Infinity Blade III Complete Guide Act 2 Buried in The Past |
Posted on Sep 20, 2013

Infinity Blade III Complete Guide Act 2 Buried in The Past

Act 2 Flowchart

Map Area Note
 Infinity Blade 3 Chapter 2 Map 1 Battle
2 Battle, small treasure on the left side
2A Treasure
3 Battle
3A Medium Treasure
4 Battle
4A Normal Treasure and 4 Treasure door. You can go back to here later, don’t worry. Just ignore them at this moment.
4B Battle
4C Treasure (Require Lockpick 1)
5 Battle
5A Large Treasure
5B nothing

Location Mark

Area Screenshot
1  IB 3 act 2 1
2A  IB 3 act 2 2A
4A  IB 3 act 2 4A
4C  IB 3 act 2 4C


[0] the door at 4A can be unlocked by having specific weapon. They are

Equipment Treasure Effect
Isa Raam (Heavy) Murisan (Isa Helmet) Cool looking helm :D; 2 circle gem slot
Isa Cuttle (Dual) Dias (Isa Heavy) 440 attack; 260 poison; inverted triangle and hourglass gem slot
Siris Seratic Armor Virgil (Siris Dual) 112 attack; 40 fire; circle and shuriken gem slot
Siris Grayson (light sword) Kudgel (Siris Heavy) 293 attack; invertend triangle and circle gem slot

[0] If you lose at normal battle, you will get “retry” option. But if you lose on the boss battle, you will be knocked out from the dungeon (reborn) and need to restart the act from the beginning. If you don’t want to run from the beginning of the act (I suggested if you’re simply too weak and under-leveled), simply close the apps when you lose against the boss immediately when you die (Go back to Home screen and close the app from the background app). You will start at the point before you challenge the Boss.



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12 Responses to “Infinity Blade III Complete Guide Act 2 Buried in The Past”

  1. Brandon says:

    Inside the vault are outlines of Infinity Weapons. When you get all the Infinity Weapons,go back there, go inside the vault and you will get “Infinity Blade” not “The Infinity Blade” because “the Infinity Blade” can be bought in the store for $600,000. “Infinity Blade” can be used by both Siris and Isa. So, in Infinity Blade 3, you can legitly have 2 Infinity Blades!

  2. Millis says:

    What the heck are in the Infinity vaults?

  3. Benjamin says:

    [-] top left: Siris Sword; Grayson sold at shop for 45.000 Gold
    [-] top right: Siris Armor; Seratic Armor sold at shop for 87.500 Gold
    [-] bottom left: Isa dual blade; Cuttle sold at shop for 102.000 Gold
    [-] bottom right: Isa Pole; Raam sold at shop for 7800 Gol

    This part, I am currently using ISA and I completed the Pole Raam one. However, I cant select SIRIS to play, does this mean I was finish playing Isa before I can continue with Siris doors? Otherwise, I cant continue to Act 3?

  4. toing2 says:

    can u share what treasure u got inside different “secret” gates?

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