Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global Regis Review

Another underrated buffer from the FF XV universe.

Regis, another buffer for FFBE global version. Like Lunafreya, he is one of the most underrated character on this game. It’s probably the wrong timing.. If you get him then congratulate yourself because he is awesome. First good point is his stats, HP, Def, and SPR are superb, which mean he is quite durable on the battle. However, he doesn’t learn fatal damage protection. 

For abilities, one thing that makes him really good is his LB. It gives 50% all dmg mitigation to all allies + 3000 HP barrier. So if you still use old school tankers like Basch, A.Rain, etc, then having Regis will improve your party survivability by a lot. For barrier, he also able to spam 2500 HP barrier every turn. While waiting your LB gauge to be full, you can spam 40% dmg mitigation as a placeholder. You don’t need to worry other support buff abilities, because he learns triple cast. Talking about stats buff, this is probably his weakest point, because on normal situation his buff only 130%.. He able to cast 200% all stats buff, but it only last for 3 turns and the Cooldown is 5 turns. Only use this when the enemy gonna unleash strong atk. In terms of stats buff, Lunafreya is still the best. 

He also able to become good HP and MP battery, because he able to restore 50% HP/MP every 4 turns PLUSSSS 15 LB cyrstals to all allies. Another selling point is, he able to chain with Stardust Ray and Aureole Ray. Stardust Ray is the meta physical chaining family at this point, by having him on your party, it’s possible to bring real finisher to the party (like Crown Prince Noctis). He also able to buff dmg against demon, human, fairy, and undead by 75%, it works for both physical and magic atk. This mean Kryle is good partner for him. 

For equipment, the best weapon for him is Bowie Knife (with rare ability). For 2nd weapon, you can use dagger (another rare ability) or elemental weapon which matches your other stardust ray attacker. Simply focus on his survivability and LB fill rate. 

Regis is another awesome buffer which anyone gonna ignore. But really guys, consider yourself lucky if you manage to pull him. 

His TMR is good for physical DPS character, especially the one who equip “uncommon” weapon like gun, mace, whip. It also gives you HP boost which is nice for their survivability. The King of Lucis’ Character (80% def/spr buff) maybe not that useful though, because it’s easily overwritten by your buffer stats buff.

His STMR, I find it’s kinda bad.. because it has low atk for STMR weapon. and the 100% faster LB fill rate, while good maybe not needed, because if you really need that faster LB fill rate, then the best weapon you should pick is dagger not a sword. That’s all for Regis.