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Infinity Blade 3 Complete Guide

Release Date: 18 September 2013

Platform: IOS Device

Publisher: Chair Entertainment/ Epic Games

Developer: Chair Entertainment/ Epic Games

Infinity Blade 3 Featured image

Main Story Guide

Act 1 Anomaly (Siris)

Act 2 Buried in The Past (Isa)

There is a side chapter called “Interlude- The Stockpile” , it’s basically area 4 on Act 2 where there are 4 doors those can be unlocked using a specific weapon.

Equipment Treasure Effect
Isa Raam (Heavy) Murisan (Isa Helmet) Cool looking helm :D; 2 circle gem slot
Isa Cuttle (Dual) Dias (Isa Heavy) 440 attack; 260 poison; inverted triangle and hourglass gem slot
Siris Seratic Armor Virgil (Siris Dual) 112 attack; 40 fire; circle and shuriken gem slot
Siris Grayson (light sword) Kudgel (Siris Heavy) 293 attack; invertend triangle and circle gem slot

Interlude-The Bloodmage

Act 3 The Right Weapon (Isa and Siris)

Act 4 Revelations (Isa and Siris)

Act V Ascensions

Soul Hunter expansion is available now!!!

To know more about it visit THIS PAGE


Treasure Maps Location

How to kill the Dragon

Status distribution Guide

these are my recommendations, you’re free to do what you want :D.


Combos (5 att) => Super Attack (5 Shield) => Weapon Custom Combos (10 att) =>Super Attack Speed (10 att)=>Health Regen (5 health)

IMO , those are the most important skill.  I suggest you to max either Attack or Health skills (50) first before taking other status.


Combos (5 att) => Super Attack (5 Shield) =>Lock Pick I (5 Magic) =>Weapon Custom Combos (10 att) => Gem Removal (5 healh) => Fast Magic (Magic 10) => XP Megaboost (15 attack) => Attack Window (25 Att) => Max magic either attack


Infinity Blade III is copyright of Chair entertainment/Epic games

This Guide is copyright of me (Noobbgodlike). Please do not copy this guide to any site and please report if you find it on the other site.

Please leave comment if you have something to share or want to discuss about the game.

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78 Responses to “Infinity Blade 3 Complete Guide”

  1. Guest 28381882 says:

    If I sold one of the Infinity Weapons, could it be got back?

  2. Hey I have a rare gem that does plus 749 dark damage but every time I use to sword i never get the additional damage and I check to see if the opponet has dark defense and they don’t so could someone tell me what im doing wrong.

    • Marines says:

      Well, if you have another gem that adds damage in some element, it might be blocking your dark damage.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Just a quick question. Why should I use the infinity blade when other weapons do so much more damage? Aside from the fact that you have omnidirectional blocking, it does 600 damage, while Rift, a two handed spear, does 1700. It doesn’t seem like there’s any point to using the weapon other than the blocking feature.

  4. Neal Raghani says:

    I’m having trouble obtaining the Frostbite light sword in Infinity Blade 3. So can you make a YouTube video on how to obtain the Frostbite light sword in Infinity Blade 3. (IB3).

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