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Infinity Blade 2 Guide, Map, and Flowchart

1. Main Guide
2. Treasure
3. Location
4. Future updates (They say that they’re gonna add new areas; so I will update the guide when they update the game)

Main Guide

You’ll begin the game at some kind of Japanese castle. It’s pretty straightforward and the battles on here are only mean to teach you about the basic thing (die is pretty impossible in here except you’re do it purposely). Continue your path until you meet the boss in this place. Defeat him and you’ll see an event with RAIDRIAR.

The real game games starts now.

Tips: Lost?? try to see Location Mark section to gain insight where you’re at.

You begin at P1, your goal at this moment is to go to P10 and face the boss (Thanes lvl 25). To get there simply follow the flowchart on the left. ALL THE PATH THAT MARKED BY RED ARROW ARE only available after you have defeated THANE. So in the first time you just only need to follow the green arrow provided on the left chart.

Tips: Every time you’re being killed by a boss (Thane,etc), you’ll be automatically resurrected and start again on P1

After defeating Thane you’ll be dead again because of the switch.. You’ll start again on P1 but all of the “red arrow” paths are unlocked now.

====Your goal is now to unlock 3 seals that scattered around====

1st seal is guarded by Lvl.50 archivist (dual blade titan), located on P11, check the large stone to initiate the fight with him.

2nd seal is guarded by lvl 75 Stone Demon (Giant Titan), located on P15, try to fight soldier on the left to initiate the fight with it.

The last seal is guarded by Lvl 100 Mx-Goliath (Beast titan), located on P17. It’s quite hard, you can train by fighting the beast on Colosseum (P13). They both have exact same pattern :D. This can be applied with other bosses as well but you’ll meet a lot of dualblader and giant titan along your path , not like beast titan.

After unlocking 3 seals, go back to Thane’s location. Now he’s at level 125 (sword and shield titan). Defeat him and you’ll go to down floor automatically. You’ll meet someone below and you’ll fight with Thane once again, but it’s easier now.

After the event you’ll back at Japanese castle, follow the path and you’ll see an event with RAIDRIAR. You’ll need to kill 3 of his underlings before you can finish him off (all of them are at LVL 75). RAIDRIAR itself use sword and shield style which is the easiest style to fight (IMHO), so you should have no trouble facing him. Watch the ending and read Infinity Blade Awakening if you want to know what happens after the ending.

===End of the game===

===Treasure Location===

NT= Normal Type
ST= Small Key treasure (small key sold at store; supplies section for 10.000 gold)
MT= Medium Key Treasure (medium key sold at store; supplies section for 25.000 gold)
LT= Large Key Treasure (large key sold at store; supplies section for gold)

There are special chest on P12, Both of the treasures locked by infinity blade symbol, I believe you can unlock them by having these weapons (from left to right; you can buy it from shop):

Thistle, Ricochet, Gelder, Imperial, Infinity Blade and Halfstar

Location Type Where
P1 NT on the right part
P 2,1 NT left part of the screen
 P 2,1 ST right part of the screen
P3 MT right part of the screen
P5 NT defeat the enemy first
P6 NT left part of the screen
P7 ST on the right part
P10 NT can be obtained after defeating Thane (go back here and defeat the enemy who replace Thane before touch the sigil)
P11 LT left part of the screen
P13 NT right part of the screen
P15 LT right part of the screen
P9,2 MT Golden treasure chest
P15,1 ST forget (will update as I remember)
P15,2 ST forget (will update as I remember)

===Location Mark===

Location Screenshot













Did I miss something?? Yeah, it’s possible. You can help me by leaving a comment below. Thanks for using my guide, I hope it helps you, enjoy :D.00

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210 Responses to “Infinity Blade 2 Guide, Map, and Flowchart”

  1. Shadow Raaj says:

    Thanks….what is the equipment in p12 for and how do i het the vile equipment of ausar

    • HeroOfTime778 says:

      Sword= kill the tree stump monster with the vile blade in its head (twice) it’s when the giant rptree grows and you need to go right after the first battle
      Helm= get the infinity blade, and it’s to the right of the stump(beat the deathless Titan first)
      Armor= Go up the tree, take all the Gargap’s gold, and beat him up. Yay!
      Ring=doesn’t exist

      • santos says:

        you get the ring after you have the full vile set… then you go to the room where you need various weapons to unlock the gates the statue in the middle click on it.

  2. Random Person says:

    How do I get the vile armor?

  3. Lipkin says:

    What happen if I beat that big bird at the tree? And I found out there is a lot of cash near it.. It’s located above the tree of the arena

  4. yoloswagger says:

    the tree troll with the vile blade on hes back is simple to kille you need the last weapon that cost 1 milion
    end a attack gem from at least 100 attack if you please it it will turn to 1000 . and this is my tip only get 1 milion !

  5. jo says:

    I am lvl 34 and already completed the game once what happens after

  6. Roham says:

    I found a hack to get 1 million coins in 2 seconds. Just buy and master the worn axe then g to the shield are and quickly swap to light sword. As soon as you see the sell button for the worn axe press it an presto 1 million easy and you don’t lose the worn axe.

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