Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global The Lord of Shadows (DQ XI S) Review

Stardust breakers

Many players underestimate him, IMO he is not that bad. For his stats, I can say it’s quite decent. He gets 170% atk boost and it’s not restricted to any weapon. He can equip spear, sword, great sword and even bow. He also has nice def boost (90%) and 80% ice + dark resist which make him quite durable. He also get massive boost for his LB dmg (100%). 

He is a stardust ray chainer, on peak condition (after 6 turns and Midnight magic burst available), he can deal 122x in one turn. That’s quite impressive, too bad that he doesn’t have high self Atk buff. His “average” dmg is not that special though.. it’s still below Jasper Unbound. However, the thing that I like the most is he able to break atk/mag by 80% for 1 turn… yes 1 turn, BUT it’s spam-able. If you have Adventurer Locke (who is also a stardust ray chainer), then you can make really good party combination. You can simply cast that 80% atk/mag break until Adv.Locke’s LB ready. After that they can chain their stardust ray move together. Bring someone who able to imbue water element for Lord of Shadows so he can do elemental chain with Adv. Locke. Just remember to use your 80% atk/mag break last, because it also give the enemies 100% dmg mitigation. His LB also deal nice amount of dmg (still below A.K. Rain), it’s only one hit so you can easily use it as a finisher. Bring backup  support chainers (example: SS charlotte and Sieghard), so you can finish using this.  

For equipment, equip any 2 handed weapon that you have. Great sword is still the best choice, because there are many atk booster abilities which require you to equip greatsword. Simple and easy to gear.

The Lord of Shadows is not the best attacker you can get, but he is far from useless character (especially if you have Adv. Locke). Don’t chase him though … especially if you searching for DPS character. Aldore King Rain is better and if you have missed him, then just wait until the new wave of DPS available on the global. 

His TMR is one of the worst on the game, it’s not useless but really.. there is bushido freedom if you need to dispel your party. 

His STMR is dark great sword (2 handed), it’s simply what it’s, can’t say it’s good or not. But most recent TDH characters able to imbue themselves with their preferred elements, which make this kinda bad. So, really no need to get this.