Posted on Nov 1, 2013

Infinity Blade 3 Soul Hunter Expansion Guide

What’s new on this Expansion??

  • You can revisit your previous chapter for exploration or grinding purpose (there are no special rewards)
  • One new Chapter (Interlude – The Bloodmage)
  • You can get Infinity Sword by defeating Oslim
  • You can buy Vile armor set on the shop
  • You can buy Halloween Helmet on the shop
  • Every time you clear an area, you will skip the time (this make gem fusion and upgrade process much faster). Clearing an area skips about 3-5 hours.

Interlude – The Bloodmage

Map Area Note
2B  Infinity Blade 3 Oslim Expan 2B 1 Battle
1a Small Treasure
2 Battle
2B Medium Treasure
2C Battle
3  Infinity Blade 3 Oslim Expan 3 2D Treasure
3 Battle
3A Transitional
3B Boss
3C Exit and Treasure Chest

Boss: Oslim

The battle is very easy (especially if you have beaten the game). However if it’s your first playthrough, then use sword and shield because Oslim uses dual sword (the attacks are a little bit tricky).

Defeating Oslim will give you infinity sword. The sword is very weak though… (only + 45 attack).

Infinity Blade 3 Main Guide

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