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Infinity Blade 3 Complete Walkthrough Act 3 Right Weapon


[0] If you lose at normal battle, you will get “retry” option. But if you lose on the boss battle, you will be knocked out from the dungeon (reborn) and need to restart the act from the beginning. If you don’t want to run from the beginning of the act (I suggested if you’re simply too weak and under-leveled), simply close the apps when you lose against the boss immediately when you die (Go back to Home screen and close the app from the background app). You will start at the point before you challenge the Boss.

For this Act, I suggest you to finish using Siris first. Because by defeating Act 3 Siris Boss, you will get Infinity Spear which is very powerful weapon for now. Finishing Isa’s chapter will give you an access to Blacksmith.

Act 3 Siris Flowchart

Map Area Note
 Infinity Blade 3 Chapter 3 Siris guide 1 Battle
2 Battle
2A Event with Gemcutter; Small key treasure
3 Battle
3A Normal Treasure
3C Large key treasure chest

Act 3 Isa Flowchart

Map Area Note
 Infinity Blade 3 Chapter 3 Isa guide 1 Battle
1A Normal treasure
2 Battle
2A Normal treasure
2B Battle
2C Small key treasure
3 Battle
3A Right = Normal Treasure;
Left = Medium key treasure

Location Mark

Area Screenshot
3A Siris  IB 3 act 3 3a siris
3B Siris  IB 3 act 3 boss siris
3A  no picture
3B  IB 3 act 3 boss ISA

will be updated later. However,the area is very short, and I  think location mark up is not needed.

Siris Boss Battle

The boss is hard, maybe you will dying for few times.  I suggest you to use sword and shield against him.

Isa Boss Battle

If you’re using infinity spear, the battle will be over with one normal break and then one super attack :D.

Infinity Blade 3 Main Guide

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