche. That’s why if you get 4 Jasper Unbound, I recommend you to make two 7* Jasper Unbound, so you can use your own Jasper unbound in your friend slot if no one use him.